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Seagull Guitars GC-105 Medium Format Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera with Built-in 75mm f/3.5 Lens

BH #SEGC105 • MFR #P05420
Seagull Guitars
Seagull Guitars GC-105 Medium Format Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera with Built-in 75mm f/3.5 Lens
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Seagull Guitars GC-105 Overview

The Seagull GC-105 is the second of three cameras in the Seagull medium format roster. Like the GC-104, this non-metered classically-styled twin-lens reflex camera is patterned in the time-honored design of older Yashicamats. Its lightweight simple design consists of a waist-level finder with pop-up magnifier, manual film crank advance and separate shutter speed and aperture levers. The GC-105 includes the same built-in (non-interchangeable) 75mm f/3.5 Seagull lens but also includes a brighter f/2.8 viewing lens that helps make focusing easier. The GC-105 also has a split-image focusing screen (not included in the GC-104).

Please note that the GC-105 is only for the 6 x 6cm format and does not contain the additional 6 x 4.5cm format mask included with the GC-104. A major difference between the cameras is the self-cocking shutter of the GC-105 that is activated by advancing the film (The GC-104 requires separate film advance and shutter cocking). The mechanical lens shutter design provides flash synchronization at all speeds up to 1/300 second and there is also Bulb exposure. This camera also features a cold flash shoe and PC terminal for external electronic flash connection.

Inexpensive Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera

Seagull Guitars GC-105 Specs

Camera TypeManual focus, leaf shutter, Twin Lens Reflex (TLR)
Format6 x 6cm
Film Back/LoadingStandard manual loading, match arrows, close back and wind to first frame; Frame counter located in side window
Film Type120 film ONLY: 6 x 6 (12 frames)
Lens/MountBuilt-in Seagull 75mm f/3.5 lens (f/3.5-22); (NOTE: Camera features brighter 75mm f/2.8 viewing lens); Equivalent to a 52mm lens in the 35mm format; Use of filters requires an optional 34 - 37mm step-up ring (or 39mm or larger, if preferred)
ShutterMechanical lens shutter; Shutter speeds 1 sec. to 1/300th and B; Camera features separate shutter speed and aperture sliding levers; (NOTE: This camera differs from the less expensive Seagull 104 in that advancing the film simultaneously cocks the shutter)
Shutter ReleaseRelease on camera body lower front; Accepts standard mechanical cable release
Self TimerYes, 8-12secs.
Flash SynchronizationFlash synchronization possible at all shutter speeds; Standard PC connection for electronic flash connection on camera body lower front; Hot shoe on left side of body
Mirror Lock-UpNot necessary
Exposure MeteringN/A
Exposure BracketingN/A
Exposure CompensationN/A
Depth-of-Field PreviewNo preview button; Scale on side of camera body
ViewfinderFolding viewfinder hood with pop-up magnifier and fold-out sports finder is supplied as standard; Camera includes split-image focusing screen
Viewfinder InfoNone
Film TransportPermanent manual film winding crank located on camera body side (Note: Advancing film in this camera cocks the shutter)
Multiple ExposureYes, with switch
Focusing SystemManual with rotating knob on camera body side; Minimum focusing distance = 1m (3.3ft)
Power SourceNone
Custom FunctionsNo
Data ImprintingNo
Tripod Mount1/4" standard socket
Dimensions102 x 102 x 146mm (4.02 x 4.02 x 5.75")
Weight925g (2.04 lbs.)
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