McDSP Synthesizer One Virtual Synthesizer

McDSP Synthesizer One HD - Synthesizer Plug-In for Applications Supporting Digidesign's TDM, RTAS and AudioSuite Formats for Mac and Windows XT

McDSP Synthesizer One HD - Synthesizer Plug-In for Applications Supporting Digidesign's TDM, RTAS and AudioSuite Formats for Mac and Windows XT

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McDSP MPIS1 overview

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Synthesizer One HD from McDSP is a virtual synthesizer with multiple sound sculpting techniques that include wave-table, FM, AM, ring modulation, additive and subtractive synthesis. Additionally, external audio can be processed and combined with the synthesized sounds.

The vast sound palette of Synthesizer One starts with its two editable wave-tables. By using wave-tables the user can create unique waveforms and waveform editing facilities are built into the program's interface, including mouse drawn waveforms and functions. Audio can be imported into a wave-table and up to 8 edited wave-tables can be saved per setting file for an unlimited range of sounds.

Oscillator, filter, LFO, and envelope signals can be routed to multiple modulation targets. Two multi-mode filters simultaneously output high pass, low pass, band pass, and band stop filtered signals. Three LFOs are available per voice with dedicated multi-mode ASR envelopes. The LFOs can use the same waves as the oscillators for the ultimate in modulation. Additionally he LFOs can be synced to MIDI beat clock or the internal clock of Synthesizer One.

Effects include wave shaping, EQ (high pass, low shelf, high shelf), and a delay line (which can be modulated) capable of chorus, flange, vibrato, pitch warping, doubling, and echo effects. Many synthesis parameters have a dedicated menu of modulation sources on each control page for optimal editing speed. A set of Quick Pages gives access to basic parameters of Synthesizer One. MIDI controller assignment is programmable by the user and saved as a preference inside the program.

Note: iLok required if one is not already on the system.

Virtual synthesizer with multiple sound engines

Two Wavetable Oscillators

Three wave sources with independent waveform, level, phase, octave, PW and PWM control
Many preset waveforms and up to 8 editable waves are available per wave source
FM and FM velocity controls for each oscillator
Seperate Ring Oscillator with selectable inputs

One Analog-style Oscillator

Saw and sine waveforms
Audio can be mixed, processed and used as modulation source
Two multi-mode filters and three low frequency oscilators
User definable arpeggiations and sequences saved per preset
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McDSP MPIS1 specs

Type Virtual synthesizer
Voices Up to 10 voices per HD DSP, up to 8 voices per Mix DSP
Sounds Not specified by manufacturer
  • Wave Shaper (OSC 1, OSC2)
  • EQ (high pass, low shelf, high shelf)
  • Modulatable delay line (chours, flange, vibrato, pitch warping, doubling, echo, and beat-synced delay)
  • Voice level panning
Output ProTools HD, Mix TDM and LE
  • Digidesign approved computer with HD Accel, HD, MIX, D24/PCI or LE Pro Tools system
  • Requires iLok for authorization

Due to constantly changing requirements, for comprehensive hardware specifications and system requirements, please refer to Avid's website at

Specialties Double precision arithmetic for 48-bit processing

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