Rollei 6008AF Medium Format Auto Focus SLR Camera Body with 120 Film Back and Waist Level Viewfinder

BH #RO6008AF ‚ÄĘ MFR #66015
Rollei 6008AF Medium Format Auto Focus SLR Camera Body with 120 Film Back and Waist Level Viewfinder
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Rollei 6008AF Overview

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  • 11Special Modes
  • 12Intelligent TTL flash technology
  • 13Viewfinder display

The Rolleiflex 6008 AF
The world's first 6x6cm medium format autofocus single-lens reflex camera. True to the Rollei philosophy, it is packed full of useful features. These include integrated motorized film transport, a choice of metering modes, display of key information in the finder system and professional power supply via the rechargeable NiCad.

The main camera functions such as focusing, exposure and flash switch-on can be performed automatically, if desired. Demanding professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts will also be able to set all the camera modes by hand to realize their creative ambitions to the fullest.

Full Compatibility
The Rolleiflex 6008 AF is fully compatible with the 6000 system, which means that all the former lenses can be used - even the SLX lenses from 1976 with in-focus indication. Thus, the Rolleiflex 6008 AF is very interesting for all users of the 6000 system.

The illuminated LC finder display serves as a permanently visible control center. It indicates: Shutter Speed, Aperture, Focusing Status, Battery Status, Pre-Flash Metering, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program AE, Exposure Correction, Spot, Multi-Spot and Average Metering, Exposure Lock, Horizontal/Vertical Format with 6x4.5 frame counter.

Flexible System
On location, additional special modes can also be added via the Mode Switch. They can be selected with the Memo Button and entered via the Shutter Release Button. The following settings can be made, and if necessary, changed in this way: Switch-over of AF metering zone, pre-selection of the number of frames in continuous shooting mode, flash sync time, pre-flash metering, self-timer, display on/off, silent running on/off, cancel film advance on/off (for multiple exposures without mirror movement), center weighting for exposure metering on/off, reset mode.

In addition, autofocus mode with H-sensor (three zone sensor), adjustable to one or three sensors. AF mode switch for special modes such as "Trap" for trap focus, and "Man" for working with manual lenses of the 6000 System.

Full Flash Control
New flash control via special SCA Adapter 3562 in conjunction with Metz dedicated flash, e.g. Metz 54 MZ-3. In poor light conditions or with low contrast subjects, the optical system of the LED integrated in the system flash unit projects a striped pattern onto the subject being metered. This enables the camera's AF module to measure the distance quickly and correctly.

The Metz dedicated flash switches on automatically if desired in poor available light. The zoom reflector is also controlled automatically in parallel with the AF lenses. Yet, another useful feature is that the flash output can be readily monitored when working with studio flash units.

Digital Compatibility
A digital back can be used via the serial port of the Rolleiflex 6008 AF to control the functions directly via the camera contacts without any additional cables. A further highlight is the possibility of programming the camera's functions via a PC. Rollei's special Windows software communicates with the camera via the 14-pin universal socket.

Two interchangeable AF lenses from Schneider-Kreuznach will become available in Summer 2002: The 180mm f/2.8 AF Tele-Xenar and the 60-140mm f/4.6 AF-Variogon HFT. At the end of the year, the lens range will be expanded by the 80mm f/2.8 AF-Xenotar HFT.

This kit contains a Rollei 6008 AF Body, 120 Film Back and Waist Level Finder. It DOES NOT include a lens
World's first 6x6 medium format autofocus camera
Rapid focus with focus indication for all 6000 series lenses
Single and continuous focus modes; Release priority in continuous mode
Fully compatible with the Rollei 6000 system
Motorized film transport
Serial port connection for digital back
Rollei special Windows software for connection to a PC/MAC

Choice of metering modes

- Center-weighted
- Spot
- Multi-spot
- Automatic stray-light compensation during metering

Other Features

- Multiple exposure
- Exposure compensation
- Exposure lock
- Shutter release via remote control
- Self-timer
- Auto-Bracketing
- Many other features

Special Modes

- Flash sync time
- Pre-flash time
- Display on/off
- Silent running on/off
- Film advance disengaged on/off
- Center weighting of exposure metering on/off
- AF 3-Zone metering

Intelligent TTL flash technology

- Fill flash and zoom flash
- New Metz SCA adapter 3562 for total flash control in poor light conditions
- Dedicated flash interface and correction switch for fill-in flash
- TTL studio pre-flash exposure metering

Viewfinder display

- Shutter speeds
- Apertures
- Flash readings
- Metering modes
- Exposure correction
- Frame counter
- Battery status
- Other functions

Rollei 6008AF Specs

Camera Type
  • Medium format autofocus Single-Lens-Reflex camera with motorized advance
  • Format
  • 6 x 6cm and 6 x 4.5cm (2.25 x 2.25" and 1.75 x 2.25")
  • Polaroid instant film
  • Film Back/Loading
  • Four interchangeable magazines may be used: 6x6/120 magazine for 12 6x6cm frames on 120 film
  • 6x6/220 magazine for 24 6x6cm frames on 220 film
  • Type 4560 magazine: for use in either horizontal or vertical format
  • 120 position for 16 6x4.5cm frames on 120 film; 220 position for 32 6x4.5cm frames on 220 film
  • Polaroid magazine for 10 6x6cm frames on instant film
  • All magazines with built-in laminar drawslide (darkslide), frame counter, film speed input, film type reminder, and pre-loadable film insert
  • Optional Polaroid pack film magazine (10 exposures)
  • When using type 4560 magazine or most digital backs, it is indispensible that the "Film Stage" be removed; This stage remains in place with all other magazines
  • When interchangeable magazines from the Rolleiflex 6006 are used, ISO speed will not be transferred automatically
  • While the back of a 6002 or SLX can be attached, AF "blur" must be expected due to a lack of film flattening
  • Do not use backs from 6008 AF on 6008 Integral, 6002 or SLX bodies
  • Do not use inserts from SLX in 6008 AF
  • Camera without magazine or using backs without their own ISO settings - camera defaults to ISO 100
  • Film Type
  • 120 and 220 roll film for 12 or 24 exposures of 6 x 6cm; 16 or 32 exposures of 6 x 4.5cm
  • Accepts 70mm film with use of Data 70 film magazine (60-70 exposures)
  • Accepts 3.25 x 4.25" Polaroid pack film (i.e. 669 or Fuji 100FP for 10 exposures)
  • ISO 25-6400 in 1/3rd steps (adjustable on the magazine)
  • With exposure correction, the useable film speeds are from ISO 6-16000
  • Lens/Mount
  • Rollei bayonet mount
  • 10-pin contact bar for signal transfer for aperture and shutter speed drives
  • Exposure control fully functional even with bellows unit, extension tubes and reversing adapter
  • Zeiss and Schneider interchangeable lenses of PQ and PQS types using all operating modes with full-aperture metering
  • Possibility of switching to stop-down metering for depth-of-field preview
  • Zeiss and Schneider lenses with PQ characteristics can also be used with stop-down metering only
  • When using lenses of SLX, 6002 or 6006 (no PQ lenses) - working aperture metered will be displayed only when the Memory button (stop-down) is depressedShutter speed, Programmed AE, as well as multi-spot metering and fill flash are not available- Bulb cannot be combined with "T"
  • If certain operating mode is not available with older interchangeable lenses, "no Auto" or "-----" appears in place of aperture or shutter speed
  • Shutter
  • Electronically controlled leaf shutter from 1/1000 sec (PQS lenses) to 30 sec, plus "B"
  • Time exposures from 1 sec - 99 mins. can be set in 1 sec intervals via MasterWare
  • Shutter Release
  • Solenoid-controlled on shutter speed dial and on right side of camera
  • Also remote control connection using optional Remote Cable RC-120; Self-timer (adjustable with control software from 1-99sec)
  • Shutter release at right front of camera and on shutter speed dial
  • Time lag between depression of shutter release and opening of shutter (PQ lenses) is approx. 3-4ms; with PQS lenses: 2ms; Release lag can be set from 1-99ms with MasterWare
  • Self Timer
  • 10 sec delayed
  • Mirror locks up 2 secs before exposure to minimize camera shake
  • Adjustable time from 1-99sec with control software
  • Flash Synchronization
  • With all shutter speeds from 1/1000-30 sec
  • Working range ISO: 25-1600
  • Hot shoe with flash terminal and contacts for dedicated flash units from Metz
  • New SCA interface via Rollei's SCA 3562 Adapter Shutter release; TTL/OTF flash metering for full flash illumination or fill-in flash
  • TTL flash metering with any flash unit (studio or non-dedicated) in conjunction with the Rollei Master Control Unit
  • Flash-ready and exposure control in the finder
  • Automatic flash switch-on possible with Metz dedicated flash units in poor available light
  • Additional fill-in flash
  • Mirror Lock-Up
  • Possible with mirror lock-up switch on camera body
  • Delay between shutter release and actual exposure is 3-4ms with PQ lenses and approx. 2ms with PQS lenses
  • In mirror lock-up, meter reading remains in memory for approx. four minutes
  • Shutter speed, exposure compensation, and ISO may still be varied with mirror locked
  • Exposure Metering
  • Center-weighted multi-zone metering (seven silicon photodiodes arranged in five groups behind reflex mirror)
  • Spot metering by photodiode in center of frame (approx. 1% of frame area)
  • Multi-spot metering by metering and storing up to five individual values
  • Automatic stray-light compensation during metering exposure
  • Metering Range: EV-1 to EV19 at ISO 100/21 with 80mm f/2 lens
  • EV 0 to EV 19 at ISO100/21 with 80mm f/2.8 lens
  • EV 5 to EV19 with 6006 lens and ISO 100/21 at f/2
  • AF range: EV0 to EV19 at ISO 100/21 with 80mm f/2 lens
  • TTL flash: ISO 25-1600
  • Exposure lock functions with all auto programs - stores speed and aperture as exposure values
    Exposure Modes:
  • Shutter Priority AE
  • Aperture Priority AE
  • Program AE with fastest shutter speed priority (with MasterWare, the shutter priority AE default speed can be set anywhere from 30-1/500sec)
  • Metered manual in 1/3rd steps
  • Bulb and "T" functions
  • If "88 8888" is displayed in Auto mode instead of aperture and shutter speed, metering range has been exceeded
  • Exposure Bracketing
  • +/- 2/3 EV (in 1/3rd EV or 2/3 EV intervals)
  • Selection of bracketing mode - "1 brt" or "2 brt" using Special Modes function (provides bracketing in +/- 1/3 EV)
  • Flash bracketing possible by means of flash output
  • If bracketing choice exceeds exposure capability, blinking icon will appear in viewfinder
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Manually setting from from -4.3 to + 2EV in 1/3rd steps
  • Depth-of-Field Preview
  • Possible with depth-of-field preview button
  • Operates in all exposure modes
  • Viewfinder
  • Supplied with waist level focusing hood with swing-out magnifier
  • Can be exchanged for prism finder, 90 degree eye-level finder or rigid hood
  • Interchangeable focusing screens
  • Super-bright High-D focusing screen supplied
  • Pre-releaseable instant return mirror with partially transmitted multi-coating and pneumatic mirror brake
  • Setting can also be changed after pre-release
    Five focusing screens available - Central microprism with split-image and grid, Fine ground glass, Bright screen with micro-fine texture (with guidelines for 6x4.5cm), Bright screen with microprism spot, High D screen (with guidelines for 6x4.5cm)
  • Viewfinder Info
  • Illuminated LC finder display for focusing status, shutter speed and aperture (in 1/3rd steps), exposure compensation with metered manual mode, exposure correction, spot/multi-spot mode, flash ready and flash autocheck, film speed, special modes, frame counter, horizontal/vertical format with 6x4.5cm, battery status; Intensity of LC display automatically adjusted for ambient light and can be switched off; Automatic reversal of display with 45/90 degree finders; Automatic brightness control; Individual brightness setting of display with MasterWare
    Camera displays for self-diagnostics and error-management
  • "Error 1" - Light leak or no magazine or lens attached; Defective shutter control
  • "Error 2" - Malfunction of shutter or diaphragm; No lens attached
  • "Error 3" - AF electronics malfunctioning
  • "Error 4" - Magazine 4560 malfunctioning; No film loaded or film advance problem
  • "Error 5" -Mirror drive malfunctioning
  • "Error 6" - Defective AF control
  • "Error 8" or "Error 9" - will only appear when digital back being used - does not concern the camera body
    Additional Viewfinder Displays
  • Film speed change warning ("Sn" - 'sensitivity')
  • Darkslide warning ("SLIde")
  • End of film wind sequence ("End")
  • Dead battery ("CHArGE")
  • Film Transport
  • Automatic with built-in with high-performance high speed motor- Single exposures and continuous exposures up to 2fps- Automatic film advance to frame 1- Automatic film rewind after exposure of last frame- MasterWare options: Slow, Fast or Disabled
  • Multiple Exposure
  • With film advance disengaged in "ME" position of camera switch; Screen image permanently visible in the finder
  • With film advance disengaged electronically without screen image for digital backs;
  • With MasterWare, up to 10 multiple exposures in 1/10 sec increments
  • Focusing System
  • AF-H sensor (3-area zone AF sensor)
  • Use of older lenses is possible with focus indication
  • AF lock, alternative spot focus, manual focusing possible via LCD
  • Focus confirmation - Six possible focus indications in manual focus
  • Focus activated by slight pressure of shutter release
  • Both autofocus and manual focus will only work with with aid of the ranging system when lenses with maximum aperture of at least f/5.6 are used (This should be noted especially when using a teleconverter or close-up accessories)
  • Power Source
  • Rechargeable NiCad sinter battery for approximately 400 exposures at room temperature
  • Quick charge unit (100/240V, 50/60Hz.) with automatic switchover to trickle charge
  • 12V socket for car battery
  • Battery uses 1.25 amp/250V, slow-blow fuse (commercially available)
  • Accepts PowerInterface - same size as Nicad battery and inserted into same slot - Accepts different power sources such as Rollei 12V AC adapter or automobile cigarette lighter
  • External Battery Connector - keeps battery close to your body for cold weather use
  • Battery Status Indicator - Automatic with three possible displays: Full, Partial and Low
  • Camera will not fire when "Charge" is displayed
  • Custom FunctionsCustom Functions
    1) PreFlash
    2) Self-timer
    3) Silent Operation
    4) Display
    5) Center Weighting
    6) Film Advance
    7) Limiting Continuous Bursts
    Variable Default Settings
  • Selection of AF mode -"AF1-1 (3 focus areas active) or "AF--" (spot AF)
  • Leading or trailing sync "1 Syn" or "2 Syn"
  • Selection of bracketing mode - "1 brt" or "2 brt"
  • Activation and adjustment of frame counter for 6x6 magazine - "count"
  • Camera rESEt
  • Data Imprinting
  • No
  • Tripod Mount1/4" and 3/8" tripod thread
  • 5.6 x 5.5 x 4.9" (143 x 139 x 124 mm)
  • with 80mm f/2.8 lens
  • 5.6 x 5.5 x 6.9" (143 x 139 x 176 mm)
  • without hand strap
  • Weight
  • 3.5 lb (1500 g) (without lens)
  • Miscellaneous
  • Detachable Handgrip with four click-stops (for use with waist level or prism finder)
  • Leather wrist strap also detachable
  • PC Link-up
  • Individual programming and control of all camera functions with optional Rollei software for Windows/MAC (MasterWare)
  • 14-pin universal plug connection for Master Control, PC, external control units and remote control units
  • Serial interface for digital backs to control the camera modes from the back or from the camera via the camera contacts of the magazine interface
  • Packaging Info
    Package Weight7 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)13.5 x 9.5 x 9.5"
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