Auto FX Software DreamSuite Effects - Series Two

Auto FX Software DreamSuite Effects - Series Two

Auto FX Software DreamSuite Effects - Series Two

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DreamSuite Series Two is a powerful collection of 12 unique visual effects for enhancing photographs. Series Two offers a wide diversity of visual options to make any photo you have more distinctive.

DreamSuite Series Two Effects
  • 2 1/4
    This easy to use effect lets you accurately reproduce a photo-realistic 2.25 film frame around your photos.Create compositions with multiple frames and make each frame slightly different. Change the exposure numbers, film brand, batch numbers and other options for each frame.
  • 4 x 5
    This easy to use effect lets you accurately reproduce a photo-realistic 4 x 5 film frame around your photos.Create compositions with multiple frames and make each frame slightly different. Change the exposure numbers, film brand, batch numbers and other options for each frame.
  • FilmGrain
    FilmGrain accurately reproduces traditional film grain techniques used by professional photographers utilizing high-grain film and darkroom contrasting techniques. FilmGrain is a subtle and classy effect that gives a pleasant result when applied to any photo. It offers complete control over all aspects of the grain particles including the tonal range it is applied to.
  • FilmStrip
    This easy to use effect lets you accurately reproduce photo-realistic filmstrips around your photos. Create compositions with multiple frames to tell a story. Change the exposure numbers, film brand and transform each photo inside each frame to get the perfect 'shot' each time. Powerful shading and surface controls help you to simulate the environment you want your film developed in.
  • FilmFrame Art
    FilmFrame Art allows artists to create inventive photo collages with film frames showing their photos with translucency and projected shadows using translucent image depth shading for a photo-realistic result. Modify each frame with custom or global settings to alter surfaces, colors and dozens of other creative options.
  • Mesh
    This easy to use effect lets you interactively mesh and weave together strips of your photo to create a highly unique and eye-catching visual effect.Mesh lets you define hundreds of options to make your creation as artistic as you like. Transformation tools can adjust the mesh strips and photos inside the strips. Group controls let you affect the entire effect or selectively target just one strip.
  • PhotoPress
    PhotoPress allows you to take parts of a photo or collage and press it down into the background and produce wrinkles and depressions in the background where the photo is pressing inward.
  • PhotoStrips
    This easy to use effect lets you cut your photos into strips with photo realistic shading and edge depth.
  • PlasticWrap
    PlasticWrap is a highly unique artistic effect that can wrap your photos in plastic and give you all sorts of creative ways to visually represent concepts.
  • Puzzle Pieces
    Puzzle Pieces is nothing short of a blast to use. No matter what the project or design you have in mind, Puzzle Pieces is an effect that can super charge your work.
  • Tile
    Tile is a powerful visual effect that can instantly add dimension and appeal to your images. Tile breaks an image into tiled sections that can be shaped to create some amazing visual results. Select the tile shapes and transform your design using hundreds of different options to customize your artwork.
  • Wrinkle
    Wrinkle is a fun to use visual effect that applies wrinkles and crinkles to your images. It is easy to use as you simply brush on the wrinkles and crinkles where you want them or iron them out where you don't want them to appear.
Intuitive Onscreen Controls
If you are used to working in Photoshop then DreamSuite will make you feel right at home. DreamSuite features advanced onscreen image transformation tools, full support for layer transparency, layering multiple effects ontop of each other and much, much more. In DreamSuite each effect has a set of controls that allow the user to adjust the effect's visual settings. Any onscreen tools associated with an effect are tied to the effect controls so the user may draw onscreen with an effect path and then adjust the controls that affect just that path.

All DreamSuite effect controls generate dynamically so you can interactively adjust the visual onscreen with the tool and the effect updates. In the example screenshot above the Crease paths each have different control settings associated with them. When you select an effect path, for example, the controls on the control bar change to reflect the current settings for that path. You can relocate the path, transform the path, or adjust any setting associated with the path and then the visual will update itself to the new parameters.

Some productivity and control features are:

      As you adjust controls the effect updates itself automatically. An intelligent control interrupt system allows you to interrupt the effect if it is updating itself.
      DreamSuite's adjustable preview features a 1600% marquee zoom capability with built in panning support. Previews can be shown in Proxy mode so they render blazingly fast regardless of the image size.
      Save and Load your effect settings for instant replay Presets are Resolution Independent. Save them while working on a large file and they apply the same to a smaller file or an even larger file and get the same results.
      Click a memory dot on the interface and DreamSuite remembers your current settings. You can explore with your design ideas and come back to where you were with a single click.
      Effects and images can be freeform transformed multiple times with no loss to quality as DreamSuite always stores and works from the original image when generating effect layers. Everything is written dynamically so the user works in a true non-linear fashion and can go forward or back by adjusting the controls.
      DreamSuite features a unique photo placement tool that allows you to place images inside of effects and have the images automatically scaled and orientated to match the angle and perspective of the effect it goes into.
      DreamSuite features file loading and saving support for: .psd, .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png file formats. Saving in Photoshop format will export the effect layers into a single transparent layer in a Photoshop native document.
      DreamSuite lets you hold your mouse over a control for a few seconds and a floating window appears that contains comprehensive detailed instructions about the control. This powerful feature gives you instant access to control information without the need to look in a manual or use a separate help system that takes you away from the task at hand. The DreamSuite tool tips are fast and efficient to use.
      Choose from over a dozen interface flavors and desktop textures and your interface will instantly change to match your preferences.
Integrated Support for Photoshop
DreamSuite features complete support for Adobe Photoshop versions 4.0 and higher. This includes integrated support for layers and transparency features. DreamSuite even saves to the Photoshop .psd file format with layers intact. As you are working on your designs inside the DreamSuite plug-in or application version you can save out copies of your work as Photoshop .psd native files.
    • Supports Photoshop Actions
    • Supports Photoshop Layers
    • Supports Photoshop's Last Filter Command
    • Saves and Loads Adobe Photoshop native .psd files.
    • Works as a Photoshop plug-in filter or as a stand alone application
    • Supports Photoshop Transparency
    • Easy to access in Photoshop under the filter menu
Use DreamSuite in conjunction with Photoshop Actions and you can perform batch processing tasks to hundreds of imagess in one easy to apply session.
In the Box
Auto FX Software DreamSuite Effects - Series Two
  • Both Mac and Windows versions on the CD
  • Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in
  • Stand alone version of DreamSuite
  • 440 presets for instant visual solutions
  • Easy to follow User Manual and Guides
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    • 1Description
    System Requirements Windows System
    • Pentium Processor or equivalent
    • Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP
    • 128MB RAM
    • 30MB available hard drive space
    • CD-ROM Drive (for Installation)

    Macintosh System

    • Power Macintosh G3 or G4
    • Mac OS 8.5 - 9.x, OS X (Native)
    • 256MB RAM (512MB recommended)
    • 30MB available hard drive space
    • CD-ROM Drive (for Installation)

      Dream Suite - Series Two works as both a plug-in and as a stand alone application for Windows or Macintosh

    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 5.0 x 5.0 x 0.01"

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