Kodak PKR 135-36 Kodachrome 64 Professional Color Slide (Transparency) Film (ISO-64) (EXPIRES 9/09)

BH #KOPKR36 • MFR #8931917
Kodak PKR 135-36 Kodachrome 64 Professional Color Slide (Transparency) Film (ISO-64) (EXPIRES 9/09)
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Kodak 8931917 Overview

Professional Kodachrome 64 Film is an extremely fine grain film demonstrating very high sharpness. It is an excellent choices for a wide variety of applications. The history and reputation of Kodachrome films is legendary. They possess a "look" that is hard to reproduce in more contemporary films.

Kodachrome 64 is a member of the "Select Series" of Kodak films. The Select Series offers serious snapshooters and photo enthusiasts the widest selection of high-performance films. Choose from Kodachrome or Kodak Elite Chrome films for slides, or Royal Gold films for prints.

Same film as traditional KR64 but should be refrigerated and defrosted before use
Archival - Kodachrome films are the most archival transparency films
Excellent film for general outdoor photographic use
Natural colors with strong pallette

Kodak 8931917 Specs

35mm color slide film
ISO 64
General photographic outdoor use
Process K-14
Color Saturation
Produces rich, vibrant colors with a strong pallette
Extremely fine
Extremely high
Exposure Latitude
Not Specified by Manufacturer

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