Auto FX Software DreamSuite Series 1 Pro

Auto FX Software DreamSuite Series 1 Pro

Auto FX Software DreamSuite Series 1 Pro


Auto FX Software DreamSuite overview

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DreamSuite Pro includes advanced technologies that make DreamSuite a more robust imaging program that is capable of giving you better results. The main difference between the Pro and the Classic version of DreamSuite lies in the SmartLayers functionality.

The Pro version of DreamSuite uses SmartLayer technologies to build effects on layers that work together to form a composite effect. The Pro version also includes the ability to create layer masks, correction layers, photo layers and effect layers. It even allows you to save and reload presets that rebuild your layers, masks and settings so you can apply the same effect to other images.

18 Effects Included with DreamSuite Series One
DreamSuite Series One was designed to empower your creativity. Great care was put into building an infinite amount of variation into the effects so the work you create is styled after your own tastes and avoids the "canned" look so many graphics programs are known for.
    • 35mm Frame
      Put your photos into 35mm slides and create collages of your work
    • Chisel
      Unique hammered, chipped and dented depth bevel effects
    • Crackle
      Simulate photo-realistic aged photo cracks and crackled surfaces
    • Crease
      Interactively bend and crease your photos for unique depth looks
    • Deckle
      Rip and tear your photos to give them a torn deckled appearance
    • Dimension X
      Over a dozen unique depth bevels, shading, glassy reflection & more
    • Focus
      Simulate soft focus, zoom, rotated, and motion focus effects
    • Hot Stamp
      Add punch to your type and graphics with roughened edges, blends and melded glows
    • Instamatic
      Surround your photos with a photo-realistic instamatic frame
    • Liquid Metal
      Brush and paint with liquid mercury, melted gold and other metals
    • Metal Mixer
      Blend metal surfaces together for a mix of unique depth effects and metal blending
    • Photo Border
      Add stylized borders around your photos and overlap collages
    • Photo Depth
      Add depth to your photos by fraying, denting and crimping
    • Photo Tone
      Blended sepia tones, focal glows and mottled backgrounds
    • Putty
      Bend, twist, enlarge, push, reshape, squish and reform your images with bezier tools
    • Ripple
      Interactive photo-realistic ripples, waves, water surfaces
    • Tape
      Photo-realistic masking tape, transparent, duct, sports and other tape types
This is a robust layering system that lets you combine masking, photos, effects and color correction layers together in one document.
    • Masking Layers allow you to quickly and cleanly mask areas of your image to apply effects to the areas you desire.
    • Correction layers enable you to adjust color details like RGB and HSB to get the perfect balance of colors for your effects.
    • Effect layers can stack on top of each other on the layers palette so that you can combine different effects in the same document. Apply Liquid Metal and Gel effects together or use FilmGrain to enhance a PhotoToned image.
    • Photo layers allow you to add new photos and composite them together. Change layer opacity, layer order, clone and delete layers.
Unlimited Undo/Redo Functionality
This feature lets you go back as far as you like. Undo brush strokes, effect settings, object transformations and more.
Layer Presets
You can save an effect and all layers used to create the effect and then apply the result to another image or set of artwork. Load Layer Presets using visual thumbnails displayed in the new Layer Preset catalog.
Hundreds of New Presets
Presets have been created just for the new Pro versions of our DreamSuite products. These new creative presets let you instantly apply effects that give you stunning results.
Faster Performance
The new Pro version has increased rendering speed and operation on both Macintosh and Windows systems. Speed increases range from 50% - 300% depending on the effect, image size and machine. DreamSuite Pro is optimized for increased speed gains when used with a dual or hyper-threaded processor enabled machine.
Always keep current with updates with the new AutoUpdate feature. Connect to the internet, launch our software and you can automatically download and install any updates and creative enhancements we have made to the software while you continue to work.
Combine effects from any DreamSuite Series
Series One, Series Two and Gel Series together provides a total of 37 effects that can be combined in any order for a wide assortment of looks.

Auto FX Software DreamSuite specs

System Requirements Windows System
  • Pentium Processor or equivalent
  • Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP
  • 128MB RAM
  • 30MB available hard drive space
  • CD-ROM Drive (for Installation)

Macintosh System

  • Power Macintosh G3 or G4
  • Mac OS 8.5 - 9.x, OS X (Native)
  • 256MB RAM (512MB recommended)
  • 30MB available hard drive space
  • CD-ROM Drive (for Installation)

DreamSuite works as both a Photoshop plug-in and as a stand alone application for Windows or Macintosh

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