Zero-G MIRIAM Vocaloid Virtual Female Vocalist

Zero-G MIRIAM - Vocaloid Virtual Female Vocalist Based on the Voice of Miriam Stockley - Windows 2000/XP

Zero-G MIRIAM - Vocaloid Virtual Female Vocalist Based on the Voice of Miriam Stockley - Windows 2000/XP

No Longer Available
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MIRIAM from Zero-G is a virtual female vocalist that functions as a VST instrument within any VSTi capable host software running under Windows 2000/XP. Based on research from Yamaha's Singing Synthesis Technology, MIRIAM can perform a wide range of singing techniques and sing virtually any word in English.

While not quite ready to replace the likes of Celine Dion, the software none the less is quite suitable for creating background voices or for experimental music where the composer wants a voice to do the humanly impossible.

The software comprises three parts - Vocaloid Editor, Vocaloid VST Instrument and Vocaloid MIRIAM Female Vocal Font. To create a vocal part, music and lyrics are entered into the editor. The data that was entered in the editor is then sent to the synthesis engine, which fetches what it needs from the phonetic and expression databases to synthesize the track.

Virtual female soul vocalist modeled on a the voice of Miriam Stockley
Uses the natural tone and articulation of Miriam Stockley's voice as its source
MIRIAM can sing any words in English using Vocaloid LOLA Female Vocal Font
To create a vocal track, the user enters music and lyrics into the Vocaloid Editor
The melody can be entered by hand in the piano-roll style editor or imported from a Standard MIDI file
Words are entered manually either as words or as phonemes
MIRIAM will spread any sustained vowel (or voiced consonant) across as many notes as required, with perfect legato
A choice of several different natural vibrato types is available
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System Requirementswrfdqtueadcsccuybzcfsv
PC Minimum:
Pentium III, 1GHz or faster
Windows 2000/XP
512MB RAM or more
700MB free hard disc space
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
1024x768 SVGA Display
Sound card with Microsoft DirectSound compatible driver
LAN/network card must be installed, or a USB network card must be connected to the USB port

Pentium 4, 1.7GHz or faster
Windows XP
1GB RAM or more

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