Fujifilm Pro 160C 120 Fujicolor ProfessiColor Negative Film

Fujifilm Pro 160C 120 Fujicolor Professional Color Negative (Print) Film (ISO 160)

Fujifilm Pro 160C 120 Fujicolor Professional Color Negative (Print) Film (ISO 160)

B&H # FUP160C120
Fujifilm Pro 160C 120 Fujicolor ProfessiColor Negative Film


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Fujicolor Pro 160C offers high contrast and vivid color, perfect for a wide range of applications from portraiture and architecture to commercial work. This film has smooth skin tone rendition, unprecedented neutral gray balance, exceptionally fine grain, and wide exposure latitude.

Optimized for Digital Scanning and Printing
By combining excellent tonal qualities in a wide exposure range (-1 to +3 EV) and exceptionally fine grain, the scanning characteristics of Pro 160C in digital printing systems, such as Fujifilm's Frontier digital lab system, dramatically improve; As a result, superior scanning consistency makes post-scanning color correction and retouching easier than ever before
Smooth, Natural Reproduction of Skin Tones
Color coupler technology delivers exceptionally well-nuanced skin tones and ensures that all hues are consistent from highlight to shadow, regardless of density; Pro 160C features high contrast and saturated color
Unsurpassed Gray Balance
Gray tones are reproduced with unparalleled neutrality and accuracy, even within a wide range of exposures
Significantly Finer Grain Structure
Finer grain than their predecessors, with an RMS granularity of 3 (vs. 4 for the current NPS 160 and NPC 160); The result is notably smoother, richer-looking prints, especially at larger sizes
Single-Channel Printing
Can now be printed in a single print channel; This simplifies the adjustment of print density and color balance, making it easier and more efficient for labs to provide photographers with quality prints
Generous Exposure Latitude
The Fujicolor Pro films' characteristics of wide exposure latitude (-1 to +3 EV) produce excellent gray balance, skin tone rendition, and overall color balance, delivering competitive results with normal basic exposures
4th Color Layer Technology to Simulate Human Color Perception
All of the Fujicolor Pro films incorporate Fujifilm's proprietary 4th Color Layer Technology; The addition of a fourth cyan-sensitive layer to the typical RGB sensitive layers helps simulate accurate color as the human eye perceives it; Fujicolor Pro films reproduce delicate skin colors, neutral colors and deliver exceptionally consistent color balance regardless of light source - daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, flash, or mixed lighting
Super Nano-Structured Sigma Grain Technology
The Fujifilm technology known as Super Nano-Structured Sigma Grain, produce improvements in grain for 160C; These extremely small, precisely controlled grains are designed to capture photons with high efficiency, boosting effective film speed while allowing a reduction in RMS granularity from 4 to 3***; This finer grain structure is particularly notable in large print sizes, reducing visible grain for smoother reproduction of skin texture
Super Efficient Coupler Technology
The yellow coupler employed in the Pro 160C is approximately 1.3 times more efficient at color formation than its predecessors; This allows a thinner emulsion layer, which in turn reduces unwanted reflection and diffraction of light; The result is less halation and color blurring, while increasing sharpness
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  • 1Description
Type 120 Professional Color Negative Film
Speed ISO 160
Applications Portraiture, architecture
Process Fujifilm processes CN-16, CN-16Q, CN-16FA, CN-16L, CN-16S or Kodak Process C-41
Color Saturation High
Grain Fine
Sharpness Very sharp
Exposure Latitude Wide (-1 to +3 EV)
Push/Pull Not specified
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