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Quantum Instruments Qflash Model T5D-R

BH #QUQFT5DR • MFR #860380
Quantum Instruments Qflash Model T5D-R
Key Features
  • 150 W/s
The Q Flash T5D-R TTL Flash by Quantum Instruments is an updated version of the T4D model. It has full wireless TTL dedication for new digital and film cameras, with the purchase of optional, camera-specific DW series QTTL modules and receivers. The Qflash T5D has Exposure compensation in Auto and Manual Modes, Under-Over F-stop exposure indicators in Auto, a Flash Counter, visible and audible flash indicators and signal, a modeling light, and an improved reflector locking ring.

It is a completely automated flash head with many advanced user-selectable operating modes; it is the perfect portable flash for any professional photographer.

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Quantum Instruments T5d-R Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Wireless TTL, Sync and Shutter Control
  • 3Full Dedication
  • 4Manual Mode
  • 5Stroboscopic Mode
  • 6Program Mode
  • 7Exposure Confirmation
  • 8Changeable Reflector
  • 9Angle Adjustment
  • 10Easy to Mount
  • 11New Reflector Mount

The Q Flash T5D-R TTL Flash by Quantum Instruments is an updated version of the T4D model. It has full wireless TTL dedication for new digital and film cameras, with the purchase of optional, camera-specific DW series QTTL modules and receivers. The Qflash T5D has Exposure compensation in Auto and Manual Modes, Under-Over F-stop exposure indicators in Auto, a Flash Counter, visible and audible flash indicators and signal, a modeling light, and an improved reflector locking ring.

It is a completely automated flash head with many advanced user-selectable operating modes; it is the perfect portable flash for any professional photographer.

Regular auto and manual flash are possible through its twin-blade sync socket. TTL flash exposures are possible when using the T5D with selected digital cameras. This unit is backward compatible with all Quantum TTL cords and adapters.

The Q Flash uses parabolic reflectors for clean, even light spread, and the reflectors are removable for bare-bulb lighting. Flash control is either Automatic, TTL (with optional adapters for TTL camera control), Manual, or Stroboscopic. Automatic exposure control covers a nine stop range, adjustable every 1/3 stop, for a total of 25 automatic settings. Manual power can be adjusted from full to 1/64 power in 1/3 stop increments; flash power can be dialed in precisely; Stroboscopic mode can be adjusted for flash power and number and frequency of bursts for special effects. Program allows storage of up to 8 favorite settings and switching between them at a push of a button.

The LCD control panel shows minimum & maximum flash distance range for each auto setting. It has both an audible and visual indication of correct exposure, displaying "OK" & 1 beep, or 3 beeps right away and an "UNDR" or "OVER" in the display, indicating which way to adjust the unit. The beep is switchable, or one may use the included earphone in situations where noise is distracting.

The Q Flash mounts on a camera bracket, tripod, or light stand and weighs no more than a conventional flash.

The Q Flash Model T5 can only be powered by the TURBO Series Batteries or Lumedyne Mega Cyclers with a Lumedyne battery, up to 150 Ws, full power, manual.

Wireless TTL, Sync and Shutter Control
Links Qflash 5D series flashes to digital and film cameras (Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Hasselblad, Mamiya, and Contax) - wirelessly.
QTTL Adapters with a FreeXWire FW9T Transmitter will send commands to one or more remote FreeXWire receivers connected to Qflashes.
Full Dedication
Connect a Qflash 5D to a camera using an optional Dw series QTTL adapter to make Qflash a fully dedicated flash that mimics the features of camera manufacturers' flashes.
Manual Mode
Power may be adjusted from full to 1/2 to 1/64 power in 1/3 stop increments.
Stroboscopic Mode
May be adjusted for power, number, and frequency of rapid firing for special effects.
Program Mode
Store up to 8 favorite settings, switch between them at the push of a button.
Exposure Confirmation
Visual: Displays "OK"
Audible: Beeps once for OK, or beeps 3 times with an "UNDR" or "OVER" in the display, indicating which way to adjust the Q Flash.
The beeping is switchable, or can be heard discreetly with the included earphone.
Changeable Reflector
May be used with included parabolic or optional QF63 telephoto reflector.
May be used bare bulb, or with silver or gold bare bulb enhancers.
Angle Adjustment
Head swivels and tilts for bounce flash capability.
Easy to Mount
Mounts on a camera bracket, lightstand, or tripod with the 1/4"-20 threaded socket on the bottom of the unit.
New Reflector Mount
Improved for sure mounting of new "B" series reflectors and accessories.

Quantum Instruments T5d-R Specs

Flash Head
Maximum Power150 Ws
Exposure ControlTTL (via Additional Equipment)
Flash ModesStroboscopic
Accessory Fitting TypeQuantum
Replaceable FlashtubeYes (QF30 or QF30UV)
Sync TypeRadio
Built-In Wireless ReceiverNo
Mounting1/4"-20 Female
Fan CooledNo
Circuit ProtectionYes
Cable Length6' / 1.8 m
Dimensions6.5 x 3.5 x 3.2" / 16.5 x 8.9 x 8.1 cm
Weight1 lb / 0.45 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight3.3 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)11.8 x 9.6 x 4.9"

Quantum Instruments T5d-R Reviews

The best pro flash system out there!

By Marcus
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2019-03-11

This is a long review of the Quantum Qflash T5d-r and X5d-r and Trio flash heads, batteries and some accessories. I know I havent answered everyones questions here, but I hope I have helped someone make their decision on purchasing this flash system. The Qflash is a pro model flash that uses Quantum batteries for the T model and Trio, and a power pack for the X model. I have all three models. The main difference is that the X5d-r is rated at 200 watt seconds and can be boosted up to 800 watt seconds. The T5d-r is rated at 165 watt seconds. The newest Trio models are listed at 80 watt seconds, but can be had with a built in FreeXwire radio controller, or not, depending on price. The benefit of the Trio is that it can control other Qflashes with accessory radio transceivers The Trio “Basic model does not have the FreeXwire radio controller built in, but it can be added later with a manufacturer upgrade. Another difference of the Trio is that it has a hot shoe attachment configured for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras. Also, Trios require separate cables for Quantum batteries for the different flash heads. Fortunately, the already standardized Qflash cables fit the Trio flash heads. The T and X Qflash heads have built-in cords. While we are here, I want to note two perceived issues with the Qflash. The first is the hot shoe on the Trio. Most reviews will point out that this is the most poorly designed hot shoe ever made. I say it’s a 3 out of 10. Ive seen worst, I just cant remember where. Quantum, please redesign this hot shoe. The second issue has to with the cords on the T and X Qflash heads. I have eight heads and the cords on three of them are fraying. I also have several other cords for Canon and Metz flashes and those cords are also fraying. It’s more like the rubberized covering on the cord is coming apart in small pieces. It’s like it has prematurely aged, becoming brittle and falling apart. In a pinch, black electrical tape can help, but this is obviously a manufacturer’s error and need to be addressed as such. Other than that, these are super flashes. The light from these flashes is excellent. The wide angle diffuser practically eliminates shadows. You will need a bracket for these flashes, and while I have several Stroboframe brackets and Quantum brackets, I’ve yet to find the perfect bracket for these flashes. Another thing I would point out is that the firmware of these flashes needs to be updated regularly. Especially when a new electronic accessory is added to the line-up, like the Pilot and Co-Pilot digital transceivers. And yes, you have to send it back to the manufacturer and yes, it may cost you. But it is truly worth it. If you dont have the Pilot or Co-pilot, I highly recommend the older D TTL adapters. Note, that there are two series of these TTL adapters, the 1x series and the 2x series. The 1x are for analog film cameras, although in some cases the DW 1x adapter, (such as the 12DW for Nikon) will work for some digital as well as analog cameras. The 2x series (such as the 23DW for Nikon digital cameras) will work for almost all Nikon digital cameras. The big thing about the Pilot a d Co-Pilot is that they are wireless TTL adapters and will work with Trio and Qflash FW receivers and transceivers. Quantum has a special going on where if you purchase a Co-Pilot they will update your Qflash T5d-r or X5D-r and FW7Q for free (shipping not included). Of course this is a limited time offer and you must provide proof of purchase of the Co -Pilot. (Note: Quantum does offer updates and upgrades for most of their current products, and if they have the parts, for some discontinued products as well.) Check out the website at I recently purchased a used X5d-r system off of eBay because I wanted a more powerful flash for an upcoming project. All of my Qflash accessories work with the X5d-r, however the X5d-r uses the Qpaq power pack. The Qflash Qpaq comes as a controller and a battery pack. The controller unit can be set for 200 or 400 watt seconds and has two outlets for two X5d-r Qflashes. It also has an ultra switch that reduces recycle time. Power can be added via 200 watt PXC modules, up to 800 watt seconds. There is a trade off. First, as you add modules, you lose capacity (number of flashes is reduced) , and recycle times go up. To me, these are small prices to pay to be able to light up a large arena type area. Also, there is a weight penalty, not a bad one, but it’s there. I mentioned the FW7Q briefly before, this is a wireless adapter that attaches to the side of the Qflash and it’s shape conforms to the Qflash body. It works with the other FreeXwire transceivers and can provide TTL control through the Pilot and Co-Pilot digital transceivers. If you send in your Qflash for a firmware update, send in your FW7Q also. Now for the bad news, none of this is cheap. And there is a learning curve involved. But, it works and works very well. You truly bet what you pay for. Quantum Instruments website has tons of information about it products. It also provides pdfs of its manuals. Like other photography manufacturers, Quantum has been affected by the digital curse. While, it has made several products that work extremely well with digital cameras, it seems to have been severely affected by the downturn in the photographic marketplace. It is obvious that several of Quantum`s products could do with a refresh and or upgrade. Also it looks like fewer photo stores are carrying Quantum products and the cost of new equipment is higher than the Chinese equivalent. EBay has been a source of good used Quantum equipment, but even that source is drying up. The Quantum Qflash is a good system, extremely dependable. But it’s hanging on by a thread, I think it is still viable because there is nothing out there comparable. Yes it could improve some things, and its future looks hazy, but at the moment, if youre a pro, this is the main, go to, everyday, portable professional flash system.

Great Product

By Krystal R.
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2014-11-13

I'm a full-time event and portrait professional in Florida where we battle some bright sunlight for outdoor sessions and the QFlash is my go-to light. It's portable and powerful enough for everyday use. I love that when used with the quantum turbo battery I can get a fast full-power exposure every time.

Highly recommended and fantastic

By Steve
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2014-04-15

I use my Q-flash for a variety of content, from products to portraiture. It's fantastic, with more power and cleaner light than my Canon 580EX II's. Certainly, this is an expensive piece of equipment, especially since it does not operate without the required battery pack (another $600). Fast, easy to operate, mobile, powerful, reliable, and convenient were huge selling points, and I am more than thrilled with my purchase. This has been and will continue to be my go-to lighting equipment for most of my day-to-day needs.

The Most Versatile Portable Flash

By frank
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2013-05-23

The QFlash offers more power than any speedlight currently available while also being very portable and easy to take on location. It produces consistent color temperature and power thanks to the design of the quantum batteries. The flash does not overheat, as sometimes happens with speedlights, and provides consistent power output even as the battery's charge diminishes to low levels. Easy to use and just a workhorse of a flash.

TTL Does Not Provide Correct Exposures

By Scott K
Rated 1 out of 5
Date: 2013-02-25

I had high hopes when buying the QFlash 5 system. I bought the Qflash 5D, the Turbo Compact battery, the freeXwire transmitter/reciever set and the D-13w QTTL adapter for Canon. Quantum advertised that this system would work with my Canon 5D as well as my Canon 580EX strobe. Unfortunately, the system never provided the correct amount of light when used in ttl mode. Usually, it puts out too much light (regardless of the ISO settting on the camera, the distance to the subject or the f-stop setting on the camera). So instead of using ttl, I've had to use the Quantum system like an older auto strobe unit. It works well in this mode, but I could have bought a much less expensive system. In hindsight, I wish I had bought a second Canon flash like the 600EX instead of the QFlash system.

Quick and Powerful

By Egill Bjarki
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2013-01-10

I actually have two T3 batteries and two heads, I prefer to trigger with P Wizards and this setup has never given me any issues. Very dependable, charges quickly between shots and lasts long. Been using this for the past 1.5 years and I don't understand how I managed without this set in the past! I also have a camera brand flash, and with a adapter cable, I am able to use the T3 battery pack as a extra power source. That for me is a really good feature, this is not just something that can be used on its own, but can also work with the rest of your equipment. I believe there is a cable that lets you use this battery pack as a camera power source as well. That is especially useful for for those of use that shoot video. Durability and speed is the name of the game. If you value that, get this set!

Excellent buy

By Anonymous
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2017-03-09

The quality of the light is sensationally beautiful for a quick and easy of camera flash solution this is the best

Love the T5, but build quality not good

By Daniel
Rated 3 out of 5
Date: 2014-11-13

I have 2 Trios and 1 T5DR. First the problems with the T5: The reflector tension system is horrible in the T5. Does not tighten the reflector well at all. Not sure why Quantum does not incorporate a better system like that of the Cheetahlight/Streaklight/Godox systems... I have those and they hold REALLY tight. The T5 is VERY loose. But, it works most of the time, just need to be really careful with whatever modifier you use on the flash. 2nd issue is build quality is not great. Within first event I used the flash, I already started to hear something rattling loose around inside the flash head- sounds like a small piece of plastic broke off from somewhere. Flash still works, but not very encouraging. The overall build quality just seems like it needs to be strengthened.3rd issue is the wireless NOT built in like the trios. I have the adapter which fits very loose when connected... so much I have a rubber band around the flash and module to hold it in place.All that said, I do like the flash overall. Little inconsistent with TTL and copilot, but sufficient for the most part.Love the extra power over the trio. Overall I'd probably buy again since I like the control the copilot give over the trios and T5's right from the top of the camera with super fat adjustments... But, wish they would update the T5!

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Is this flash compatible with the Pentax K1?
Asked by: Kelly S.
This flash can connect to the sync terminal on a Pentax K1 with its included sync cable, making it a completely manual flash.
Answered by: Kirk R.
Date published: 2022-01-08


Hi All, Just wondering if this unit offers high speed synch?
Asked by: Anonymous
Unfortunately, this kit does not provide high speed sync. The combination of the Quantum Q-Flash Trio for Canon, B&H # QUQF8C and the Quantum Co-Pilot for Canon, B&H # QUQF91C would give you high speed sync. Images to those items are shown below.
Answered by: Kirk R.
Date published: 2018-08-26


Will this set up work with a Sony a7RII?
Asked by: Ky
No, it would not. The Quantum Instruments Qflash T5D-R CoPilot Wireless TTL Battery Kit for Canon, B&H # QUQF91CTK, is designed for use with Canon cameras and Canon's E-TTL II automatic flash exposure system. It is not designed for use with Sony's Multi-Interface hot shoe or Sony's ADI/P-TTL automatic flash system. If you purchase the Quantum Instruments Qflash Model T5D-R Flash and battery by themselves, then you may purchase the Quantum Instruments Radio Slave 4/4i Cord - PC Male to Household 3-Pin - Straight - 12 , B&H # QUSCS12RS4T, or the Quantum Instruments Radio Slave 4/4i Cord - PC Male to Household 3-Pin - Coiled - 18 , B&H # QUSCCP18RS4T, and use the flash in full manual flash output for your usage needs, but there is not a TTL automatic flash option that would be compatible for use with this flash and the Sony Alpha a7RII Mirrorless Digital Camera.
Answered by: Manzell L.
Date published: 2018-08-26


will this strobe work with Nikon TTL Pocket wizards if not what do you need for TTl with this strobe?
Asked by: Thomas W.
Unfortunately, the Pocket Wizard Mini and Flex units would not be compatible with TTL capability of this flash, but Quantum does make there own units to allow this. It would involve getting the FreeXwire 7Q Compact Wireless Digital TTL Receiver for the T5DR and the CoPilot Wireless TTL Flash Controller for Nikon, which are going to allow TTL control wirelessly. The following link would be with the T5DR, Turbo Blad Battery Pack and the two items mentioned above: <a href= target= _blank ></a>
Answered by: Kirk R.
Date published: 2018-08-25


I own several Quantum FreeWire radios, will these work with the newer flash head?
Asked by: Alan
The T5DR is compatible with all FreeWire radios from Quantum.
Answered by: Kirk R.
Date published: 2018-08-27


is this flash compatible to pocket wizard plus 2? i use canon 5d mark 2 and 3, but not sure what are the good options to trigger the flash wirelessly.
Asked by: Anonymous
I use Pocket Wizards. You need the correct cable to go from PW to the flash (looks like a US power plug). I forget if the cable comes with the light (I doubt it). I'll look for my receipt to see if/what I purchased separately.
Answered by: James B.
Date published: 2018-08-27


I bought this item from B&H last year. Looking back now, I should have bought the version that is set up to use TTL with Canon cameras. Is there an attachment/upgrade that I can get to use it with my Canons and get TTL functionality? Thank you!
Asked by: Thomas M.
I have a Nikon but you will need to get a freewire and a wireless control for you Canon. I use the Quantum Instrument Pilot but the new co-pilot has a lower profile. See attached. Make sure you get the ones for Canon. I could not tell which was which since the pics are so small.Good Luck,Chris F.
Answered by: Christine F.
Date published: 2018-08-27


compatible with sony cameras?
Asked by: Anonymous
You can use it in manual with any camera that has a sync connection.. or with their Freewire cordless RF transmitters + recievers (various price points). For auto / TTL use, I'd look at the B+H page + see what's specifically listed. I was using it in manual, off-camera, with an Impact RF transmitter.
Answered by: JAMES F.
Date published: 2018-08-27
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