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Photographic Solutions BRUSHOFF Sensor Cleaning Brush

Photographic Solutions
Photographic Solutions BRUSHOFF Sensor Cleaning Brush
Key Features
  • For Cleaning DSLR Image Sensors
The BRUSHOFF Sensor Cleaning Brush from Photographic Solutions is unlike any other sensor brush on the market. It is not just an ordinary artist brush with a fancy name and high price tag. Hold the BRUSHOFF and one instantly can see this is a solidly designed and built electronic tool utilizing science to produce unparalleled cleaning power.

Although the brush head is remarkably soft, the brush core is entirely electronically conductive, through an ingeniously designed grounding plug. BRUSHOFF is conductive because the dust and lint that attaches to the sensor or lens surface is attached there electronically (static electricity). Breaking that electronic bond is the only way to both remove the debris and discharge the sensor or lens surface so new particles are not again immediately attracted to it. The grounding plug provides a path to ground for the charges on both the debris and the sensor, and insures that, regardless of any charges around it, the brush is grounded and electronically neutral.

With its unique blend of extremely fine fibers (softer than a fine makeup brush), BRUSHOFF provides not only a conductive path, but includes fibers with characteristics that make the debris want to mechanically cling to them, thereby; the debris is removed from the camera with the brush. The plastic handle itself is a non-conductor which isolates the human from the brush. This allows the brush to be used in the field, away from any grounding source until one can locate a ground and discharge the BRUSHOFF. Cleaning the BRUSHOFF Sensor Brush is also quite simple. Use a clean PEC*PAD & ECLIPSE Optic Cleaner to wipe the bristles before each use - a moistened towelette is provided for your first use of the BRUSHOFF. To further protect the BRUSHOFF fibers, they are fully retractable into the handle when not in use and a protective cap is also supplied.

No Longer Available
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