Sony HDC-X300 HD Multi-Purpose Video Camera, 1/2-Inch 3-CCD System with HD-SDI and Analog Component Outputs, for Scientific, CCTV and Studio Production

Sony HDC-X300 HD Multi-Purpose Video Camera, 1/2-Inch 3-CCD System with HD-SDI and Analog Component Outputs, for Scientific, CCTV and Studio Production
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Sony HDCX300 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2HD-SDI Output
  • 3Small Size and Giant Performance
  • 4Low Light Shooting
  • 5Flexible Image Controls
  • 6Optical and Electronic Lighting Controls
  • 7Optional HKC-SV1 Servo Filter Unit

The Sony HDC-X300 is a very high quality industrial video camera designed to bring HDTV image capture to medical, scientific, surveillance and other production applications. The camera utilizes a 3-CCD system with over 1.5 million pixels for ultra detailed pictures. Digging deep into the cameras menu allows for sophisticated image control functions like skin tone detail, color matrix and color temperature settings. There are two trigger modes for syncing to flash lighting or syncing with other similar cameras.

HD-SDI Output

The HDC-X300 has connectors for analog and digital outputs including uncompressed HD-SDI through a single BNC connector. This connector allows for ultimate fidelity in image transfer and detailed monitoring.

Small Size and Giant Performance

Although the HDC-X300 offers high quality HD images, it is designed to be as compact as possible. This enables it to be installed discretely in many locations such as houses of worship, reception halls, and conference rooms. The camera can also integrate into remote controlled pan/tilt/zoom systems and conventional production environments. The progressive scan image capture function makes the camera useful in scientific and microscopy applications.

Low Light Shooting

The HDC-X300 offers two convenient functions for capturing clear images in low-light environments, a Slow Shutter mode and a Gain function, which can be used separately or together. The Slow Shutter mode allows the charge accumulation period of the CCD (typically 1/60TH or 1/50TH second) to be extended up to approximately two seconds (64 frames). The Gain function allows the camera gain to be boosted to +48 dB. When these functions are used together, the camera offers a minimum illumination of 0.003 Lux.

Flexible Image Controls

The HDC-X300 provides highly advanced image-control functions such as matrix, a TruEye feature, skin-tone detail, and color temperature controls. These functions - previously available only on high end studio cameras or camcorders allow creative images to be produced with high clarity.

Optical and Electronic Lighting Controls

Optimum light and color control is easily achieved using the built-in optical Neutral Density filter wheel and electronic Color Correction (CC) function. The HDC-X300 uses electronic color correction to eliminate the need for optical color correction filters. This allows all filters on the filter wheel to be ND types, providing the operator with greater flexibility in depth of field and exposure control.

Optional HKC-SV1 Servo Filter Unit

The camera can accept a special remote ND filter controller. The HDC-SV1 is a servo unit that allows the optical ND filters of the HDC-X310 to be controlled remotely from the RM-B750/B150 Remote Control Unit, the RCP-700 series Remote Control Panel or the MSU-900/950 Master Set-Up Unit.

Sony HDCX300 Specs

Signal SystemNTSC and PAL Systems
ApplicationScientific, Communications, Surveillance, Production
Image Sensor3 x 1/2-Inch IT Power HAD HD-Type CCDs
LensLens Optional
Sony Bayonet Mount
Number of Pixels1.5 Million Effective Pixels
Horizontal Resolution800 Horizontal Lines
Minimum Illumination0.003 Lux at f/1.4 (+48dB Gain + 64-frame Slow Shutter)
Signal-to-Noise RatioGreater than 50dB
Signal ConnectorsHD-SDI Video- BNC (x 1 output)
Analog Component/RGB/HD- 15-Pin D-Dub (x 1 output)
Genlock- BNC (x 1 input)
Alarm Trigger- BNC (x 1 input)
Tally- Mini Jack (x 1)
Remote Control- 8-Pin (x 1)
DC Power- 4-Pin LEMO (x 1 input)
Power Requirements12 Volts DC
Power Consumption18 Watts
Operating Temperature14° to 113° F
-10° to 45° C
Dimensions7.8 x 6.2 x 4.5 Inches
198.1 x 157.4 x 114.3 mm
Weight2.8 Lbs
1.2 kg
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