Dedicated Micros DS2PD16160 16-Channel 160GB Digital Video Recorder with Networking, Audio I/O Ports and DVD Burner, NTSC/PAL - 120 PPS

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Dedicated Micros
Dedicated Micros DS2PD16160 16-Channel 160GB Digital Video Recorder with Networking, Audio I/O Ports and DVD Burner, NTSC/PAL - 120 PPS
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Dedicated Micros DS2PD Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Simultaneous MPEG-4 and JPEG Transmission
  • 3MULTIWAY DuoVu with Manual and Automatic Switching
  • 4Built-In DVD Burner
  • 5Network Connection with Included NetVu ObserVer Software
  • 6Text Support
  • 7Hidden Camera Function
  • 8Motion Detection Based Recording
  • 9Digital Authentication
  • 10Pre and Post Alarm Recording
  • 11Optional External RAID Devices

The Dedicated Micros DS2PD16160 Digital Sprite 2 Plus is a commercial grade digital video recorder, designed as a way to manage multiple cameras for recording, viewing and control from a single robust and feature rich device. Some of the key advantages a DS2 has over an ECO series DVR are a faster recording speed, dual streaming, DVD burner, audio I/O ports, advanced alarm functions, an elaborate motion detector, multiple recording modes and telemetry control.

Video is simultaneously streamed in both the JPEG and MPEG-4 formats, allowing a user to record in high resolution MJPEG while viewing live footage in the fast MPEG-4 format. Alternatively, a user can choose one over the other to suit a particular circumstance. In either mode, this unit is capable of video recording speeds up to 120 PPS for the combined video inputs.

In network mode, multiple clients can access the unit from a remote Internet PC for viewing and camera control at the same time a local operator is using the DVR to record and view live video, with no degradation in performance. In addition to the main storage drive, this DVR features a built-in DVD burner, offering an easy way to archive and transfer critical event material. Audio I/O ports provide 2-way voice communication between a local user and a client at a PC station.

Simultaneous MPEG-4 and JPEG Transmission
Dual streaming allows a user to record in the high resolution MJPEG format while viewing live images in the fast MPEG-4 format. A user can also choose one over the other to suit a particular application. This is especially useful in a network environment where MPEG-4 is streamed over a low bandwidth link to remote Internet users while local Intranet clients utilize the MJPEG format for high resolution viewing and recording.
MULTIWAY DuoVu with Manual and Automatic Switching
The main monitor can be set to display cameras in full or in various multi-image modes with up to 16 moving pictures on one screen. Switching between cameras in full and multi-screen mode can be done manually or by programming auto switching with sequential dwell times.
Built-In DVD Burner
In addition to the main storage drive, this unit features a built-in DVD burner for copying material to a CD or DVD optical disc. This allows important event footage to be quickly handed over to the authorities without having to surrender the entire unit or hook up a VCR to the back and copy footage that way. DM's NetVu ObserVer software is automatically recorded along with the video to the disc, ensuring easy playback on any PC (not DVD player) equipped with a DVD-ROM drive.
Network Connection with Included NetVu ObserVer Software
While most manufacturers offer networking software as an option, Dedicated Micros supplies each SP2 unit with a proprietary NetVu program, offering a whole host of features not available using a standard Internet browser. Clients working from a remote PC can access the DVR for recording and viewing as well as to control PTZ cameras. NetVu can be integrated with other DM products including the DV-IP Decoder, NetVu ObserVer and PDA Viewers. NetVu is also cross compatible with third-party products and SDKs to ensure future interoperability.
Text Support
Text support is a unique function that other manufacturers offer only as an option on select DVRs. Text support allows electronic transaction data such as POS, ATM data gathered from debit and credit cards as well as production line text to be captured in tandem with the video footage. This will allow officials to match a persons face with a specific transaction. POS and ATM devices connect directly to this DVR's RS-232 COM ports.
Hidden Camera Function
Any camera can be selected to record in the background without actually appearing on the monitor. This prevents a potential intruder from figuring out camera locations by glancing at the multi-image screen. Hidden cameras can still be viewed over the network.
Motion Detection Based Recording
Recording can be continuous or programmed to begin at a date and time, at the event of an alarm or when triggered by its sophisticated motion detection system. This not only saves valuable hard drive storage but also makes it quick and easy to locate a piece of footage.
Digital Authentication
This function preserves the integrity of important material by detecting whether the image or series of images has been tampered with since it was written to the storage media.
Pre and Post Alarm Recording
A number of optional external sensors can be used to trigger an alarm such as when a door or window lock is being forced open, a light is turned on or when a person walks through a room. Multiple alarms can trigger one camera and one alarm can trigger multiple cameras. Up to 15 minutes of pre and post alarm footage is protected from being overwritten. An alarm event can also trigger automatic recording to an FTP server or to a DVD or CD disc. Users over the network can be notified of an alarm occurrence via E-mail or SMS.
Optional External RAID Devices
Recording times can be further extended by adding optional external hard drives to this unit's built-in SCSI-2 connector. SCSI hard drives configured in a RAID system, in addition to providing massive amounts of additional storage space, offer fail-safe operation by having the ability to reconstruct information from all other drives from should any one drive fail.

Dedicated Micros DS2PD Specs

Dimensions17.3 x 3.5 x 17.5" (440 x 89 x 445mm)
Weight25.1 lbs (11.4 kg)

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