Cycling 74 Sample DVD: Cycles Vol. 03 - Incidental Gesture

Cycling 74 Sample DVD: Cycles Vol. 03 - Incidental Gesture - Royalty Free Audio

Cycling 74 Sample DVD: Cycles Vol. 03 - Incidental Gesture - Royalty Free Audio

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Incidental Gesture from Cycling 74 is volume three of a four volume series of audio material for use in film, DV and multimedia productions. The library delivers sonic textures and melodic meanderings that provide movement, emotion and narrative expression to any compositions or media projects. The material was composed to blend easily into existing projects but is intricate enough to stand on its own as incidental beds. These 30 second to 3 minute files were designed for use in digital audio workstations but are also seamlessly looped end to end for extended play as well.

The library is delivered on both a DVD-ROM containing 24-bit .WAV files and a standard audio CD for easy auditioning of the material. The samples are supplied in 48kHz resolution for use in film, DV and multimedia productions and 44.1kHz resolution for compatibility with music production tools.

Because of the nature of some of the longer files, they cannot be used as a stand-alone piece represented as the purchaser's original composition. Additional material can be added to the file to make it unique or it can be significantly altered through unique processing. In the case of media work (film, video, DV,) sound FX and dialog, ambience is considered sufficient additional material.

Note: The files in this library can be used freely without any additional royalties or usage fees, but may not be included in other sound libraries.

Content Categories

Horn Based Gestures
Light to heavily processed acoustic horn gestures, broken out as raw, processed, FX only and individual notes
Melodic Meanderings
Melodically based experimental ramblings
Moody Incidentals
Files that are a bit more textural, evoking an atmospheric "vibe"
Narrative Expressions
Sonic banter and non-verbal storytelling
Rhythmic Beds
Rhythmic, non-repetitive phrases
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