Audio Ease Nautilus Bundle (Upgrade) - Suite of Audio Processing Plug-Ins

Audio Ease Nautilus Bundle (Upgrade) - Suite of Audio Processing Plug-Ins

Audio Ease Nautilus Bundle (Upgrade) - Suite of Audio Processing Plug-Ins

No Longer Available

Product Highlights

  • Phaser
  • EQ
  • Granular Synthesizer
  • RTAS, HTDM, Audio Units and VST
  • Mac OS X
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The Nautilus Bundle from Audio Ease is a suite of sound processing plug-ins that include the Deep Phase Nine phaser, Periscope, a phase-correct thirty-two band equalizer, and RiverRun, a granular synthesizer.

Audio Ease is well known for Altiverb, one of the first, and great sounding plug-in convolution reverbs. With the Nautilus Bundle, the company carries on their tradition of excellent programming, producing three intense processors.

Note: This pricing is for registered user of version 1 who wish to upgrade to V2. Unregistered owners can supply their original serial number.

Deep Phase Nine

Phaser offering extensive control and visual feedback. The user can sweep up to twenty-four notches per channel with a versatile LFO, while the plug-in plots the notches' motion in real time
Peaks and notches can be boosted to the point of self oscillation. A look-ahead-peak-limiter constantly guards against run-away output levels
Results generated include automatable one-shots, glassy sample-and-hold phasers locked to a host software's tempo, deep classic six-stage phasing and notch spread control


Flexible and phase-correct thirty-two band equalizer, that offers incredibly sharp +36dB to -144dB bands
A real-time frequency analysis plot is displayed directly beneath the virtual faders, allowing the user to grab frequency points with visual accuracy
Distribution of the frequency spectrum over the thirty-two faders is user definable. For instance, the thirty-two bands can be distributed from 0Hz to 400Hz for powerful control over the low-end of a mix


Granular synthesizer, capable of extracting multiple and interesting sonic textures from tiny particles of the original audio. It can also build rhythmic textures, wide harmonic soundscapes, and can zoom-in on fragments by stretching them by a factor of up to 200
Tiny particles of the audio, called grains, are pushed through an envelope generator, pitched and scattered across the output channels according to the surface controls
Audio can be streamed into and frozen in RiverRun from the host's audio tracks or directly from a disc file
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  • 1Description
System Requirements
Mac G4 400MHz, G5 or Intel processor(G4 upgrade processors not supported)
OS X 10.4
Host software that supports either RTAS, HTDM, Audio Units, MAS or VST
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