Sony HVR-V1U HDV 1080i/24p Cinema Style Camcorder Kit, includes Anton Bauer ElipZ Battery Package, DVD, and Camcorder Bag

Sony HVR-V1U HDV 1080i/24p Cinema Style Camcorder Kit, includes Anton Bauer ElipZ Battery Package, DVD, and Camcorder Bag
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Sony HVR-V1U Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2High Definition on MiniDV Tapes with HDV
  • 324p Capability
  • 4ClearVID 3CMOS Technology
  • 5HDMI Output
  • 6Anton Bauer ElipZ 10k

The Sony HVR-V1U is an HDV camcorder designed specifically to incorporate many of the features only afforded previously to Sony's high-end digital cinema cameras. The V1U utilizes a sophisticated pulldown system, giving shooters 24p capability for creating film-like video.

With 24p, users can mimic the shutter of film which is often sought after for commercials and dramatic productions. Equally important, Sony's 2:3 pulldown technique records into standard 60i streams, so no additional gear is required. All your existing Sony HDV equipment will play 24p without a hitch! It couldn't be easier.

The camera also features 3CMOS ClearVid sensor technology. These CMOS sensors create sharp, rich images with natural color reproduction sure to please even the most scrutinizing eye. These features combined with a high-end Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Lens, makes the HVR-VU1 a welcome addition to the already proven line of Sony professional HDV products. This package comes equipped with a mini hood and camera bag and the entire Anton Bauer ElipZ 10k battery kit, including a battery, charger, and adapter cable. Also included is the Vasst DVD: Inside the Sony HVR-V1 and HDR-FX7 Camcorders.

High Definition on MiniDV Tapes with HDV

The HDV format, used in the HVR-V1U allows high definition recording on standard MiniDV tapes. This is accomplished by using the very popular MPEG-2 compression technique used in many applications, including DVDs and satellite television.

24p Capability

In 24p mode, images from the CMOS can be 2:3 pulldown-converted and recorded onto tape in the standard 60i HDV format. The tape can then be played back or edited using an ordinary HDV system. True 24p editing can be achieved by uploading 2:3 pulldown-converted images via an i.LINK FireWire interface to a compatible non-linear editing system. The resultant images resemble the visual motion of film!

ClearVID 3CMOS Technology

Sony's ClearVID sensors are positioned at a 45° angle. Since each pixel is positioned at this angle the result is far clearer diagonal lines. Images will appear crisper, without the apparent "jaggies" that often plague video signals.

HDMI Output

Many consumer products are adopting High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) connections for transmitting uncompressed digital HD video signals. Sony has upped the ante by incorporating this into the already extensive array of video output choices on the HVR-V1U. Connect the camera to any HDTV via this interface and view all your footage the way it was meant to be seen: purely digital!

Anton Bauer ElipZ 10k

The Anton Bauer ElipZ 10k under-camera mounted lithium ion battery offers excellent run time to handheld 7.2-volt battery operated cameras. Using high capacity lithium ion cells, the 75Wh 10k can provide runtimes as much as 2-5x that of the consumer OEM batteries supplied with the cameras. On a 10W camera load, the 10k will run over 7.5 hours, virtually a full shooting day!

Sony HVR-V1U Specs

Signal SystemHDV: 1080/60i, 1080/24p
DVCAM/DV: 480/60i (NTSC)
Image Device1/4" 3CMOS ClearVid Sensor
LensCarl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Zoom Lens, 20x (Optical),
Signal-to-Noise RatioNot Specified by Manufacturer
Horizontal Resolution1080 Lines
SensitivityNot Specified by Manufacturer
Minimum Illumination4 lux f1.6 at 18 dB
Vertical SmearNot Specified by Manufacturer
Built-in Filters1/4 ND, 1/16 ND
LCD MonitorClear Photo LCD Plus, 3.5", 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Viewfinder0.44", 252,000 Pixels, 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Scan MatchingYes
Memory Card SlotNo
Shutter Speed Range60i: 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/90, 1/100, 1/125, 1/180, 1/250, 1/350, 1/500, 1/725, 1/1000, 1/1500, 1/2000, 1/3000, 1/4000, 1/6000, 1/10000

24p: 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24, 1/40, 1/48, 1/50, 1/60, 1/96, 1/100, 1/120, 1/144, 1/192, 1/200, 1/288, 1/400, 1/576, 1/1200, 1/2400, 1/4800, 1/10000 sec
Gain Selection0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 dB
Tape FormatDVCAM Small Cassette
HDV Record and Play
DVCAM Record and Play
DV Record and Play
Tape SpeedHDV: 18.8 mm/s
DVCAM: 28.2 mm/s
DV SP Mode: 18.8 mm/s
Signal-to-Noise RatioNot Specified by Manufacturer
Maximum Recording TimeHDV: 63 min (with PHDVM-63DM Cassette)
DVCAM: 41 min (with PHDVM-63DM Cassette)
DV: 63 min (with PHDVM-63DM Cassette)
Audio Dynamic RangeNot Specified by Manufacturer
Audio Signal FormatHDV
MPEG1 Audio Layer II
16-bit/48kHz 2 Channel Mode
12-bit/32kHz 4 Channel Mode
Audio Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHz
Signal to Noise RatioNot Specified by Manufacturer
Input and Output ConnectorsComposite Video: RCA (x1 Output, A/V Out 10-pin Connector Jack)
Component Video (x1 Output)
HDV/DV I/O: i.LINK FireWire Interface
Audio: XLR 3-Pin (x1 Input)
Headphones: Stereo Mini Jack
LANC: Stereo Mini-mini (2.5mm) Jack
USB: Mini-B Connector
HDMI Output: HDMI Connector
Power Requirements7.2VDC
Power ConsumptionHDV: 6.8W
Operating Temperature32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Dimensions (WxHxD)Not Specified By Manufacturer
Weight3.4 lb (1.5 kg)
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