FUJIFILM GX680IIIS Professional Medium Format SLR Manual Focus Camera Body (without Perspective Control) with Folding Waist Level Viewfinder

FUJIFILM GX680IIIS Professional Medium Format SLR Manual Focus Camera Body (without Perspective Control) with Folding Waist Level Viewfinder
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GX-680 III S Camera Body Overview

The Fuji GX-680 IIIs is a rotating back medium format SLR camera system offering convenient multi-format capability (with 120 and 220 film) from 6 x 4.5cm to 6 x 8cm, a new ergonomic design and convenient easily replaceable standard battery operation.

It has all the features of the GX-680III but without the perspective controls (no shifts/swings/tilts etc). Seventeen EBC Fujinon lenses are available with focal lengths 50mm through 500mm including the high speed GXD 180mm f/3.2 and GXD 125 f/3.2 lenses and the new GXM 100-200mm Variable Focal Length lens.

Note that this model, with it's solid front standard, is a better choice for the heavy 100-200mm lens and does not require the support rail and ring that comes with this lens.
Improved ergonomics make this model easier to grip by hand
Automatic film loading and winding
Electronically controlled lens shutter with flash synchronization at all speeds
Barcode system makes use of important film information
Revolving film back for easy changeover between horizontal and vertical
All frequently used dials are rubberized for swift, slip-free adjustments
The new Fujinon GX M series lenses now have a built-in shot count memory
Large format camera lenses usable (most 135-180mm and others with limitations) with optional LF lens board adapter for Linhof Technika type lensboards. The mirror must be up when using large format camera lenses.

GX-680 III S Camera Body Specs

Camera Type
6x8cm rotating back, lens shutter SLR
Multi-format. Standard frame format: 6 x 8cm (the back automatically changes the frame size and spacing after the installation of optional format masks: 6 x 7cm, 6 x 6cm , 6 x 4.5cm - optional viewfinder masks also required)
Film Back/Loading
Interchangeable, revolving type, 120/220 film switch by interchangeable insert. Film speed settings in 1/3 stop increments (ISO 25 to 3200). Ready for barcode system film (automatic barcode scanning and ISO film speed and film type settings), dark slide pocket and memo pad.
Film Type
120 film: 6 x 8 (9 frames), 6 x 7 (10 frames), 6 x 6 (12 frames), 6 x 4.5 (16 frames), 220 film: 6 x 8 (18 frames), 6 x 7 (20 frames), 6 x 6 (24 frames), 6 x 4.5 (32 frames). NOTE: This camera can use 120 or 220 film depending on the choice of film insert used. Use of Polaroid 3x4 pack films is possible with Fuji's GX Polaroid back. Use of Polaroid 3x4 pack and 4x5 sheet films possible with Polaroid backs available from NPC. Actual Polaroid image size is 8x8cm with cropped corners.
Lens Mount
Interchangeable EBC Fujinon GX M lenses (GX lenses also function, but without "shot count" feature)
Electronically controlled lens shutter with aperture control and stop-down levers; Automatic shutter cocking and release with built-in shutter motor
Shutter Release
Optional electromagnetic shutter releases - 1m (3.3") and 5m (16.4")
Self Timer
Flash Synchronization
X contact, synchronizes at all speeds, hot shoe on top of front standard and synchro socket on camera body side, with unique synchro test button
Mirror Lock-Up
Automatic instant-return mirror, motor-driven; electromagnetic up/down movement with mirror up/down switch
Exposure Metering
Aperture Priority and manual metering possible with optional 90 degree AE Viewfinder
Exposure Bracketing
Exposure Compensation
Possible with optional 90 degree AE Viewfinder
Depth-of-Field Preview
Yes, lever on lens barrel
SLR type waist-level screen. Standards: Interchangeable focussing (micro-matte type); One-touch folding type hood; Built-in magnifying (2.5 x,-1 diopter correction) lens. Optional -4, -3, -2, 0, +1, +2, +3 diopter correction lenses. Field of view 97% of actual picture; frame coverage larger than 8x8cm (3.2 x 3.2"). Horizontal/vertical position indicator in viewfinder, coupled to revolving film holder
Viewfinder Info
None - external LCD display on camera body: Power on/off, standby mode, battery condition, over/under-exposure warning, camera malfunction warning. External LCD display on film back: format in use, battery condition, total shot count, 120/220 film length, camera self-diagnostics.
Film Transport
Automatic advance to 1st frame (no start mark alignment needed). Motor drive with single, continuous and multiple exposure modes. Warning buzzer sounds at last frame film advance speed approx. 1sec/frame (6x8 format)
Multiple Exposure
Yes - After a multiple exposure, film must be wound forward with film advance button on back
Focusing System
Bellows extension with dual left/right focusing knobs and focus lock lever. Max. bellows extension 65mm (2.6") optional extension rails attachable: 40mm (1.6"), 80mm (3.2") lengths. Interchangeable bellows with optional wide-angle and extended bellows.
Power Source
(body)9V DC from (3) 3V lithium batteries, type CR123A, and an additional (2) Lithium CR2 batteries in the film magazine.
Custom Functions
Data Imprinting
Data recording in unused film area (date/time, exposure data, shot number)
Tripod Mount
Both 1/4" and 3/8th" sockets
188 x 222 x 187mm (7.4 x 8.7 x 7.4")
2,350 grams (82.9oz)
Acoustic Warnings:(1) Last frame warning (2) Over/under-exposure warning (adjustable volume for use with remote release) (3) Camera malfunction warning
Packaging Info
Package Weight
6.59 lb

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