Horseman LD Pro View Camera

Horseman LD Pro View Camera
Key Features
  • Designed for Digital Backs
  • Accepts Canon/Nikon Digital SLRs
  • 33-400mm Flange Distance Range
  • Standard Horseman 140mm Lensboard
The Horseman LD Pro View Camera is a view camera equipped with a slide-back mechanism to allow mounting of high-end camera backs to give full bellows functions. The LD Pro takes any high-end digital backs made for medium format cameras, from companies such as Phase One, Leaf, Imacon and Sinar. It allows users easy control of depth of field, distortion, lateral shift, portrait/landscape orientation, and more. The LD Pro has a four-way insert system for switching, and with its interchangeable camera mount system you'll have immediate compatibility with any Hasselblad "V," Hasselblad "H", or Mamiya 645 back.

You can also control perspective distortion by tilting the back (focus plane) or, with a lateral shift; you can move the image and get larger image stitching. In addition, you can change format very quickly and smoothly. The Horseman LD Pro has a unique ability to take advantage of camera movements, such as shift and tilt. It provides a swing/tilt of up to 360°, a rise/fall of 30mm each and a lateral shift of 30mm left and right. With a conventional view camera without the LD Pro's unique focus plane axis tilt, you get focus and image shifts, which require you to refocus and re-frame. No image or focus shift occurs when using the LD Pro's back tilt/swing. It allows you to control the "plane of focus" by tilting the lens. This tilt movement controls the plane of sharp image at wider aperture.

One of the most exciting features of the LD Pro is a unique "Main Frame Drive System" (MFD), which allows you to move the rear frame (sliding back) parallel to the focus ground (glass or film) plane from the center to 40mm above. This works as "additional" rise of the rear frame, but with using this you won't loose the focus since this movement is always parallel to the image plane. It also allows you to move the rear tilt axis and to stitch images vertically. Conventional rise/fall can only be used for vertical stitching when no tilt movement is applied, but with the MFD's focal plane rise, you can always stitch vertically.

Special Order
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Horseman LD Pro View Camera

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