Auto FX Software Xtivity Macromedia Flash (SWF) Authoring Software

Auto FX Software Xtivity Macromedia Flash (SWF) Authoring Software

Auto FX Software Xtivity Macromedia Flash (SWF) Authoring Software

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Auto FX Software Xtivity overview

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Auto FX Xtivity is a professional Macromedia Flash (SWF) Authoring Software program that allows you to visually design interactive Flash web projects in a layout style workflow. There is no coding involved and you operate without using a timeline, symbols, movie clips or any of the traditional methods used to author interactive Flash projects.

Extensive Creative Capabilities
Xtivity can be used to create any number of presentations or website for many different applications, such as photo, audio or video presentations, product catalogs, interactive portfolios, slide shows with multimedia components, website or presentation navigational components, and complete website design including static HTML components.
Professional Workflow
Xtivity uses a streamlined workflow to enable you to rapidly create interactive SWF projects. Using a simple layout style approach, you can draw content boxes and then populate the content box with your information. Adding interactive actions and functionality to your project is as easy as selecting a box and then adding actions to it using the actions panel. Click to select an action, define what triggers (makes the action start) and you're done. It is literally that fast and easy to do.
Click and Get Interactivity
Xtivity lets you add interactivity to your project by clicking on an object such as a photo, and then clicking to apply actions to it. You can apply combinations of different actions to any object and control when and what triggers the action to start.
Drag-and-Drop Elements
Xtivity features drag-and-drop Components and Elements that give you instant functionality and interactivity. These pre-made objects let you add to your project to get immediate results, plus you can customize the Component or Element with your own content and publish them live on the web. Xtivity includes 27 components and over 150 elements created by the Tivity artists and engineers. Change the skins on the elements and components using any of the content in the Library (over 1000 graphics included) or create your own and drag-and-drop to replace the content - the logic and interactive functionality of the element or component will remain unchanged. Overall, Xtivty effectively separates the design and content from the logic (actions) to give you an unprecedented level of customization.
Advanced Layer Management
Layers in Xtivity are built around a robust architecture that allows you to reorder, clone, group and ungroup and transfer attributes from one layer to another to speed up project development. As you click on each layer the corresponding object on the layout will show active blue handles around it.
Grouping and Clipping
Xtivity layers let you group objects together to both apply actions to the entire group and to organize the content. Groups can clip an object or can be set to non-clipping mode. You can create a clipping area that gives you complete control over what is shown and hidden by moving items into the clipped area during either runtime or author time.
Content Management
Keeping your content organized is critical when you are working on larger projects. Xtivity features an integrated database driven content management system that archives and stores a copy of all imported graphics, SWF, sounds and videos that you bring into your project. The Document Contents panel provides a preview and information about the content you have imported.
Robust Text Editor
Adding and editing text in Xtivity is a snap. The full-featured text editor allows you to stylize your text with full color, multiple fonts and sizes, tabs, bullets and more. You can import and export your work from the text editor, conduct find-and-replace operations, spell check and can even import Microsoft Word formatted text and the styles applied in Word are retained in Xtivity.
Streaming Audio and Video
Xtivity lets you import and generate highly-optimized streaming audio and video SWF files. Audio and Video files are externalized and stream into your project as the viewer needs them. Pre-buffering controls and bandwidth settings help you establish the right streaming method for your target audience.
Expandable Library Graphics
You can expand the Xtivity Library by downloading over 1000 pieces of graphic content. After downloading, you can drag any of these graphics into your project and then customized them as desired. Many of the graphics will automatically tile and resize without loosing any quality as they are created to be dynamic. Dynamic content can also be modified to change the colors, layer opacity and tiling attributes. You are even able to adjust individual layers inside Xtivity. If you want, you can directly launch Photoshop from Xtivity and update a dynamic graphic and then flow the changes back into Xtivity.
Transfer Attributes
Xtivity allows you to copy and transfer attributes from one object to another. This allows you to setup the interactivity how you like it on one object and then quickly apply it to an unlimited number of other objects in your project. This feature is very useful for making navigational systems such as menus and lists. You can even right click on actions or layers to copy their attributes and then paste them on other actions or layers. In the case of layers, you can control whether you copy and paste the actions, triggers or properties for that selected object.
Creative Imaging Actions
Xtivity includes powerful imaging actions that can work at runtime to change images to-and-from the effect state. You can apply a sepia-tone effect to images when they are rolled-over with the mouse, or add black-and-white transitions to change the image to-and-from color.
Instant Transitions
Transitions are a great way to show and hide objects in Xtivity. Using transitions you can reveal or hide all or part of an object. Controls allow you to stop the transition partially so that only a percentage of the objects is hidden or revealed. Transitions work on videos, SWF, photos, text, color and group boxes.
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Auto FX Software Xtivity Macromedia Flash (SWF) Authoring Software
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    Auto FX Software Xtivity specs

    System & Software Requirements Windows System Only
    • Pentium Processor or Better
    • Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Vista
    • 256 MB RAM
    • 200 MB Hard Disk Space
    • CD-ROM Drive
    • Internet Browser
    • Internet Connection (Recommended)

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