Rob Papen Predator - Virtual Synthesizer Plug-In (Download)

Rob Papen Predator - Virtual Synthesizer Plug-In (Download)

Rob Papen Predator - Virtual Synthesizer Plug-In (Download)

Rob Papen Predator - Virtual Synthesizer Plug-In (Download)

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Product Highlights

  • 3 Oscillators
  • 128 Waveforms
  • Key Tracking On/Off for All Oscillators
  • Arpeggiator
  • Filters
  • Effects
  • AAX Native, Audio Units, VST
  • Mac OS X, Windows
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  • 1Description

Predator from Rob Papen is a virtual synthesizer plug-in that combines inspiring presets and first-class features to make it a "go-to" synthesizer for contemporary music production. The user interface has been designed so that almost all controls are visible on screen, making it easy-to-use.

Predator is packed with powerful features such as preset morphing, intelligent preset variation, MIDI and synthesizer controllable FX, unison detune, chord memory and an extremely versatile arpeggiator. The plug-in also includes PredatorFX that allows the user to use the filters, modulations, effects and the vocoder as an FX plug-in within the music host.

Preset banks include Hip Hop (NY, Club, Dirty South and G funk), Jump, hardcore, breakbeat, various trance styles, D n' B banks, and more.

  • 3 Oscillators with 128 waves including analog, additive and spectral type of waveforms, plus pink and white noise generators
  • Oscillator waveform symmetry control for each oscillator
  • Free running option for each oscillator and oscillator syncing of oscillator 2 or 3 to oscillator 1
  • Extended semitone range from -48 up to +48 semitones
  • Separate octave control and fine-tuning
  • Keyboard tracking on/off for each oscillator
  • Each Oscillator offers Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) using an independent LFO for each oscillator with individual speed and amount controls
  • FM and ring modulation modes for oscillator 2 and 3
  • Each oscillator has a PWM square wave Sub-oscillator
  • Spread function for detuned multiple oscillator sound within one oscillator
  • Volume control for each oscillator and output on/off for Oscillator 1 and 2
  • Main filter is an analog modeled stereo multi-mode filter, offering 6dB low-pass and high-pass, as well as 12dB and 24dB low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, notch, ring, comb and vox (formant)
  • Pre-filtering distortion with smooth or edgy mode option
  • Easy Filter control by pre-defined cutoff frequency modulation controllers - envelope, velocity, key-tracking, LFO and modulation wheel
  • Built-in filter envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Fade and Release
  • Filter LFO with various waveforms, modulation amount control and tempo sync option and poly, free or mono mode options.
  • Additional filter with cutoff control offering 6dB, 12dB and 24dB low- or high-pass setting
Pitch Modulation
  • Tempo-syncable global pitch LFO
  • You can set the amount and also which wave is used for this LFO
  • Pitch bend with separate settings for up and down pitch-bends
Amplifier Section
  • Built-in amplifier/volume envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Fade and Release
  • Volume control
  • Velocity to volume amount
  • Panning control
  • 2 envelopes with Attack, Decay Sustain, Fade and Release
  • Option to control the envelopes times using "velocity" or "key played"
  • Modulation amount envelope 1 and 2 and amount control for envelope 1
  • 65 modulation destinations
  • 2 LFO's with various waveforms
  • Tempo sync option
  • Poly, free or mono mode options
  • Modulation amount LFO 1 and 2 and amount control for LFO 1
  • 65 modulation destinations
  • 8 free modulation routings
  • 40 modulation sources
  • 65 modulation destinations
  • Secondary modulation source and control
Play Modes
  • Poly, mono, mono 2, legato, arp, unison 2, unison 4, unison 6 play modes
  • Portamento featuring constant rate/constant time or held(legato) constant rate/constant time
  • Unison detune amount when Predator is in unison 2, unison 4 or unison 6 mode
  • 8 note chord memory, saved within the preset, including syncable strum timing
  • 16 step arpeggiator, which can also be used as a step sequencer or as modulation source
  • Arpeggiator patterns can be 1 to 16 steps long
  • Adjustable speed ratio setting with reference to the host BPM setting
  • Up, down, up/down, down/up, random, ordered, reverse ordered, ordered up/down, ordered down/up, chord and modulation mode
  • 1 to 4 octaves settings
  • Swing amount
  • Slide amount for sliding steps
  • Velocity control knob which mixes between keyboard (MIDI) velocity input and the steps velocity settings
  • Each step has on/off, Tie, slide, tune, velocity and free row
  • Normal and special Tie modes which allows slide, tune, velocity and free settings inside a step, if that step is set to Tie
  • Arpeggiator latch can be controlled by the MIDI sustain pedal
  • You can load, save, copy, paste and reset arpeggiator patterns, allowing you to reuse them in different presets
  • Right mouse menu in the arpeggiator screen brings up a menu which allows you to copy, paste, clear, move, reverse, randomize and turn off / on controls, for either selected steps, or all steps
  • Available effects include mono and stereo delay, comb, reverb, chorus, chorus/delay, flanger, phaser, wah/delay, distortion, Lo-Fi, amplifier simulator with 5 models, waveshaper, stereo widener, autopan, gator, vocoder, FX multi-filter, 5-band EQ, compressor, ensemble, cabinet simulator, multi-distortion and autowah
  • MIDI tempo based settings in most effects 2 effects modulation sources for connecting MIDI or synthesizer controls to effect parameters
  • 16-voice polyphony
  • Adjustable Precision setting per oscillator to simulate the instability of vintage analog synthesizers
  • Global tuning
  • Variable envelope attack shape
  • Decay/release shape changes the curvature of the envelope's decay and release stages from exponential, to linear, to logarithmic
  • Velocity shape changes Predator's velocity curvature
  • Over-sampling mode and over-sampling filter on/off
  • Strum timing for use with chord mode, with timing in milliseconds or tempo synced
  • Audio input selector with input gain control (PredatorFX only)
  • All advance settings are saved within each individual preset.
  • External controller hardware settings can be saved and restored
  • Parameter read-out field at lower right corner with a help function for most controls
  • Uses sound banks composed of 128 presets
  • Preset handling with copy, paste, clear and compare function
  • "Quick Browser", "Recently Browsed" and "Favorite" functions
  • All settings included the Advance panel settings are stored inside each preset
  • 4 "Preset variation" buttons with amount control of the variation
  • Preset morphing with amount control allows for morphing between 2 presets within the selected bank
Table of Contents
  • 1Description
System Requirements Mac:
OS X 10.6 or above
Host software that supports AAX Native, Audio Units, or VST2 plug-in formats (32-/64-bit)
Internet connection needed to activate the software

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-/64-bit)
Host software that supports AAX Native or VST plug-in formats (32-/64-bit)
Internet connection needed to activate the software
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