Native Instruments GUITAR RIG MOBILE - Mobile Solution for Professional Guitar and Bass Tone

Native Instruments GUITAR RIG MOBILE - Mobile Solution for Professional Guitar and Bass Tone

Native Instruments GUITAR RIG MOBILE - Mobile Solution for Professional Guitar and Bass Tone

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Product Highlights

  • Audio Units
  • RTAS
  • VST
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows XP/Vista
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Native Instruments GUITAR RIG MOBILE overview

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GUITAR RIG MOBILE from Native Instruments combines an ultra-portable, bus-powered 24-bit/192kHz audio interface with GUITAR RIG 4 ESSENTIAL software. While the GUITAR RIG MOBILE I/O interface is small and compact, it nonetheless delivers high-end audio quality, thanks to its Cirrus Logic converters, while the software component delivers a powerful selection of amplifier, cabinet and effect software models.

GUITAR RIG MOBILE offers 8 amplifiers for guitar and bass, 19 cabinets and 27 effects, based on the acclaimed Dynamic Tube Response Technology. The "Matched Cabinet" module provides perfectly harmonized speaker configurations per amplifier, providing instant tried-and-true classic tones. The refined user interface with its convenient tone library makes GUITAR RIG MOBILE especially accessible, intuitive, and convenient.


  • Robust, ultra-compact USB 2.0 audio interface
  • Studio-quality 24-bit/192 kHz Cirrus Logic converters
  • Instrument input and stereo line/headphone output
  • Stylish, compact and sturdily designed housing
  • USB 2.0 bus powered, no power supply needed
  • 8 guitar and bass amplifiers plus 19 cabinets
  • "Matched Cabinets" (version 4) offers a harmonized speaker setup for every single amplifier
  • 27 perfectly modeled guitar effects including distortions, flangers, choruses, tremolos, wah-wahs, pitch shifting, delays and reverbs plus 2 powerful modifiers
  • "Master Effect" section retains reverberation and delays while changing presets
  • Improved preset browser with extensive search functions and KORE 2 format compatibility
  • More than 100 high-quality presets for all genres
  • True stereo processing for all components
  • Integrated tuner, metronome and 2 tapedeck modules for easy recording
  • Dedicated "Live View" for performing on stage
  • Fully expandable with upcoming Guitar Rig Expansion Packs

Software Details

Amplifier Models
Hot Plex:
  • The classic Plex sound, where a generous amount of distortion will boost your vintage tones into the future

    Lead 800:

  • This smooth, intense lead sound. While the Plex works very well for both chunky rhythm sounds and leads, the Lead 800 gives a brighter, more edgy sound


  • The sound is a well-behaved alternative to the Lead 800 - sporting a bit less gain, but at the same time perfecting the smooth, singing lead sounds we love to hear from British amps

    AC Box:

  • Delivers the famous sound that powered the British conquest of pop music. We chose a model that not only features a unique flavor but also some nice circuit wizardry adding a Brilliant channel


  • The tones range from the edge of clean to gritty distortion when master and gain controls are cranked


  • Emulates a famous multi-channel solo head with a tube power amp. A fourth channel has been added to span the tonal range from clean to over-the-top distortion

    Twang Reverb:

  • Simulates the rich tube sound of a classic amp from decades ago. It is ideal for screaming blues leads, crunchy rhythm guitar sounds, as well as clean sounds laden with personality

    Bass Pro:

  • This bass amp delivers that gritty, growling sound that really makes a bass stand out in a mix. In addition to the unique tonal qualities, there's also a graphic equalizer to allow the sound to be tailored more precisely
  • Effects
    Distortion and Overdrive:
  • Provides 6 excellent fuzz, distortion and overdrive units. These components are accurate reproductions of classic hardware devices, and sound just like the originals

    Modulation Effects:

  • Offers a great collection of modulators that can be inserted anywhere in your rig - tremolo, octaver, rotating effects, chorus, flanger, and a swirling 70's style phaser


  • LFO (low frequency oscillator) with 5 waveforms - for continuous or arbitrary modulation
  • Input Level - an envelope follower transforming the volume of the input signal into a control signal, e.g. the louder you play, the more distortion you'd get

    Delays and Reverbs:

  • The bread and butter of every guitarist's arsenal. Based on award winning NI algorithms, these units will go the distance on any setup. Whether you want to warm up your sound with some spring reverb, or use complex tempo-synced delays, you'll find your perfect treat in the Reverb and Delay Bank


  • One of the most powerful ways to shape your sound. Choose from an impressive range of filter-based effects, from wahwah's to EQs

    Volume Effects:

  • Capable of much more than just simple loudness control. You'll find a range of tools to dynamically or interactively adjust levels - from volume pedal to noise gate and compressor

    The Split Module:

  • Allows you to create parallel (instead of serial) effects chains. This means you can process the split the sound and process it with different effects and then mix the results back together at the end
  • Serial, parallel, and mixed serial/parallel combinations offer a practically limitless range of possibilities for combining effects, for a truly original sound
  • The Split Module can be inserted anywhere in the rack
  • Matched Cabinets
    • The mic'ing technology of GUITAR RIG 4 is taking credit for a drastic improvement of all 14 Matched Cabinets. A simplified, efficient interface delivers the same tone as the Control Room (found in GUITAR RIG 4 PRO)
    • Its A/B slider is a crossfader between two combinations of cabinet and microphone, offering tastefully adapted variations to the core characteristics of each amplifier
    • The Dry/Air slider makes sure your sound gets just the room it needs by the tip of your mouse
    Master FX
    • A highly useful feature that allows you to keep individual effects engaged even while switching between presets. This means that, for example, delays or reverbs applied to one tone can be preserved while you switch to another preset
    • Simply drop any effect into the Master FX component and tweak or warp the main signal without changing the individual presets
    • In this way the Master FX is extremely useful in live situations, where it can be used to color your sound to suit a particular set, venue or mood
    The Presets
    • Offers a great range of guitar and bass sounds and setups, from clean to hi-gain, from classic to experimental - all perfectly sort-able by keywords
    • For every guitar and bass amp, there's a selection of common and well-balanced setups to start you off. You can also look for sounds by browsing through popular genres or different categories of special effects. The latter also contains presets for processing other instruments such as drums and synthesizers
    • To get you inspired with signature tones, the Songs category contains plenty of presets paying homage to legendary guitarists and famous studio productions
    • The completely re-designed Preset Browser is an effective and intuitive sound management system at your service. Saving your virtual rack as a preset and recalling it anytime later is a matter of seconds, so you'll never again lose that one magic constellation of knobs
    Build Your Own
    • In the Component Pool, all available modules are clearly ordered in groups- amplifiers, distortion, modulation, equalizer, volume and reverb effects, tools and modifiers. You also get valuable information on the function and sonic character of each component
    • Simply drag the components to the desired position in the rack and drop them - the most elaborate setups are created without tangling cables at all. Of course, changing the order of components in the rack works the same way and is just as easy
    • Each component of GUITAR RIG 4 comes with a choice of settings, recommended by our sound designers for different usage situations. Component Presets are delivering professional results immediately, without the need to touch a knob yourself
    • With the new hot-swapping function, you can easily switch between different presets for a single component to check out their impact on your sound
    • Once you've found a perfect setting for a component, you can save your own Component Preset to recall it for a different setup in the future
  • GUITAR RIG 4 is ideal for sessions, practicing, and sketching song ideas. This is made possible through integrated, high-performance Tapedecks with time stretching, pitch shifting and a convenient loop function


  • Besides simple and precise tuning, the Tuner offers presets for common tunings, such as Chromatic, Bass, Open D / E / G / A, and DADGAD
  • Designed for maximum ease-of-use, a Cent mode and Strobe mode provide two different visual pointers, as well as a Mute mode for silent tuning when you don't want to disturb your audience or band members
  • Additional features such as the reference pitch, tuning fork and transpose make this little helper an essential addition to GUITAR RIG 4


  • Not only for keeping yourself in time, it also serves as the clock for all synchronized rack modules, such as modulation and delay effects
  • You can either dial in your tempo or use the Tap button and let Metronome determine the BPM
  • Easily adjustable and with numerous helpful features, Metronome is designed to help keep your playing tight
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    Native Instruments GUITAR RIG MOBILE specs

    System Requirements
    Mac Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz
    OS X 10.5
    1GB RAM
    USB 2.0 port
    For use as a plug-in, host software that supports Audio Units, RTAS or VST formats
    PC Pentium/Athlon XP 1.4 GHz
    Windows XP SP 2 or Windows Vista (32-/64-bit)
    1GB RAM
    USB 2.0 port
    For use as a plug-in, host software that supports RTAS or VST formats

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