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California Sunbounce Sun-Bounce Flash Bracket

California Sunbounce
Key Features
  • For Use With the Micro MINI, MINI and PRO BOUNCE
The California Sun-Bounce system consists of collapsible aluminum frames of various sizes that can be easily assembled and combined with different sizes of reflecting, light-reducing, or light-absorbing screens to take full advantage of any kind of light--hard or soft, natural or artificial. This California Sun-Bounce Sun-Bounce Flash Bracket allows you to use the smaller Sun-Bounce reflectors (the Micro Mini--2x3'; the Mini--2x4'; and the Pro--4x6': all available separately) with your dedicated wireless on-camera flash (not included) as an off-camera flash to create a broader, more versatile light source.

The bracket clamps to the Sun-Bounce frame (not included) and can be positioned at varying distances relative to the reflector screen (not included), producing a softer, very professional-looking light, either hand-held or on a light stand. Take the flash bracket off, and the reflector is ready to bounce sunlight again--an all-in-one location lighting tool for portrait, journalist, wedding or nature photographers.

No Longer Available
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