Focal Press Book: Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook, 5th ed by Douglas Self

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Focal Press
Focal Press Book: Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook, 5th ed by Douglas Self
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Focal Press 978-0-240-52162-6 Overview

Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook - This is a more than complete resource for anyone interested in amplifiers. Whether you are a full-time professional studio tech or a home enthusiast who builds his own, this edition covers everything you'll need to know.

This edition contains updated and expanded data on amplifiers used for PA systems as well as sound reinforcement.

About the Author: Douglas Self, Senior designer of high-end audio amplifiers and contributor to Electronics World magazine.


Four-stage amplifier architectures, current-mirrors, power transistors with internal sensing diodes, amplifier bridging, subtle distortion mechanisms, input stage common-mode distortion, double input stages, amplifier stability, output stages with gain, transformers and hum fields, inrush current suppression
DC servo design, thermal protection, the subtleties of cooling fan control, advanced line input stages, ultra-low-noise design, high and low-pass filtering, testing and safety, infra-red control, signal activation, 12V trigger, level indication
And much more...

Focal Press 978-0-240-52162-6 Specs

AuthorDouglas Self
PublisherFocal Press
Publication DateJune, 2009
ISBN Number9780240521626
Number of Pages608
Cover TypeSoft
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