Apple MobileMe Internet Service

Apple MobileMe Internet Service

Apple MobileMe Internet Service

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Apple MobileMe Internet Service

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Product Highlights

  • 1-Year Subscription
  • Push Notifications
  • 20GB iDisk Storage
  • Access
  • Back to My Mac
  • Find My iPhone
  • Mac, Windows, & iPhone Compatibility
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Apple MobileMe overview

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The MobileMe Internet Service from Apple is an Internet service that pushes e-mail, contact, and calendar events to your Mac, PC, and iPhone. It also allows you to keep data in sync between these devices, automatically. A 1-year subscription is included with your membership.

MobileMe features an online photo gallery function, which allows you to create an online album with only a few clicks. You can add export photos from iPhoto, or upload them directly from your iPhone. You'll even be able to have friends add photos to your gallery.

An iDisk is included with your MobileMe subscription. It features 20GB of online storage space, which you can use to access files from any computer, as well as your iPhone. You can use the iDisk to share files that are too big to send via e-mail. MobileMe also lets iPhone users locate a lost or stolen phone via the Find My iPhone feature.

What's New - Find My iPhone

Use the Find My iPhone feature to locate your lost iPhone on a map. Simply enable the functionality on your phone, and you can log into from any computer to display your phone's location on a map
You'll be able to remotely set a passcode key to set a 4-digit passcode lock on your iPhone. This prevents unauthorized users from using your phone when it is out of your possession
You can remotely play a sound on your lost iPhone, perfect for those times when it is hiding in your abode. You'll also have the option of having a text message sent to the phone, for those times when you may have left it behind at the doctor's office or a restaurant
There may be an instance where you are simply unable to retrieve your lost phone. It could have been stolen, or found by a nefarious type, unwilling to return it to you. In these cases, you can issue a Remote Wipe: completely resetting the phone to factory settings, thus preventing your data from falling into the wrong hands

What's New - iPhone iDisk Access

You'll be able to use the free iDisk app, available in the iTunes App Store, to access your iDisk from your iPhone or iPod touch. You can view popular file types, including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and iWork '09 documents and presentations, in landscape or portrait mode on your mobile device. Simply tap the file to access it and use pinch gestures to zoom in and out. The application will cache recently accessed files, eliminating the need to reload them, perfect for times when you don't have wireless data service
It only takes a tap to share files on your iDisk with friends and colleagues, thanks to the iPhone's touch-sensitive screen. You can use iDisk to share files that may be too large to e-mail, just tap the Share button and choose your recipients, iDisk will send them an e-mail with a link to download the file. You can even limit the number of days a shared file is available, or protect it with a password. There's no need to download a file before sharing it
You can use your MobileMe Public folder to share files with colleagues, classmates, or other collaborators. Visitors can download files from your Public folder and, with your permission, upload files of their own. You can password-protect files in the Public folder on a file-level basis. You can even access another MobileMe member's Public folder from your iPhone using the iDisk app. If you're not sure of the person's MobileMe member name, the app can find people in your contacts with e-mail addresses

What's New - E-Mail Search & Video Upload

iPhone 3.0 OS allows you to search Mail on your iPhone, eliminating the need to manually scan your inbox to find the message for which you are looking. You can use this feature to search Mail stored in the MobileMe cloud, allowing you to find messages that are stored on your online account but not downloaded to your Phone
iPhone 3GS owners are able to record and edit video, right on their phone. Adding a MobileMe account allows you to upload videos directly to a MobileMe Gallery with only a few taps of your finger, in the same way that you would upload photos

Mail, Contacts, and Calendar

MobileMe keeps your mail, contacts, and calendar in its online "cloud," using push technology to automatically keep everything in sync across your iPhone, Mac, PC, and the web
You'll know immediately when you get an e-mail, thanks to push technology. MobileMe constantly checks for new messages, pushing a notice to your device when an e-mail is received. Your inbox will look the same, no matter which device you view it on, as it is stored online: mark an e-mail as read on your iPhone, and it will appear as read on your PC or Mac. Your MobileMe inbox is completely free of advertisements, and protected against spam messages and viruses
MobileMe Contacts also uses push technology to keep your contact list in sync between your computer and phone. As soon as you add a contact in Address Book on your Mac or Outlook on your PC it is added to the online cloud, and is automatically pushed to your iPhone
You'll be able to use MobileMe to keep your calendar in sync across your Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPod touch. You can change an appointment time from your computer at work, and your iPhone's calendar is updated immediately, without having to dock. Regardless of which device -- iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, or PC -- you use to update your calendar, it is immediately reflected on your other devices
MobileMe keeps data in sync across your most commonly used applications -- Mail, Address Book, and iCal on a Mac; Outlook on Windows; and the integrated applications on your iPhone or iPod touch. All information stays up to date and is right where you want it to be, so you won't have to learn new software or change your daily routine


MobileMe's Gallery allows you to upload photos from your computer or iPhone. You can invite people to visit your albums, where they can download their favorite photos and even upload their own contributions. Animated viewing options bring your photos to life, online
Friends and family can view your photos in a beautifully designed Gallery, using a web browser from any Mac or PC. They can skim albums to see what's inside, and view albums in mosaic, carousel, or slideshow. Photos are automatically resized to fit a browser window, ensuring that they always look their best, even on large screens
You can create a new album or make changes to your gallery from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. Upload new photos, rearrange their order, edit tiles, and more, all from your browser. Changes are instantly reflected in your Gallery for friends to see. Mac users will be able to upload photos directly from iPhoto '09 or Aperture 2 using only a few mouse clicks
You can opt to upload high-resolution copies of your favorite photos, allowing your friends to download print-quality versions. You can even download an entire album in one click, MobileMe will create a ZIP files of the photos, letting you grab an entire album while downloading only a single file
MobileMe Gallery allows authorized persons to upload pictures to your gallery. This lets friends and family share their photos with you and your other visitors, via a web browser or via e-mail
iPhone and Apple TV owners will be happy to discover that the MobileMe Gallery works with those devices. You can take pictures or video with your iPhone 3GS and upload directly to your gallery. Of course, you'll also be able to browse galleries using your iPhone or iPod touch web browser, and Apple TV owners can view anyone's public photos and videos on an HDTV, without the need for a computer


MobileMe's iDisk gives you 20GB of online storage, enough to store very large files. You can add the files to your iDisk from your computer, and access them from any web browser or via the iPhone iDisk app
The iDisk is accessible from any web browser, on both Macs and PCs, via A familiar, intuitive interface allows you to upload and organize files in a drag-and-drop manner. Mac users will be able to access the iDisk directly from Finder
You can access your iDisk via an iPhone or iPod touch by using the iDisk app. Free for MobileMe members, the app allows you to access important files from anywhere. Compatible with popular file types, including Microsoft Office and iWork '09 documents, it allows you to view these files in a portrait or landscape orientation, dependent on how you hold your portable device. You'll be able to share any file, regardless of size, with only a few taps of the screen. You'll even be able to access the Public folders of other MobileMe members
You'll be able to set up a Public folder, which anyone can access via a web browser, as part of your iDisk. Simply upload files to the folder and your coworkers, friends, and family will be able to access them. You can even allow others to upload files to your Public folder
You'll often run into cases where a file is too big to send via e-mail. The iDisk allows you to share large files with anyone. Simply upload a file which you want to share, choose your recipients, and iDisk will send them a link to download the file. You can password-protect files, and even limit the time for which the download link is active
Your MobileMe membership includes 20GB of storage, enough to hold loads of e-mail, photos, files, and more. You can tell MobileMe how much of the space to allocate to Mail and how much to allocate to your iDisk. Regardless of how you allocate the space, you'll be able to store what's important to you is the online gateway to all of MobileMe's features. You'll be able to access all of your necessary data -- your e-mail, contacts, calendars, photos, and files -- from a single interface. MobileMe's web apps look and feel just like desktop applications allows you to use a host of ad-free applications -- including Mail, Contacts, Gallery, and iDisk -- via your web browser. Check your e-mail, add contacts to your address book, manage your calendar, create a photo album, or share a file, all via the web on virtually any computer
The web applications found on are easy to use, as they are built around an interface that is intuitive to computer users. You can easily view messages in Mail via its preview pane, and it also features autocomplete addressing. Organize your e-mail, photo albums, and files via drag-and-drop. Google Maps is embedded in contact information, you can reply to e-mail with celerity thanks to the Quick Reply feature, and iDisk allows you to share files with ease is the keystone of MobileMe's syncing features. Any changes you make to your e-mail, contacts, and calendars automatically syncs across your computers, iPhone, and iPod touch. You'll always have the latest information at your fingertips, regardless of which device you are using. If you use a Mac, changes to your Gallery and iDisk are automatically reflected in iPhoto and Finder
You'll be able to manage all of your MobileMe account details at You can check your renewal date, reallocate your iDisk storage, upgrade your account, change your password, and more. All of this is available in a secure, password-protected interface. If you lose your iPhone, you'll be able to to use to activate the Find My iPhone feature. Regardless of whether your use a Mac or PC, is your home base for MobileMe

On Your Mac

MobileMe works seamlessly with the applications that you use on your Mac, including Mail, Address Book, iCal, and Safari. When you setup MobileMe on your Mac, your mail account is automatically added to the OS X Mail application. When you use Address Book and iCal to manage your contacts and calendar, take comfort in the knowledge that MobileMe syncs any changes you make. Your iPhone or iPod touch and your applications will always stay up to date. It even syncs your Safari bookmarks
If you have more than one Mac, you can use MobileMe to keep your e-mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks in sync across all of your Macs, and even a PC. You can also sync Dashboard widget preferences, Dock items, applications, system preferences, and Mail notes across all of your computers that run Leopard or Snow Leopard
You'll be able to share your photos from your iPhoto '09 or Aperture 2 library via the online MobileMe Gallery. Friends and family can view, download, and contribute photos to your Gallery, from any web browser. When someone adds photos, images are sent to your iPhoto or Aperture library on your Mac, ensuring that you never miss a shot. You can even upload videos from iMovie '09 or QuickTime Player in Snow Leopard, in sizes that can be viewed on the web, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV
iWeb, part of the iLife '09 suite, allows you to create web pages that work seamlessly with MobileMe. Simply use the software to create your site, click Publish, and it comes online with ease. There are no settings or configurations to master, MobileMe will do all the work behind the scenes. You can even use it to host your personal domain name, allowing you to publish a site directly to your personalized .com address
Your iDisk storage can mount directly on your desktop, allowing you to use it as you would any network disk. You'll be able to drag and drop files via Finder, and can even use Finder to access another MobileMe member's iDisk or Public folder. iDisk Sync allows you to keep a copy of iDisk files on your local hard drive for offline editing. When you reconnect, changes automatically sync back to your iDisk. You can even set restrictions on your iDisk, including passwords and write protection, via the MobileMe preference pane in the OS X System Preferences application. When you're away from your Mac and want to access your iDisk, all you have to do is log in to from a web browser on any computer
Back to My Mac allows you to access any OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard Mac via the Internet. MobileMe locates your remote Mac and displays them in the Finder of the Mac you're using. You can connect from anywhere with just a click. You'll be able to edit and save documents, open applications, and move folders. Back to My Mac Screen Sharing allows you to control your remote Mac as if you are sitting in front of it
You can use MobileMe to protect your online chats using powerful 128-bit encryption. Using your MobileMe member name when you chat allows iChat to encrypt your text, audio, and video chats, as well as file transfers, with other MobileMe members. Secure iChat ensures that no one can eavesdrop on your iChat sessions

On Your PC

MobileMe allows you to run beautifully designed, easy-to-use Apple applications on a PC. allows you to check your e-mail, manage your contacts and calendar, share photos, and store documents. The web-based applications are intuitive and clutter free enough that you could turn into your new desktop
If you have more than one PC, you can use MobileMe to keep e-mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks the same on all of them. If you have a Mac and a PC, they can share the information in the same way. Simply enable MobileMe sync on any computer that you'd like to keep up to date
MobileMe works with many of your favorite PC applications, including Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Contacts in XP or Vista. The service keeps your e-mail, contacts, calendars, IE bookmarks, and Safari bookmarks in sync with other computers, your iPhone, and your iPod touch
MobileMe adds a Windows Control Panel window to your PC. Just make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed, and then you can download and install the MobileMe Control Panel. You'll be able to sign in with your member name and password to access and adjust all of your settings

On Your iPhone or iPod touch

MobileMe is an excellent companion for your iPhone or iPod touch. It adds push e-mail, contacts, and calendar to your phone. You can upload photos from your iPhone, access your iDisk on-the-go, and even locate a lot iPhone
As soon as your e-mail account receives a message, MobileMe pushes it over the air to your iPhone or iPod touch. You'll be notified as soon as it arrives, eliminating the need to manually check your inbox in anticipation of a new message. The iPhone and iPod touch both send and receive updates over the air, ensuring that a contact added to your device is automatically added to, and synced to your Mac and PC address books. It all happens without having to cdock your device or connect a cable, ensuring that your e-mail, contacts, and calendar are always up to date
If you've misplaced your iPhone, you can use MobileMe to aid in locating it. Once you enabled the Find My iPhone functionality in your iPhone settings, you'll be able to track it using MobileMe. You can view its approximate location on a map, play a sound to help you locate it in a room, or send a text message to the screen, giving information to any good samaritan who may have found your phone to aid in its return. You can also lock the phone remotely, preventing unauthorized access
If your lost iPhone isn't coming back to you, you can remotely wipe its data using the Remote Wipe function. This restores your iPhone to its factory settings, ensuring that your personal information remains personal. If you eventually recover your phone, you can restore all of your data from the last backup, which is automatically made by iTunes every time you sync your phone
Having a moment that you'd like to share with your friends? Snap a photo or record a video with your iPhone and upload it to your MobileMe Gallery. With only a few taps of the screen, you'll be able to share tidbits of your daily life with friends and family
You'll be able to access your iDisk from your iPhone or iPod touch using the iDisk app, which is free for MobileMe members. The app allows you to view any file on your iDisk on your iPhone or iPod touch, and even caches recently viewed files so that you can view them when you don't have data access. You'll be able to share files on your iDisk with ease, just select file recipients from your contacts and iDisk will send them an e-mail with a link to download your file
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Apple MobileMe Internet Service
  • 1-Year Subscription
  • Table of Contents
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    Apple MobileMe specs

    System Requirements Compatible device: Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPod touch
    For Mac: Mac OS X v10.5.8 Leopard or Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard or later (recommended); Firefox 3, Safari 3.1, or later
    For PC: Windows Vista or Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2) or later; Firefox 3, Safari 3.1, or later, or Internet Explorer 7; Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later recommended
    For iPhone and iPod touch: iPhone OS 3.1 software or later
    iTunes 9 or later (free download from
    Internet access with compatible ISP (broadband required for web applications); fees may apply
    iPhone requires Wi-Fi or cellular network data connection for over-the-air updates; iPod touch requires Wi-Fi connection
    Some features require iLife '08 or later

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