Digieffects Freeform Plug-in for After Effects

Digieffects Freeform Plug-in for After Effects

Digieffects Freeform Plug-in for After Effects

Digieffects Freeform Plug-in for After Effects

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The DigiEffects FreeFormAE Plug-in for Adobe After Effects is an all-inclusive 2D mesh warp tool designed to allow artists to push the boundaries of the Z-axis plane. Features include fully customizable tangent alignment, displacement mapping, and 3D manipulation. All controls are fully customizable and can be used to create a variety of interesting and useful effects.

True 3D Distortions Inside After Effects
This is not your father's mesh warp. Anyone who has tried to distort an image using After Effects's 2D Mesh Warp has probably given up or settled for an inferior result. Most mesh warps don't have refined enough controls to get an accurate result. FFAE has two features that give you refined control over the mesh, allowing you to create complicated distortions easily in true 3D space
Broad Control
Mesh Warp gives you broad control over the shape of your mesh. Create cylinders, curves, ribbons, folds and an infinite amount of basic shapes. Mesh warp includes two settings that make the 3D manipulation of your mesh simple.
Tangent Alignment
The system comes with a very intuitive, easy to use method for aligning or breaking your tangent handles. Create smooth curves or sharp angles easily with FFAE's Tangent Alignment. You choose to turn alignment on or off with no confusion.
3D Manipulation
3D Manipulation much needed feature missing from most mesh warp tools. With these plug-in's , you select on which axis your vertex points move by choosing X,Y or Z. If you want to "freeform" it, you can select the fourth option and move in all 3 axes freely.
Displacement Mapping
Displacement mapping gives you the ability create detailed organic shapes quickly and easily. Use grayscale "maps" to define the height of displacement on your mesh. A black and white cloud pattern can quickly become a mountain range. A simple gradient makes a curved ramp. Displacement maps can also be animated, giving you rippling water, flowing curtains and blowing flags. (B&W maps beside the final rendered result).
3D Mesh Controls
Move and rotate your 3D layer in 3D space with FFAE's Mesh Controls; position X,Y,Z; Rotation X,Y, Z; and Anchor Point X,Y,Z controls.
3D Mesh Quality
Get perfectly smooth final renders. The 3D Mesh Quality property gives you full control over the final quality of your warped layer. Mesh subdivision raises and lowers the density or smoothness of your mesh. As if that's not enough, refine the detail further with 3 levels of anti-aliasing and image filtering.
Manage CPU Usage
The 3D Mesh Controls are also great way to work fast. Choose your rendering level: Full, shade or wireframe, adjust Mesh Subdivision and anti aliasing to lower settings and work fast. Then pump them up for the final preview and render.
Surface Controls
FFAE also brings more dynamic lighting properties to AE. Adjust the Diffuse, Specular and Roughness properties to create a wide variety of "textures". From a a highly reflective surface like water to a totally diffused surface like cloth. FFAE even has controls that can map a different image to the Backside of your 3D layer. Perfect for "signs" or "maps" that fold, roll, or crumple and reveal the back side.
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