ILIO Ocean Way Drums Platinum HD (Windows)

ILIO Ocean Way Drums Platinum HD (Windows)

ILIO Ocean Way Drums Platinum HD (Windows)

ILIO Ocean Way Drums Platinum HD (Windows)

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Product Highlights

  • Virtual Drum Instrument
  • 80GB Samples
  • 19 Multi-Channel Drum Kits
  • 24-bit/96kHz
  • 7.2k RPM Hard Drive
  • 7 Extra Kick Drums
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Ocean Way Drums Platinum HD from Ilio is a virtual drum instrument created by audiophile gurus Allen Sides and Steven Miller, and contains 19 drum kits immaculately recorded in the legendary Ocean Way Studio B. Using a discrete multi-microphone recording and mixing technique, they were able to capture the sound of each instrument with startling clarity.

The drums were placed in what is considered by many engineers to be the "sweet spot", an area that delivers the most low-end punch. Utilizing up to 13 mono and stereo sound sources per instrument (including 3 sets of stereo room microphones), the resulting samples enable the end user to independently adjust each drum and cymbal within the kit, from tight and dry, all the way to wide and ambient.

All audio was recorded through Studio B's custom console. Very little EQ or compression was used, but when it was, highly modified classic gear from Neve, API, Urei and Fairchild was employed. Because of the wonderful acoustics, each instrument was able to be recorded at the optimal distance and angle and with the microphones that best captured the full frequency and dynamic range of that instrument.

Comprehensive and exquisitely sounding virtual drum instrument recorded by Grammy Award winning engineer/producers Allen Sides and Steven Miller
80GB of high resolution audiophile samples at 24-bit/96kHz
Samples preinstalled on a 7200 RPM hard drive
Discrete multi-microphone recording and mixing technique
Up to 13 separate mono and stereo sound sources per drum providing enormous sonic flexibility
Each kit has 6 album-quality mix presets in both snare-on and snare-off versions
Beyond the pre sets, adjustments can easily be made and saved to all of the individual sound sources within each instrument of every drum kit possibilities.
Control of pitch, pan, envelope, velocity and balance of the stereo submasters, gives users total control of the mix and provides unlimited
Includes 7 extra kick drums over the Gold version
Drum replacement - works with Drumagog to trigger new drum sounds from existing audio
Snare On and Snare Off versions refer specifically to the sound of the Kick Drum and the Toms - Snare On means that the Kick and Toms include the rattle of the snare drum, while Snare Off means that the snares were turned off during the striking of the Kick and Toms
6 close microphones were used to record the snare drum - two C12A's about eighteen inches above the drum head, 2 custom 57's two inches from the head, and 2 55P's five inches under the bottom head
Every channel in the mixer can be routed to a separate stereo or mono input in your DAW - even though the default is stereo, you have custom control over your output configuration and can make simple pre sets for any and all situations
You can load the sounds of Ocean Way Drums either as individual instruments, or as entire drum kits

  • Two types of patches are included -Instrument and Multi
    1. Instruments are individual drums (kick, snare, hat, toms, ride cymbal, crash cymbals)
    2. Multis are entire drum kits - a combination of individual drums
    3. The Instruments and Multis are broken up into two folders labeled IMAP ( for use with a MIDI keyboard) and V-Drum (for use with drum pads)
    4. Within these folders, you have a choice of "Snare On" and "Snare Off" as well as a choice between the snare 57 and snare C12A presets
Building custom kit multis is easy - you can make changes to an existing kit or put together a kit from scratch
It's easy to "mix and match" instruments from one kit with instruments from another, and the sheer number of different kicks, snares, toms, hats and cymbals provides many possibilities
All drum kits and individual instruments come mapped for both MIDI keyboard and drum pads - Ocean Way Drums' custom programming helps you perform realistic drum tracks, down to even the most subtle nuances of the groove
I-MAP is a proprietary MIDI note mapping layout for the keyboard that provides more performance variations and articulations than any other drum product
Featuring a powerful layout that places drums in their most intuitive position, I-MAP enables you to create incredibly expressive drum tracks that feel and sound like the real thing

  • Features
    1. Up to 32 dynamics per hit
    2. Left and right stick hits for every drum and cymbal - providing startling realism
    3. Dedicated keys for rolls, ghost notes, cymbal swells, alt hits, etc
    4. 8 keys for the positions of the snare - from center to edge
    5. 4 keys for the kicks
    6. 9 different hi hat variations from foot and closed to open
    7. 6 alternate hits per tom
    8. Efficient key switching for instantly changing pre sets
Also includes Roland TD-20 V-Drum mapping that responds to position sensors

  • Features
    1. Wide dynamic range
    2. Alternating "round robin" hits - avoids the "machine gun effect"
    3. 3 positions for the snare - center, edge and rim
    4. 2 positions for the toms - center and edge
    5. 9 positions for the hi hat - from foot and closed to open
    6. 3 positions for the cymbals - center, edge and bell
    7. Key switching on the V-Drum brain - can change pre sets "on the fly"
Powered by and including custom Native Instruments' KONTAKT player
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  • 1Description
System Requirements Pentium or Athlon 2GHz or better
Windows XP SP2
Available USB2 or FireWire 800 Port for streaming off the external HD, or at least 80GB of available HD space
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