Solid State Logic Soundscape V6 - High Performance DAW

Solid State Logic Soundscape V6 - High Performance DAW

Solid State Logic Soundscape V6 - High Performance DAW

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Product Highlights

  • 128 Channel Simultaneous Recording
  • SSL Plug-Ins
  • 128 channel MADI I/O
  • Advanced DAW Editing and Workflow
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
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Solid State Logic P907SC60 overview

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Soundscape V6 from Solid State Logic is an update for the well established and respected Soundscape DAW. The software has always been designed for mission critical applications where failure is not an option. These include live recording, high channel count music production, broadcast, post and restoration.

Soundscape V6 is distinguished by its no-nonsense approach to work flow and its proven reliability. The software specializes in audio-only recording, editing and mixing - it does not have MIDI sequencing or offer virtual instruments for creative composition. Instead it offers an elegant, versatile and functionally advanced user environment with the capacity to support a wide range of approaches to workflow.

The V6 DAW software requires the presence of an SSL MX4 PCIe card (or its predecessor the Mixpander). The DAW utilizes the DSP power and extremely low latencies (4 samples) of the card, and its high-channel count fiber optic MADI I/O connectivity.

Key Features

  • High channel count - up to 128 channels of simultaneous audio record/playback
  • Optimized for real time performance with near zero latency and sophisticated monitoring options
  • Total reliability - extremely robust system delivers industrial strength stability
  • Requires MX4 PCIe card - dual 64 channel MADI I/O, DSP, multi-core powered multi-client drivers
  • Sounds superb with benchmark SSL audio quality inside the box from recording to mix down
  • Highly evolved User Interface including streamlined Audio Editing with many workflow options
  • SSL channel EQ, Dynamics and Bus Comp plug-ins - DSP powered legendary SSL sound inside the box
  • Supports standard native VST plug-ins running alongside our DSP powered plug-ins
  • The legacy collections of plug-ins for Soundscape from other manufacturers remain available
  • Soundscape Hybrid Core Audio Engine - 32-/64-bit driver powered Recording/Mixing Engine utilizing MX4 card DSP's and multi core host processing
  • Multi format projects - 16-/24-bit and different file formats on a single track without converting
  • Local or networked collaboration - multiple users connected via standard Gigabit Ethernet

More Details

Mission Critical Applications
  • Designed to satisfy the requirements of professional recording engineers in sophisticated, demanding, high pressure environments
  • Offers up to 128 channels of simultaneous recording and playback at 24-bit/96kHz, whilst running large amounts of plug-in processing and utilizing sophisticated mixer architecture to deliver complex monitoring set ups
  • Performs elegantly without over-stretching the host computer
Benchmark Audio Quality
  • The SSL brand is synonymous with the highest standards of audio performance - Soundscape V6 maintains these standards at every step of the production process
  • In addition to expected high quality recording, a suite of SSL plug-ins that includes the SSL Channel EQ, Channel Dynamics and Stereo Bus Compressor provide processing tools with the perfect balance of precision and unique tonal character
  • For those who mix inside the box, the software offers a superior Double Precision digital mix bus
Optimised for Real Time Performance
  • The flexible mixer architecture, true multi-client operation and impressive "near zero" latency creates a powerful system with the versatility to create multiple (or duplicate) multi channel record feeds
  • Create multiple headphone/artist monitor feeds or build Mix Minus monitor feeds in Broadcast applications with SSL Console Grade quality processing
State Of The Art I/O
  • The MX4 PCIe card offers 128 channels of fiber optic MADI I/O presented as a pair of 64 channel connections
  • MADI fiber is a lossless digital audio format that can be combined with SSL Alpha-Link audio format converters, connected directly to suitably equipped consoles, or integrated with broadcast routers to deliver a very high channel count with uncompromising audio quality
Advanced Shared Network Workflow
  • Offers true collaborative workflow at the very heart of its architecture
  • Designed to accommodate and encourage collaborative file and project exchange between multiple audio engineer "seats", either working independently with remote file distribution/exchange, or connected locally via a gigabit Ethernet or Fibrechannel network and central storage (NAS or SAN) infrastructure
  • Optimized for multi-file format workflow with the facility to use Soundscape Take, standard Wav and Broadcast Wav file types with different bit-depths on a single timeline without conversion, dramatically speeding workflow
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Solid State Logic P907SC60 specs

System Requirements
  • SSL Soundscape V6 and the SSL MX4 PCIe Card will run on virtually any recent Windows PC with a free PCIe slot
  • Tested on Windows XP, Vista (32-bit and 64 Bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) with at least 2GB of RAM
  • In order to get most out of the SSL Hybrid Core Processing audio engine, it is recommended you use branded and superior components for motherboards, CPU, PSU and RAM
  • The more CPU cores, the better the performance

Recommended System for 64 Tracks at 24-bit/48kHz
Intel Dual Core 2.26GHz or more (Nehalem based) or equivalent AMD (Intel Chipset recommended)
Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
Internal or external 7.2k RPM SATA drive (USB/Firewire/eSATA)

Recommended System for 128 Tracks at 24-bit/48kHz
Intel i7 Quad 2.26GHz or more (Nehalem based) or equivalent AMD (Intel Chipset recommended)
Windows 7, 32- or 64-bit
Fast internal or external 7.2k RPM SATA drive (FW 800 or eSATA) and minimum read/write of 55MB/Sec

Recommended "Power User" System
Intel Nehalem based 8-core system (Dual Quad or Octacore)
Windows 7, 32- or 64-bit
Fast internal RAID (0, 3 or 5) with a minimum of 70MB/Sec read/write

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