Panasonic SDR-S70 Camcorder (Black)

Panasonic SDR-S70 Camcorder (Black)

Panasonic SDR-S70 Camcorder (Black)

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Product Highlights

  • SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slot
  • 1/8" CCD Sensor
  • 2.7" LCD Display
  • 70x Optical Zoom (78x Enhanced)
  • 33mm Wide Angle Lens
  • Advanced Optical Image Stabilization
  • Auto Focus/Auto Exposure Tracking
  • Easy YouTube & Facebook Uploading
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Panasonic SDR-S70 overview

  • 1Description

Panasonic's SDR-S70 Camcorder is an entry level standard definition camcorder that helps ease you into video recording. Aside from featuring flash memory storage using the built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot, the S70 also has a multitude of user-friendly shooting controls that take the guesswork out of shooting video. And functions that are the new standard for video recording, like optical image stabilization and optical zoom, 78x Enhanced optical zoom to be exact, are also hallmarks of the S70. As are the 33mm wide-angle lens, and a 2.7" LCD.

When it comes to those shooting controls the Intelligent Auto function takes the guesswork out of shooting. This function automatically selects the settings needed for a particular situation, allowing you to focus on the moment. Other controls that provide automatic control on the part of the camera include Advanced Optical Image Stabilization, Intelligent Contrast Control, Face Detection, and many others. When you let the camera take over, there's no worry about getting the shot right!

Once you're done shooting and you're ready to share what you've shot, the S70 comes with Panasonic's VideoCam Suite 3.5 editing software. Not only does this software help you to edit your video, but it also helps you upload to social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube, ensuring that you'll get that unforgettable moment up on the web in no time flat.

Enhanced Optical 78x Zoom and Advanced O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer)
The new Enhanced optical 78x zoom has been added to the compact body of the easy-to-carry camcorder. By taking maximum advantage of the effective CCD area, the camera makes it easy to capture a wide range of dynamic images, from sweeping landscapes with the 33mm wide-angle scope to close-ups of distant subjects with the 78x zoom, without having to worry about image degradation. However, with long-distance zoom shots, even a tiny bit of hand-shake has a huge effect on picture quality. That's where Advanced O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) comes in. It shifts a corrective lens as you shoot to help eliminate the effects of hand-shake, so you get clear, sharp shots even at high zoom levels. It's an essential feature for getting the most out of this incredible zoom lens
33mm Wide-Angle Lens and Advanced O.I.S.
The 33mm wide-angle* setting on the Standard Series fits more people and more of the background into the frame than conventional models. This is especially handy when you want to take a group photo in a small room. It fits your subjects in even when you shoot from up close, and makes it possible to pick up even small sounds with the mic

Advanced O.I.S. with Active Mode:

Advanced O.I.S. with Active Mode comes in handy when shooting while walking or playing with your children. The wide correction area corrects even wide-frame shots and relatively large hand-shake motion. It's especially good for active video shooting

Zoom Shooting:

The effect of hand-shake is suppressed, resulting in a clear, beautiful image. The correction range is automatically adjusted to correspond to the amount of hand-shake. Because the system is optical, the loss of image quality is minimal

Wide Shooting:

The correction range is automatically adjusted to correspond to the amount of hand-shake

Pure Color Engine
The Pure Color Engine converts the CCD output signal from a complementary color signal into an RGB signal at an early stage and extracts the low-frequency luminance component from the RGB signal. This innovative engine also achieves truly superb color reproduction for high-zoomed pictures
Zoom Mic and Wind Noise Canceller
  • Zoom Mic:

    The Zoom Mic function that links with the camera's zoom action has evolved. Compared to previous Panasonic models, the noise-reducing performance is improved by 1/3 (-10dB). It lets you clearly record the sound of your target subject

  • Wind Noise Canceller:

    The Wind Noise Canceller automatically detects and suppresses only wind noise. It lets you capture natural sounds with lifelike ambience even when shooting in windy conditions outdoors or by the sea

Scene Mode
Automatically selects the most suitable shutter speed and aperture for the shooting location and situation

Scene modes:

Sports, Portrait, Low Light, Spot Light, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Fireworks, Scenery, Night Scenery

Soft Skin Mode
When this function detects skin tones, it softens the focus in that area. This has a skin beautifying effect, which makes wrinkles and lines appear less noticeable. When turned on, this function makes blemishes and moles look less conspicuous, while preserving resolution in areas of the picture outside of the skin
iA (Intelligent Auto)
This powerful function senses the shooting conditions and automatically makes the settings and activates functions that will deliver optimal results. With both motion and still images, iA does the bothersome settings for you and makes it easy to capture beautiful, well-focused images
AF/AE Tracking
AF/AE Tracking optimizes the focus and exposure for a selected subject to ensure beautiful results. After you "lock on" to a subject at the center of the screen by pressing the AF/AE button, the camera follows it around, keeping it in sharp focus and properly exposed
Advanced O.I.S.
When hand-shake is detected while shooting, the Advanced O.I.S. system is automatically activated to compensate for blurring and produce beautiful recorded images. A new Active Mode that further extends the hand-shake correction range is also automatically activated. It significantly reduces any blurring that might occur when shooting on the move, and making it great for active shooting. Because the system is optical, there's only minimal loss of image quality even when viewed on a large-screen TV
Intelligent Contrast Control
By detecting the intensity of the ambient light and adjusting the exposure accordingly, Intelligent Contrast Control prevents blown highlights and blocked shadows. This helps render natural-looking, highly nuanced images with proper contrast
Intelligent Scene Selector
The shooting conditions are detected, and the optimal Scene Mode is automatically selected. Even if the subject should change, there's no need to manually redo the settings, so you can concentrate entirely on your shot

  • Portrait:

    Using the face as reference, the exposure is adjusted to capture faces beautifully. Focusing priority is also placed on the face, and the skin tone is smoothed

  • Scenery:

    The exposure is optimized to give you clear images, without blown highlights in strongly lit areas like the sky

  • Spotlight:

    For scenes with particularly strong contrast, such as when you're shooting a spot-lit area on a darkened stage. It captures the well-lit subject perfectly and prevents washed-out areas

  • Low Light:

    In dim lighting, the camcorder automatically switches to a slower shutter speed so that images across the entire frame are bright and easy to see

Face Detection
This mode captures faces beautifully. Face Detection automatically senses the ambient lighting and adjusts the exposure accordingly, so faces are bright and easy to see. The focus also prioritizes the faces, and skin tones are smoothed. Faces in the center of the frame serve as the reference for adjustments, but the function can detect up to 15 faces in all
1.9 Second Quick Power-On
Switch the power on and the camcorder is in standby mode in just 1.9 seconds, ready to shoot when you are. This fast startup also helps reduce battery consumption

  • 0.8 Second Quick Start:

    Use Quick Start mode. You simply flip open the LCD and you're ready to shoot in just 0.8 second. When Eco mode is also used, the power turns off whenever the camcorder has not been operated for 5 minutes. This reduces wasted power consumption, and enables a longer battery life

Pre-Rec Function
This clever function records three seconds of images even before you actually begin shooting. The images are held temporarily in the camcorder's internal memory, before recording begins. This helps ensure that you won't miss the start of a moment you want to record, such as when an event begins all of a sudden. For example, if you're waiting to snap a shot of a jumping dolphin, you can press the REC button after you've made sure that the dolphin has cleared the surface of the water. The camcorder will record the entire scene, from the instant of the dolphin's jump until it disappears again into the sea
One-Touch Navigation & Joystick Control
The joystick makes the camera much easier to use, letting you control all basic operations quickly. As you shoot, just watch the image in the monitor and follow the instruction guide. You can handle a number of operations quickly and easily, without even taking your eye off the subject

  • Help mode:

    The joystick makes the camera much easier to use, letting you control all basic operations quickly. As you shoot, just watch the image in the monitor and follow the instruction guide. You can handle a number of operations quickly and easily, without even taking your eye off the subject

Auto Power LCD
The LCD brightness can be adjusted manually to suit the surroundings. In Auto Mode, the LCD brightness is adjusted automatically in 16 smooth steps depending on the surroundings. In darker rooms it adjusts to a lower brightness, making it easier to frame the shot. Outside, it adjusts to almost twice the brightness for easy viewing even on sunny days
Color Night Rec/Color Night View
Leave the light off. Color Night Rec/Color Night View gives you images with color even in dim lighting (2 lux)
World Time
Handy for travelers, this function makes it easy to set the camcorder time when you cross time zones and again when you return home. Simply select your destination from the displayed map, and the camcorder is automatically set for that time zone. The time for two different places can be set - such as home and destination - and you can switch between the times by simply pressing a button
Easy Editing
You can do some polished editing using just the camera itself. For example, you can delete scenes right on the spot or change the scene sequence to create your own scenarios

  • Split and Delete:

    This function makes it easy to split up the recorded scenes and delete the front half or back half

Easy Uploading to YouTube and Facebook - with the Included Software "VideoCam Suite 3.5"
  • Step 1: Shoot

    The function-packed standard model lets you shoot in your own unique style. When you want to post videos onto YouTube, it's convenient to shoot in Web mode, which has a 10 minute countdown system

  • Step 2: Connect-

    As soon as you connect the camcorder to a PC, a Smart Wizard is automatically activated. Then, select "Online Sharing"

  • Step 3: Upload -

    The Online Sharing function lets you upload your videos onto YouTube or Facebook. VideoCam Suite makes it so easy to share your videos

Including Editing Software "VideoCam Suite 3.5"
VideoCam Suite editing software is just the tool you need to make polished, smartly finished productions. It lets you load images into your PC for putting scenes in a different order and delete the ones you don't want with simple operation. When you're finished with your video production, you can use VideoCam Suite to reserve the edited version onto an SD Card and a DVD disc
Easy Archiving
Recorded image data can be saved onto a DVD by simply connecting the camcorder to a DVD burner (purchased separately) with a USB cable and pressing a button. You can also use the included software and a Windows PC to save data onto an SD card or a DVD
VIERA Image Viewer
If your VIERA TV has an SD Memory Card Slot and can play MPEG2 files, you're equipped for spectacular viewing. Just slip your card into the slot and get ready to watch beautiful motion pictures on VIERA's large screen. You get all the fun of seeing your images on the big screen, with none of the hassle of connecting cables
Storing on a DIGA
If you have an MPEG2 compatible DIGA with an internal hard disk and SD Memory Card Slot, saving your images on the hard disk is as easy as inserting an SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card into the slot. This saves space you'd otherwise need for storing the recording media, and makes playback easier. And once the data is on the hard disk, it's easy to copy it to a DVD disc
In the Box
Panasonic SDR-S70 Camcorder (Black)
  • AC Adapter
  • AC Cable
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • A/V Cable
  • USB Cable
  • CD-ROM
  • 90-Days Labor & 1-Year Parts Limited Warranty
  • Table of Contents
    • 1Description

    Panasonic SDR-S70 specs

    Sensor 1/8" CCD 
    Lens 1.48 - 104 mm
    f/1.9 - 5.7
    Zoom Optical: 70x
    Enhanced (Optical): 78x
    Digital: 3500x
    System NTSC
    Recording Media SD/SDHC, SDXC  
    Recording Time SD GB
    4GB: XP: 50 minutes; SP: 1 hour, 40 minutes; LP: 3 hours, 20 minutes
    16GB: XP: 3 hours, 30 minutes; SP: 7 hours; LP: 14 hours
    32GB: XP: 7 hours; 30 minutes; SP: 15 hours; LP: 30 hours
    64GB: XP: 15 hours; SP: 30 hours; LP: 60 hours, 30 minutes
    Still Image Resolution JPEG: .3 Megapixel, 640 x 480
    JPEG: .2 Megapixel, 640 x 360
    Channels 2.0-Channel Stereo
    Display Type LCD
    Touchscreen No
    Screen Size 2.7"
    Image Stabilization Optical
    Lux 5 (1/30 Low Light mode)
    2 (Color Night Record mode)
    Built-in Mic Yes
    Built-in Speaker Yes
    Built-in Light/Flash Light - No
    Flash - No
    Tripod Mount 1/4"
    Input/Output Connectors
    Outputs 1x A/V
    1x USB 2.0
    Microphone Input No
    Headphone Jack No
    System Requirements Windows
    • XP (SP3)
    • Pentium 4 2.0GHz Processor or greater

    • OS X 10.6.3
    • Core 2 Duo Processor or greater
    Battery Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Batteries
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 2.2 x 2.5 x 4.2" / 54.9 x 64.0 x 107.2 mm
    Weight .47 lb / 213.19 g

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