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Mamiya RZ67 Professional II Medium Format SLR Camera with 120 6x7 (10 Exposure) Film Back No Lens

Mamiya RZ67 Professional II Medium Format SLR Camera with 120 6x7 (10 Exposure) Film Back No Lens

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Mamiya RZ67 Professional II Medium Format SLR Camera with 120 6x7 (10 Exposure) Film Back No Lens

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Mamiya 791299 overview

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The Mamiya RZ67 Pro II camera is the latest development in the enduring RZ67 series. It features upgraded internal components and the option of shutter speed settings in half stops. RZ67 Pro II rollfilm backs now incorporate two frame counters for convenient viewing in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

The RZ67 Pro II is a electronic SLR camera system which accepts interchangeable viewfinders, interchangeable film backs (either 6 x 7cm or 6 x 4.5cm) which can be rotated, a winder and a comprehensive list of lenses and accessories. It is capable of aperture priority auto exposure when equipped with the optional AE Prism finder. Lenses, film backs, focusing screens, and viewfinders are interchangeable between all RZ67 models.

Viewfinders and lenses from the RB67 cameras are also useable on the RZ67.

Popular 6x7 format professional medium format SLR system
Revolving film back for easy changeover between horizontal and vertical with corresponding viewfinder indications
Multi-format capability with optional film magazines - 120 and 220 film options in formats 6 x 7cm and 6 x 4.5cm as well as Polaroid pack and sheet film options
Fail-safe system checks with visual and audible warning signals
Leaf shutter in lenses with electronic flash sync capability at all shutter speeds
Comprehensive line of high quality lenses
Lenses and viewfinders from the Mamiya RB67 are useable with the RZ67
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Mamiya 791299 specs

Camera Type 6 x 7cm format, rotating back, lens shutter SLR camera
Format 6 x 7cm (actual 56 x 69.5mm) or 6 x 4.5cm (actual 56 x 41.5mm). Format is determined by choice of optional film magazines.
Film Back/Loading Interchangeable type
Film Type 120 film: 6 x 7 (10 frames), 6 x 4.5 (15 frames). 220 film: 6 x 7 (20 frames), 6 x 4.5 (30 frames). Use of Polaroid 3x4 pack films and 4x5 sheet film is possible with Mamiya's RZ Polaroid backs. Use of Polaroid 3x4 pack and 4x5 sheet films also possible with Polaroid backs available from NPC. Actual Polaroid image size is 72 x 72mm.
Lens Mount 16 interchangeable lenses satisfy a variety of photographic needs. Most RZ67 lenses feature a convenient 77mm filter thread.
Shutter In lens - Seiko #1 electronic leaf shutter, 8 seconds to 1/400th and B. Shutter speed settings in 1/2 stops. RBL setting for use with RB67 lenses. AEF setting for use with optional AE (auto exposure) Prism Finder. Shutter has an emergency mechanical speed of 1/400th sec. in case of battery failure.
Shutter Release Camera body accepts standard mechanical cable releases and Mamiya's electro-magnetic remote cable. Mirror-up function and Bulb setting require special Mamiya "Mirror-Up" double cable release (or two cable releases)
Self Timer No
Flash Synchronization PC socket for electronic flash connection on lens barrel and dedicated hot shoe on camera body side (works with Metz and gives flash ready signal in viewfinder - the RZ67 is NOT a TTL flash capable camera). Flash sync possible at all shutter speeds.
Mirror Lock-Up Manual return mirror resets with shutter cocking lever on camera body side. This lever also cocks the shutter and winds the film. Mirror return, shutter cocking and winding can all be accomplished automatically by the addition of an optional winder. Mirror lock-up possible with optional Mirror-Up double cable release.
Exposure Metering AE and Manual metering possible (with choice of spot or averaging) with optional AE Prism Viewfinder (meter activated by light pressure on shutter release button). Manual metering only possible with RB67 PD prism finder. RB67 finders fit the RZ67 and standard non-metered RB67 prism finder is also the standard non-metered prism finder for the RZ67.
Exposure Bracketing No
Exposure Compensation Available with optional AE Prism Finder II
Depth-of-Field Preview Yes - lever on lens
Viewfinder SLR type interchangeable waist-level focusing screen (standard matte with fresnel spot type, a total of seven focusing screens are available); One-touch folding type hood with built-in 2.9x magnifying lens. Optional diopter correction lenses available. Field of view 95% of actual picture. Viewfinder coupled to revolving film holder with vertical/horizontal indicators
Viewfinder Info LED's indicate operating status, lens cap and battery level
Film Transport Automatic with cocking lever on camera body. A single action 114 degree stroke resets all functions for the next shot.
Multiple Exposure Possible with multiple exposure switch on camera body.
Focusing System Dual rack and pinion with dual left/right focusing knobs, fine focus knob and tension lever.
Power Source 6 volt PX28 silver or equivalent
Custom Functions No
Data Imprinting No
Tripod Mount The RZ67 comes equipped with a 3/8" tripod socket with a 1/4" bushing installed in it.
Dimensions 108 x 133.4 x 212.5mm (4.25 x 5.26 x 8.36") WHL w/110mm lens and rollfilm holder
Weight 4b 2.5 oz (1.887 kg)
Miscellaneous Audible Warning Signals: If shutter dial is at RBL with RZ lens attached; if shutter dial at AEF after AE finder is removed; if shutter dial not at RBL with RB lens or no lens attached; when battery level is too low for operation
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