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Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Normal EF 22-55mm f/4.0-5.6 USM Autofocus Lens

Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Normal EF 22-55mm f/4.0-5.6 USM Autofocus Lens

Used Cat.# 820176 MFR # 2563A002
Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Normal EF 22-55mm f/4.0-5.6 USM Autofocus Lens

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Canon 2563A002 overview

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Canon has made another bold statement in function and design with the introduction of its first Advanced Photo System SLR camera, the EOS IX. Originally showcased at the Photo Marketing Association's Annual Trade Show and Convention in February, 1996, the EOS IX camera offers the benefits of the new Advanced Photo System while maintaining many of the features that have made the Canon EOS System the best selling SLR camera line in the world.

Means that there is no longer a limitation of one image size (aspect ratio) per roll. Formats can be changed as often as desired, and the IX data ensures that photos are printed in the selected size. EOS IX picture formats include "C" (Classic), "H" (Wide), and "P" (Panorama).
Enables the EOS IX to record photographic data such as scene brightness, flash use and illuminant type (daylight, fluorescent, or tungsten) on a magnetic strip located at the edge of each frame. Advanced Photo System photofinishing equipment analyzes this data during the developing process to enhance print exposure accuracy and color balance.
Makes it possible to change film easily in mid-roll without wasting or possibly double-exposing frames. When a partially exposed roll is reloaded, the EOS IX reads the recorded data and automatically advances the film to the first unexposed frame. It is easy, for example, to switch to a faster film for nighttime shooting or use separate rolls for different subjects.
A unique feature of Advanced Photo System which allows for more control over the final prints. With FTPM, the recorded IX data prevent the photofinishing equipment from performing frame-by-frame compensation. The intended results are thus more likely to be reflected in the prints.
And, finally, the processed film is returned in the original cartridge which serves as a permanent storage container. The whole set -- cartridge, prints and the Index Print (a proof sheet), are identified with matching numbers so there is never any question as to which image is on which roll.
The EOS IX autofocus system is based on Canon's latest generation Multi-BASIS (Based-Stored Image Sensor) technology. Utilizing the camera's three-zone autofocus system, the BASIS system features a cross-type sensor at the center, coupled with vertical line sensors to the left and right, which ensures perfectly focused images even when shooting off-center or moving subjects.
The wide AF coverage encourages spontaneous photography with more emphasis on capturing the peak moment. In most shooting situations, the photographer can simply let the camera automatically select the focusing point. The user can also manually select any of the three focusing points by pushing the focusing point selector and rotating the camera's Main Dial. The EOS IX uses a liquid crystal display overlay on the focusing screen to indicate the focusing points as well as the C and P print size formats in the viewfinder.
An abbreviation for "Advanced Integrated Multi-point Control System," AIM is Canon's original multi-point autofocusing and metering system which links evaluative metering and flash metering to the active focusing point. It enables the user to concentrate on composition and take better pictures more easily without having to first place the subject at the center for AF lock. The EOS IX is equipped with a full range of metering patterns, including 6-zone evaluative, 6.5% central-area partial and center-weighted average metering.
The key to maximum creative control with the EOS IX is aptly centered around the Command Dial on the back of the camera next to the LCD display panel. On it there are five programmed Image Zone Auto Exposure modes (Full Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-Up, Sports, Night) that make it simple to achieve professional looking results. The Command Dial also includes five Creative Zone modes (Intelligent Program AE, Shutter Priority AE, Aperture Priority AE, Depth-Of-Field AE, Metered Manual Mode) which provide the greatest photographic freedom while maintaining all the benefits of Canon's advanced AE technology. This extraordinary variety of exposure control options make the EOS IX highly adaptable to a wide range of shooting situations.
Simply brilliant, Canon's exclusive E-TTL (Evaluative-Through-The Lens) flash system automatically measures the combined ambient/flash illumination using the EOS-IX's 6-zone evaluative metering sensor. This results in flash photographs that are more naturally illuminated than with any conventional system, and requires the use of optional Speedlites 380EX or 220EX. The built-in auto pop-up flash provides excellent exposure accuracy with Canon's 4-zone 3-point TTL system.
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Canon 2563A002 specs

Lens Mount Canon Ef Mount
Focus Modes One Shot Af, Ai Servo Predictive Af, Ai Focus, Manual, 3 Focus Points Auto/Manual Select
Exp. Modes Program With Vari Shift, Program Auto (Green Zone), Manual, Aperture/Shutter Priority, Depth-Of-Field Ae, Image Zone: (Landscape, Portrait, Close-Up, Sports, Night Mode). Ttl Flash, E-Ttl Flash (With 380ex Or 220ex Flash).
Exp. Metering Evaluative (Linked To 3 Focusing Points), Center- Weighted Average, Partial (Semi-Spot).
Exp. Metering Range Ev 1-20 With F/1.4 Lens At Iso 100
Exp. Compensation +/- 2 Stops In 1/2 Stop Increments
Exp. Bracketing +/- 2 Stops In 1/2 Stop Increments
Flash Built-In, Ttl, Covers 22mm Lens, Guide Number 36 (Ft. Iso 100), Red-Eye Reduction
Shutter Speed 1/4000-30 Sec., Bulb, Sync 1/200 Second (Sync up to 1/4000 With 380ex Flash)
ISO Range Dx 25-8000, Manual 6-8000
Film Wind Auto Single Shot, Continuous 2.5 Frames Per Second
Focusing Screen Fixed Laser Matte
Diopter Correction Interchangeable
Self Timer 10 Second Deley
Remote Control Optional, Remote Switch Rs-60e3, Or Wireless Rc-1
Viewfinder Info Focus Point Selected, Picture Format, Ae Lock, Flash Indic., Aperture / Shutter Speed, Dep Point, In Focus Indic., Exposure Level Scale, Film Rewind, Exposure Bracketing, Exposure Compensation.
LCD Information Aperture/Shutter Speed, Focus Mode, Winding Mode, Focus Point Indicator, Manual Exposure Level, Exp. Bracketing, Exp. Compensation, Print Format Indic., Film Load/Rewind, Film Speed, Frame Counter, Red- Eye Reduction, Battery Power, Self Timer/Remote, Fixed Time Printing Mode.
Body Color Silver
Title Back Printing No
Date/Time Imprint Yes (Back Of Print)
Exp. Data Recording Yes
Print Quantity No
Mid-Roll Change Yes
Power Source (2) 123a 3v Lithium Battery
Dimensions 5.2 X 3.1 X 2.3" (Wxhxd)
Weight 1 lb 5.7 oz 22-55mm f/4-5.6 USM Lens
Specialties Fixed Time Printing Mode, Whisper Drive Film Tranport
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