Bronica ETRSi Medium Format SLR Camera with 75mm f/2.8 PE Lens, 6x4.5 (120) Film Back ,AE III Meter Prism Finder and Speed Grip E

Bronica ETRSi Medium Format SLR Camera with 75mm f/2.8 PE Lens, 6x4.5 (120) Film Back ,AE III Meter Prism Finder and Speed Grip E

Bronica ETRSi Medium Format SLR Camera with 75mm f/2.8 PE Lens, 6x4.5 (120) Film Back ,AE III Meter Prism Finder and Speed Grip E

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Bronica ETRSi Medium Format SLR Camera with 75mm f/2.8 PE Lens, 6x4.5 (120) Film Back ,AE III Meter Prism Finder and Speed Grip E

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Bronica 942534 overview

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The Bronica ETRSi is a medium format, Single-Lens-Reflex lens shutter camera which uses a 6 x 4.5cm negative size. This frame size is approximately 2.7x larger than the 35mm format and means that finer details in enlargements will appear "snappier". This compact and lightweight camera is based on Bronica's lens shutter system allowing flash synchronization up to 1/500sec.

The ETRSi is a full system camera and accepts a full line of lenses, film backs, viewfinders (metered and non-metered), focusing screens, bellows system, extension tubes, teleconverters, a Polaroid back and many other accessories. In addition, TTL/OTF flash exposure is possible by means of Bronica's exclusive Current Control Center (C.C.C.) based on direct metering at the film plane. Full TTL flash photography can be achieved using either the Metz SCA system, Quantum "Q" Flash, or Sunpak flash systems by utilizing the appropriate connecting modules. Multiple exposure is easily accomplished by means of a switch on the body while a warning signal in the viewfinder alerts the user when this function is engaged. The ETRSi also features mirror lock-up for making long exposures or for minimizing vibration when using very long lenses.

Motorized film advance is made simple with the use of optional Winder Ei-II. If motorized advance is not required,the included Bronica Speed Grip E makes hand-held photography easier by means of a comfortable film winding lever similar to traditional 35mm camera operation. Metering is done with the included AE-III Prism Viewfinder E which offers the photographer average and spot metering modes, aperture priority auto-exposure, manual exposure, exposure compensation, variable diopter adjustment and auto exposure (AE) lock. The ETRSi delivers advanced photography with handling ease and is an excellent choice when the photographer wishes to step up to 6 x 4.5cm medium format photography.

Excellent handling speed in a compact, lightweight medium format camera
Between-the-lens shutter system for flash sync at all speeds up to 1/500sec.
TTL auto flash operation with Metz, Quantum "Q" and Sunpak flash systems
Full system camera offering a complete line of interchangeable lenses, viewfinders, screens and other accessories
Accepts two optional 35mm roll film backs; One for traditional 24 x 36mm format, the other for a horizontally wider 24 x 54mm format
In the Box
Bronica ETRSi Medium Format SLR Camera with 75mm f/2.8 PE Lens, 6x4.5 (120) Film Back ,AE III Meter Prism Finder and Speed Grip E
  • 62mm Front Lens Cap
  • Dark Slide
  • Wrist Strap
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    Bronica 942534 specs

    Camera Type Lens shutter Single-Lens-Reflex medium format camera
    Format 6 x 4.5cm format (2-1/4 x 1-5/8"); actual frame size is 42 x 55.1mm
    Film Back/Loading Interchangeable type; Film Backs Ei 120 and Ei 220 (for 120 and 220 roll film; 15 and 30 exposures for the 6 x 4.5cm format), two 35mm roll film backs: Film Back 135-N (for 35mm roll film in 24 x 36mm) and Film Back 135-W (for 35mm roll film with a horizontally wide frame area of 24 x 54mm (1.5x normal the 35mm format)), Polaroid Pack Film Back E
    Film Type ISO 25-6400 in 1/3 EV increments; 120 roll film (15 exposures in 6 x 4.5cm) and 220 roll film (30 exposures in 6 x 4.5cm); Accepts 35mm film in either Film Back E135-N (24 x 36mm) or Film Back 135-W (24 x 54mm); Accepts Polaroid Film Pack E (for Polaroid 3 1/4 x 4 1/4" pack films, i.e. 669, Pro 100, or Fuji Type 100-FP
    Lens Mount Exclusive Bronica four claw bayonet mount
    Shutter Electronically controlled Seiko #0 between-the-lens leaf shutter; shutter speeds 8 sec. to 1/500 sec., "B" and "T" exposure settings; mechanical control setting of 1/500 sec.; Fully automatic instant re-opening diaphragm action
    Shutter Release Uses shutter release button on front of camera; Accepts electronic cable release (#BC3655) and also accepts mechanical cable release through receptacle on side of camera body
    Self Timer None
    Flash Synchronization PC terminal on camera body (for external electronic flash connection only); All speeds up to 1/500 sec.; TTL/OTF flash exposure possible with Metz SCA 386 adapter (Dedicated module #5571), Quantum "Q" Flash (Bronica TTL Module #QF20), and Sunpak (BR-1D dedicated module)
    Mirror Lock-Up Possible with lever on body
    Exposure Metering None in basic camera body; With AE-III Prism Finder E, TTL full aperture readings; full area average reading which is switchable to a spot reading (using a 10mm circle in the center of the finder area); Metering range is EV 1-19; With AE-II Finder E: Full area averaging meter ONLY
    Exposure Bracketing None
    Exposure Compensation Available through AE-III Prism Finder E in +/- 2 stops (in 1/3 EV increments); LCD finder indication of "+" or "-" compensation setting; or with AE-II Finder E measured in +/- 1 EV
    Depth-of-Field Preview Done with depth-of-field lever on lens
    Viewfinder Interchangeable viewfinder system; 94 percent of actual field of view (remains unchanged with different viewfinders); Choice of four viewfinders: Waist Level Finder E, Eye Level Prism Finder E (non-metered), Eye Level Rotary Finder E (non-metered), Eye Level AE-III Finder E (metered); Seven interchangeable type focusing screens available: standard screen is all matte with center spot (#BE2661)
    Viewfinder Info With AE-III Prism Finder E: LCD type display with automatic backlight illumination in dark situations; seven segment shutter speed indication including intermediate settings; "AE" indication for AE mode; "L" for AE lock mode (AE locked reading held for 60secs.); "M" for manual mode; Spot and Average metering indications; "+" and "-" for exposure compensation setting; Activated by half stroke of shutter release (when used with ETRSi)
    Film Transport Winding crank requiring one complete forward revolution; Optional Speed Grip E for faster MANUAL film advance, or optional Motor Winder Ei-II
    Multiple Exposure Possible with multiple exposure lever; Red warning sign in viewfinder signals multiple exposure is activated
    Focusing System Rotating helicoid mount
    Power Source Uses PX28 silver oxide, PX28L lithium, 4LR44 alkaline or equivalent 6V battery; also powers AE-II and AE-III finders (when attached); Battery check: Activated by battery check button; Red LED visible within screen area indicates if there is sufficient power (also doubles as shutter function signal)
    Custom Functions None
    Data Imprinting None
    Tripod Mount 1/4" x 20
    Dimensions Body: 92 x 87 x 69mm (3.62 x 3.43 x 2.72") W x H x L
    Weight 4 lbs 1.3 oz (1854 kg)
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