iZotope RX 2 Advanced - Audio Repair Software

iZotope RX 2 Advanced - Audio Repair Software

iZotope RX 2 Advanced - Audio Repair Software

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Product Highlights

  • Denoise, Declip, Declick, Decrackle
  • Remove Hum and Spectral Repair
  • 64-bit SRC and MBIT+ Dithering
  • Adaptive Denoise, Azimuth Alignment
  • Radius for Changing Time and Pitch
  • Audio Units, DirectX, MAS, RTAS, VST
  • Standalone and 3rd Party Plug-in Support
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
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iZotope RX 2 Advanced overview

  • 1Description

RX 2 Advanced from iZotope takes the RX 2 version of audio restoration software, and adds several important features to enhance the audio repair workflow. As with the regular version, the software allows for removing noise, hiss, buzz and hum, eliminating clicks and crackle, restoring clipped audio, visually selecting and suppressing unwanted sounds, re-synthesizing missing audio, and much more.

Additions include an adaptive feature for the denoiser for removing noise that changes over time. Third party plug-in support enables any processing on spectrogram selections, while Sample Rate Conversion (SRC), MBIT+ dithering, and pitch and time manipulation processes add valuable functionality. Also available is time-stamped log creation, essential for forensics and archival documentation. Tape restoration has automatic Azimuth alignment and precise sub-sample control of delay.

Deconstruct, a new class of audio manipulation tool, intelligently separates audio into "tonal" and "noisy" components. For example, a singer's voice has tonal parts (vowels, M and N sounds) and noisy sounds (breath sounds and sibilance like H, S and Sh). RX 2 Advanced provides the ability to separate and rebalance these components, opening up creative possibilities like accentuating only the tonal parts of a flute or sax recording, or bringing out the airy qualities of a nuanced vocal performance.

The software can function as either a standalone application, or as a plug-in within the appropriate host software.

RX 2 Advanced Features

  • Adaptive mode in Denoiser to remove noise that changes over time
  • Deconstruct, a new class of audio manipulation for control over noisy and tonal components of sound
  • Third party plug-in support enabling any processing on spectrogram selections and in Compare and Batch Processing features
  • iZotope 64-bit SRC for sample rate conversion, MBIT+ for dithering and iZotope Radius for changing time and pitch
  • Time-stamped log creation, essential for forensics and archival documentation
  • Spectral Repair multi-resolution mode for more accurate separation of noise and desired content
  • Automatic Azimuth alignment and precise sub-sample control of delay for tape restoration
New Features in Version 2

Improved Declick and New Decrackle
  • Declick features improved click detection and new Decrackle algorithm designed to treat continuous background crackle from vinyl and older media
  • Denoiser features new Global Smoothing control and high frequency enhancement for increased transparency
  • Spectral Repair now allows longer and unlimited selection processing

Freehand Selection and Magic Wand
  • New Lasso, Brush and Magic Wand tools allow natural, freehand selections of problem sounds
  • The Magic Wand can automatically select a sound and its harmonics for incredibly fast editing

Improved Batch Processing
  • Updated batch processor streamlines your workflow by letting you chain multiple modules, process multiple files and use multiple CPUs

Intelligent Hum Module
  • Automatically identify the base frequency of hum for precise removal
  • The module will even recommend when the Denoiser should be used to more effectively treat certain kinds of hum

Session Support
  • Your edit history is automatically saved when you quit and reloaded when you restart
  • The entire state of the program including your selection is saved
  • This new feature also works in the event of a computer crash or power outage, so you can get back up and running immediately

Channel and Phase Operations
  • New Channel Ops module features left/right channel mixing and arbitrary phase rotation operations, both of which are crucial when restoring audio transferred from tape

Pre-roll and Post-roll Support
  • Customize the amount of audio played before and after an edit for context when previewing edits

Fade Support
  • Gain module has new advanced fade methods
Visual Editing

  • RX uses a visual editing paradigm allowing you to use both your eyes and ears to identify and fix sonic problems
  • Rich spectrogram display visualizes the audio in an incredibly intuitive and precise way
  • Spectral Repair re-synthesizes audio allowing you to seamlessly remove unwanted individual sounds or even fill gaps in your recording
  • Make multiple selections and process them all together, saving time as you audition different options
  • Ability to hide side and bottom panels provides a nearly full-screen view of your audio spectrogram or waveform
Optimized Workflow

  • Includes a standalone application and a suite of plug-ins for your DAW to fit the way you want to work
  • Edit History tracks every change allowing you to undo and compare processing
  • Compare Settings lets you process and audition multiple settings side by side
  • Application session state saved even between restarts
  • Batch processor can process tons of files quickly with any combination of modules

Audio Engineer and Recording Musician
  • Eliminate amp hum, equipment hiss and environmental noise from studio and live recordings
  • Fix mistakes like clipping, dropouts and cell phone rings

Video Post-Production
  • Save time and money cleaning up clipped, damaged and noisy dialog
  • Remove unwanted environmental and equipment noise

  • Noise reduction for voice intelligibility and visual analysis in spectrogram for edit analysis, including the ability to export screenshots easily

Broadcast and Podcast
  • Clean up and rescue location recordings and phone interviews from hum, environmental and equipment noise

Restoration and Archiving
  • Restore vinyl, tape and film
  • Enjoy exact control over each bit of processing

  • Reduces broadband and tonal noise transparently with natural results

Spectral Repair
  • Isolates and eliminates unwanted sounds visually, even when buried in complex noise and harmonic material

  • Rebuilds distorted audio damaged by analog and digital overloads

Declick and Decrackle
  • Eliminates clicks, crackles, pops and digital impulse noises

Remove Hum
  • Cleans up electrical hum and line noise including harmonics

  • Includes support for fades with several fade types

  • 6-band parametric equalizer module with adjustable notch filters and low pass/high pass filters

Channel Operations
  • Precise delay and phase operations

Spectrum Analyzer
  • High-precision spectral display featuring automatic peak finding

Batch Processing
  • Chain modules, process multiple files, and use multiple CPUs to optimize workflow
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iZotope RX 2 Advanced specs

System Requirements Windows XP, x64, Vista, Windows 7
OS X 10.5 or later (Universal Binary)
For plug-in use, host software that supports Audio Units, DirectX, MAS, RTAS or VST plug-in formats

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