Boris FX Boris Soundbite (North American English)

Boris FX Boris Soundbite (North American English)

Boris FX Boris Soundbite (North American English)

Boris FX Boris Soundbite (North American English)

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Product Highlights

  • Works with Final Cut Pro 6 & 7
  • Find Phrases or Words Spoken in Footage
  • No More Painstaking Transcription
  • Indexes Any QuickTime-Compatible File
  • Faster than Real Time Indexing
  • Flexible Accuracy Threshold for Searches
  • Export Results with Markers to FCP
  • Uses Patented Nexidia Technology
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Boris Soundbite (North American English) from Boris FX is a speech-indexing plug-in for Final Cut Pro that will free you from time-consuming transcription and logging tasks for documentaries and other unscripted projects.

Documentaries typically involve hundreds of hours of footage, and most clips will never see the light of day in the finished project. Still, all footage in play must have its dialog accounted for, or it might as well not exist. Boris Soundbite uses patented dialog-search technology from Nexidia to help you locate footage quickly and easily, based on the spoken words (North American English only) in any clip. It logs the footage in the background while you work in Final Cut Pro 6 or 7.

Once a clip or group of clips is indexed, you can perform searches for one or several phrases to find the subject matter or the specific clip you're after, and you can adjust the search tool's accuracy in order to generate more or fewer results.

Search hundreds of hours of video in mere seconds by specifying folders or Final Cut Pro project files. Soundbite supports any media-storage volume that can mount to your desktop. Once Soundbite has found what you're looking for, you can preview the clips quickly using keyboard commands. Colored markers in the preview window will show you exactly where the instance of a phrase or word occurs. Then export your "keepers" to Final Cut Pro, with markers attached if you'd like. Soundbite works with any file type, including MXF files, as long as they're compatible with QuickTime on your system.

Find Any Word or Phrase
Boris Soundbite finds any word or phrase that is spoken in your audio and video files. Simply select folders or Final Cut Pro projects, and Soundbite will search hundreds of hours of media instantly. To refine your search, you can combine up to eight different spoken phrases with standard file system and FCP metadata filters, then save your search criteria to save even more time later
Preview Results
Select any clip in the results list and hit the space bar to preview it in the Soundbite player window. Left/right arrows skip between hits in the file, up/down arrows skip to the next file. Colored markers in the player's timeline show where each hit occurs, and you can set in and out points to create sub-clips, then export selected clips directly to Final Cut Pro
Export to Final Cut Pro
With a single click, selected clips from Soundbite will appear in your FCP browser, bins, or projects, complete with colored markers for each dialog hit and the in/out points you set in Soundbite. Each marker is named with the matching dialog for easy reference. You can even push the markers into existing clips to avoid duplicating media
Not a Transcript of Words, an Index of Phonemes
Boris Soundbite does not create a transcript. The process of making audio searchable in Soundbite is referred to as Indexing. The indexing process generates a record of the sounds in the audio – known as phonemes – and stores this information on your computer. Rather than making decisions about the words that are spoken at the time the audio is indexed – resulting in a transcript – Soundbite locates areas in the audio that sound exactly like or similar to the words or phrase being searched
Speedy Indexing
Soundbite indexes media files much faster than real time, rendering a one-hour file searchable in about a minute. This enables Final Cut Pro users to begin searching their daily news, interview, and/or scene footage very quickly
Dictionary Independence
Typical speech-to-text systems can only recognize words found in their specific dictionaries. Phonetic indexing is not dependent on a fixed dictionary, so Soundbite users aren't dependent on updates to be able to find slang, proper names, and other topical keywords when they need to
No Worries About Spelling Errors
Proper names are particularly useful query terms but also particularly difficult for speech-to-text solutions, not only because they may not occur in the dictionary, but also because they often have multiple spellings. With phonetic searching, exact spelling is not required. If it's spelled like it sounds, Soundbite will find it
User-Determined Threshold
If a particular word or phrase is not spoken clearly, or the audio quality is poor, speech-to-text solutions will likely not recognize the words correctly. Soundbite lets the user set a tolerance threshold: A high threshold only returns results which precisely match the search terms, while a lower threshold allows results which have lesser audio quality or broader variations in pronunciation. This capability is unique to Soundbite and simply not available in other solutions
Broad Clip Search
Soundbite searches most common file formats that can be played on your system using QuickTime. It can search all clips, sub-clips and sequences that are part of specified FCP projects or "watched" folders. Soundbite will periodically check for new media files and automatically make them searchable as well
Final Cut Pro Integration
Soundbite understands how to read the information contained in your FCP project. It not only can discover and locate the media files associated with a project, Soundbite also reads all metadata associated with those assets. This metadata can be searched in conjunction with the dialog. Once you find clips that you'd like to add to your project, Soundbite will export the media file reference into your FCP project, along with markers named for the word or phrase that was searched
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  • 1Description
System Requirements Mac computer with an Intel processor

Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later

Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 or 7.x (Final Cut Pro X is not yet supported)

QuickTime 7.6 or later

1 GB of RAM (2 GB of RAM recommended when working with compressed HD and uncompressed SD sources; 4 GB of RAM recommended when working with uncompressed HD sources)

200 MB of disk space required for Soundbite application with one installed language

For every hour of media which you wish to search, Soundbite will require approximately 6 MB of storage space on your system drive

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