Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme HDMI and Analog Capture & Playback Device - Thunderbolt

Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme HDMI and Analog Capture & Playback Device - Thunderbolt

Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme HDMI and Analog Capture & Playback Device - Thunderbolt

Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme HDMI and Analog Capture & Playback Device - Thunderbolt Top View

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Product Highlights

  • For Thunderbolt-Enabled Computers
  • 10-Bit Editing Solution
  • HDMI Input / Output
  • Analog Video / Audio by Breakout Cable
  • 1080p24, 1080i60/50, 720p60/50
  • NTSC & PAL
  • Real-Time Final Cut & Premiere Effects
  • Machined Aluminum Body
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Blackmagic Design BINTSTBEXT Overview

  • 1Description

Intensity Extreme from Blackmagic Design is a 10-bit editing solution that leverages the blazing-fast speed of a Mac's Thunderbolt connection to provide capture and playback of standard- and high-definition video via analog and HDMI connections. The breakout box is machined out of a solid piece of aluminum for a sturdy design and a professional look & feel.

You can connect your camera, deck, or any other video source to the Intensity Extreme via the HDMI port or, using the included breakout cable, analog connections for HD or SD video capture to your computer. With the 10 Gb/s Thunderbolt connection, data rates up to 20x that of USB 2.0 are supported.

For monitoring to a HDMI- or analog screen, the Intensity Extreme features connections for both HDMI and analog (3x RCA on the breakout cable). Stereo audio monitoring is also possible via the embedded channels on the HDMI port, the dual RCAs, or the S/PDIF output.

Intensity Extreme is fully compatible with Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, The Foundry's Nuke, DaVinci Resolve, and more. With Final Cut, for instance, Intensity Extreme enables you to monitor RT Extreme effects in real time, and you can also capture uncompressed video to feed the NLE.

Note: Thunderbolt cable not included.

Thunderbolt Technology
Intensity Extreme is built with blazingly fast Thunderbolt technology. Machined from a solid piece of aluminum, Intensity Extreme gives you incredible quality HDMI, component video, and composite 10-bit capture and playback. Better still, this super-sleek, high-speed data transfer system offers an incredible 10 Gb/s connection that's up to 20x faster than USB 2.0 and up to 11.5x faster than FireWire 800
High-Quality HDMI and Component Analog Capture and Playback
Intensity Extreme lets you capture and playback in the most incredible quality of HDMI and component analog video in both SD and HD. Smash the quality barrier for your video work because Intensity is not only the highest quality, but also affordable
Professional Performance
Go beyond the limits of your AVCHD or HDV camera. Simply plug in using HDMI or analog and capture direct from your camera's imaging sensor. You get incredible quality that completely bypasses the camera's video compression. Use Intensity Extreme for monitoring from your edit software for maximum real-time effects. Intensity connects directly to your editing software's real-time effects processing
Professional Video Standards
Intensity will instantly switch between HD and SD video standards including HDTV 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 720p59.94, 720p50, 1080p24, NTSC, and PAL. Intensity can also capture and play back all professional file formats so you can deliver finished television programs, music videos, and other work at broadcast standards. Add broadcast quality to your editing system and move to a new world of video editing where your images always stay absolutely perfect at full resolution HDTV
True HDMI Digital Connections
Intensity Extreme features an HDMI input for connecting to cameras and digital set-top boxes for the highest-quality capture. Get higher-quality capture from HD cameras by capturing direct and bypassing the HDV compression chip for high-quality video captured directly from the image sensor. As edit software can't play back to HDV cameras for monitoring, Intensity is ideal to use for monitoring uncompressed HD or HDV, and even DV edits on the latest big-screen televisions and video projectors by connecting to the built-in HDMI out
Highest-Quality Analog Connections
The included breakout cable connects Intensity Extreme to all types of analog video and audio equipment. This gives you full compatibility with analog component, NTSC, PAL, and analog audio
Uncompressed or Compressed Video
HDV and DV use heavy compression. With HDV, the compression is time-based, which tangles up the system CPU as the editing software reassembles the video just to display each frame of the video. With Intensity Extreme you're working in uncompressed, so all CPU time is free for real-time effects, and the system feels snappy and fast to use. Because uncompressed video in HD requires a fast disk array, to save cost you can also choose compressed video that's higher-quality than HDV. For example you can use the DV 100 codec on Mac OS X, which is 4x better-quality than HDV
Full Resolution
Intensity captures and plays back full-resolution HDTV formats, which are up to 1920 x 1080 pixels for every video frame. HDV only uses 1440 horizontal pixels due to the limitations of the small cassette tapes used and the FireWire transfer speeds build into the cameras. Of course, all newer cameras have built-in HDMI video output, which allows access to the raw, uncompressed video directly from the chip. That provides incredible quality. If you're capturing from HDV tape, you can still enjoy editing video in full resolution, so your graphics and effects look sharp because only uncompressed video eliminates the horizontal scaling that's required when rendering HDV footage with graphics and effects
DVD Authoring
DVDs from uncompressed media are much higher-quality, and as all media files used on Intensity Extreme are QuickTime, you get full compatibility with DVD authoring software. Use DVD Studio Pro or even iDVD on Mac OS X for powerful DVD creation
Live Streaming
Always get a clean, uncompressed video source for your streaming files. Uncompressed source video also means you don't waste CPU resources de-compressing video upon capture, so all the computer's CPU is free for compressing to streaming standards. You get faster rendering of your streaming files and more real-time support. Intensity Extreme is compatible with all streaming software on Mac OS X
Record Your Game Play
Connect Intensity to your gaming console for game-play recording. Intensity is based on high-quality broadcast television electronics, so you'll get full quality and full motion without dropped frames. This means you get incredible quality, totally perfect and in full resolution
Blackmagic Media Express Software Included
Blackmagic Media Express is free software that comes with Intensity Extreme. Media Express lets you batch-capture and play back 2D and dual-stream stereoscopic 3D in DPX, ProRes, uncompressed YUV and RGB, DVCPRO HD, and MJPEG files. You can even create your own playlist. Media Express also supports CMX EDL import and export, frame-accurate deck control via RS-422, and will even insert and assemble to tape. Media Express is fast, accurate, and easy to use, and it works on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. You can even grab still frames directly from your deck and save them as perfect digital still images. That's a complete solution for capture and playback 1
Final Cut Pro 7 Support
Edit in Final Cut Pro with Intensity Extreme, while using the highest-quality uncompressed video, or choose DVCPRO HD or ProRes 422, which are higher-quality and faster than native HDV or AVCHD. You can even use Intensity Extreme just for monitoring to HDMI televisions from HDV Final Cut Pro timelines. When playing back video, you get full RT Extreme real time effects, all with sample-accurate AV sync. Intensity Pro supports many of the advanced Final Cut Pro features such as 10-bit rendering, RT Extreme, and support for ProRes 422, HDV, JPEG, DV, DV50, DV100, an d8- & 10-bit uncompressed media types.
Effects Software Support
Intensity even facilitates high-end design and effects work – great for the special effects you've always wanted for your independent films – using After Effects, Photoshop, and more. Intensity also includes an RGB QuickTime preview output for After Effects. And you can always preview on the video output interactively as you design and then play pre-renders using real-time RAM preview. When rendering your project, processing quality using the Blackmagic codec is full 16-bit, so you always get the advantage of uncompressed video
Adobe Photoshop Support
Intensity Extreme includes special Photoshop plug-ins, so you can directly capture and output still frames from within Photoshop. Outputting Photoshop graphics from Intensity lets you see the correct color and the effects of video interlace and field movement. Intensity uses the correct video levels so you can't get illegal 100% RGB video levels, eliminating surprises when graphics are displayed
Included Blackmagic Utilities
Intensity also includes Blackmagic Disk Speed Test, which checks your disk array and gives you an easy to understand speed test with the results in video frames per second. Also included is the Blackmagic Software Codec. Sometimes you might not have an Intensity card installed, so with the Blackmagic Software Codec you can still access 10-bit uncompressed files, even with 16-bit rendering. It only takes a minute to download and get full media file access even without Intensity hardware installed. You can read and render files on as many systems as you like. Even pass our codec to your clients and freelancers so they can move files to portable disks and work offline too! The Blackmagic Software Codec even reads and renders other uncompressed files for QuickTime
In the Box
Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme HDMI and Analog Capture & Playback Device - Thunderbolt
  • Breakout Cable for Intensity Pro
  • Media Express, Disk Speed Test, Blackmagic System Preferences & Blackmagic Driver Software
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Table of Contents
    • 1Description

    Blackmagic Design BINTSTBEXT Specs

    Video Inputs HDMI type A x1
    Analog (via included breakout cable): HD/SD Component, NTSC, PAL
    Video Outputs HDMI type A x1
    Analog (via included breakout cable): HD/SD Component, NTSC, PAL
    Audio Inputs 2 channels via 1x HDMI
    Analog (via included breakout cable): 2 channels, 24-bit, HiFi
    Audio Outputs 2 channels via 1x HDMI
    Analog (via included breakout cable): 2 channels, 24-bit, HiFi
    S/PDIF x1: 2 channels, 24-bit
    Format Support HDMI:
    525 NTSC, 625 PAL, 720HD and 1080HD switchable

    625i/50 PAL and 525i/59.94 NTSC

    1080i50, 1080i59.94, 1080i60, 1080p23.98, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p30, 720p50, 720p59.94 and 720p60
    Sampling HDMI video: 4:2:2
    HDMI audio: television standard sample rate of 48 kHz and 24 bit
    Color Precision HDMI: 4:2:2
    Color Space HDMI: YUV 4:2:2
    Copy Protection Yes, HDCP. For legal reasons HDMI input is unable to capture from copy-protected HDMI sources. Always confirm copyright ownership before capture or distribution of content
    Colorspace Conversion Hardware-based real-time
    HD Down Conversion Software-based down conversion during video playback
    HD Up Conversion Real-time standard definition to 1080HD and 720HD during video capture
    Real-Time Effects Apple Final Cut Pro internal effects and Adobe Premiere Pro internal effects in DV, DVCPRO HD, JPEG, and uncompressed edit formats
    Firmware Upgrade Firmware built into software driver. Loaded at system start, or via updater software
    System Requirements Macintosh computer with Thunderbolt running Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7
    Packaging Info
    Package Weight 1.25 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.2 x 6.2 x 1.6"

    Blackmagic Design BINTSTBEXT Reviews

    Intensity Extreme HDMI and Analog Capture & Playback Device - Thunderbolt is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 61.
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great concept, Half baked I'm using this device to digitize HD video from an HD decoder box at our television studio at the United Nations. The quality is great, but there are two major issues with the box: 1. It takes up the only thunderbolt port without offering a pass-through port, which means I can either use Intensity Extreme or a thunderbolt drive, never together. 2. It doesn't record in compressed formats, so the files take up a lot of space. I wish it would record in h.264 as well as already implemented uncompressed or Pro Res. Still, I give this box solid four stars it rightfully deserves: it delivers way more than would be expected for the price.
    Date published: 2013-08-27
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great portable device! I use this to capture hmdi signals from my cameras with 10bit 4:2:2 out in ProRes and I use it to live stream via Ustream and Wirecast. Works great and is portable as can be. One note, if you want to record in ProRes or any other compressed formats you will need FCP7/NLE installed first. FCPX with not allow Media Express to capture in ProRes. I had to do two firmware updates to my Macbook Pro before the thunderbolt port would work. As another reviewer said, these devices can only record non-HDCP feeds. So no, you can't record Blu-rays to you computer or some gaming devices via HDMI. I guess you would have to use the component via the breakout cable.
    Date published: 2012-03-16
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Works great right out of the box I bought this to do live web streaming with a MacBook Pro. Opened it up, plugged it in with Apple brand Thunderbolt cable, started Max/MSP (the program I use for streaming which is particularly touchy about which cameras it will see, particularly HD) and within seconds all was well. Quite fast video transfer, too, much faster than FW. Excellent picture quality. I haven't used any of the analog input or output functions yet, but I am sure they will work fine. I also haven't done the HDMI mirroring out but so far I'm extremely happy.
    Date published: 2013-03-12
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Cheap and Simple I/O Simply put, this thing just works. I generally find with blackmagic products the drivers they come with are outdated, but once you get the latest ones from the web they work consistently without issue. I'm using this with a 2011 Macbook Pro and Adobe Premiere CS6. I've got it looped off a Pegasus R6 RAID and am able to play AVC-I 100 files from Premiere, off the Pegasus to the intensity extreme without issue. The actual unit is very small, sleek and doesn't require additional power. It's size and ease of use make it ultra portable and very easy to take out into the field or where ever you might need it.
    Date published: 2012-09-06
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Works great with Ustream i used it to connect Sony AVCHD camcorder and MacBook Pro using HDMI & Thunderbolt for live online streaming. I had black screen problems in UStream but was able to make it work after matching camera resolution to the UStream. it works great, no hiccups when using ethernet.
    Date published: 2012-09-07
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great device and works as stated After using the Blackmagic Intensity HDMI PCIe cards in a MacPro I was excited to switch over to a Thunderbolt equipped Macbook Pro and stop logging the MacPro around to events. We stream a lot of sporting and school related events and having a portable system that can still handle progressive streams in full HDMI quality is a great advantage. No issues so far when using with Wirecast 4.1 and Macbook Pro. The Macbook did need to firmware updates before it would work with the Intensity Extreme. We also shoot a lot of promo material and I can't wait to use it to capture ProRes HQ in and bypass the AVCHD compression.
    Date published: 2012-03-06
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Nifty little device I purchased the Blackmagic Intensity Extreme for recording in the field from a Panasonic HMC150 to a MacBookPro (running under Lion) via HDMI-out on camcorder and Thunderbolt-in on computer. My hope was to avoid the good-but-not-great AVCHD format/H.264 compression, and to record straight to ProRes. In comparing some footage and color bars shot simultaneously using the HMC150's AVCHD format vs. the ProRes 422 (using Blackmagic's MediaExpress), the ProRes was very noticeably better. Of course you can expect those files to be huge compared to those recorded to the camcorder's SD card. Also to note (if you're not Barry Green), if yours is the same setup as mine, to get any image to come through to MediaExpress, you need to set your HMC150 to 1080/30P and MediaExpress preferences to HD 1080i 59.94 (or 720P/30P(or 60P) and 720i/59.94, respectively), as the HMC150 seems to record in a 59.94fps container, which I was not aware of. Additionally, a $50 Thunderbolt cable is required - not a $10 Mini DisplayPort cable. The TB cable has some necessary circuitry.
    Date published: 2012-03-13
    Rated 2 out of 5 by from Intensity Extreme for live HD streaming Actually, intensity extreme didn't work for me. I was streaming at 1080 i 60fp/s from my Panny GH2 camera to the intensity extreme device, but I was unable to stream live using the most common encoders flme, quicktime broadcaster and procaster. Same problem with a different camcorder sreaming hdmi 1080 i at 30fps. I was successful at capturing the hdmi stream on my mac using the application that came with the device, but this wasn't the intended use. I am returning the intensity extreme box next week unless someone finds a solution.
    Date published: 2012-03-05
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    Is this compatible with the ThunderBolt iMac Target Display Mode feature to allow external HDMI (or other) sources to use the iMac display as a monitor or would it only function through the use of video editing/presentation software? The Thunderbolt iMacs require a ThunderBolt source in order to use the target display mode. Previous Mini DisplayPort iMacs could use the cheap HDMI to mini DisplaYport adapters, but these do not work for the newer thunderbolt enabled iMacs. I have a project where we need to use the existing iMac as a dedicated display and so we want to use a hardware solution if possible, even if it hurts to pay this much for something that used to be relatively cheap.
    Asked by: Anonymous
    Answered by: Stephen W.
    Date published: 2018-08-28


    Hi, can l use it for Facebook live and connect to Panasonic gh5?
    Asked by: Anonymous
    While this product is no longer available, it has an HDMI input to capture the footage from the GH5 and use it for streaming.
    Answered by: Joseph
    Date published: 2018-11-05


    Can I have this device connect to my computer for webcam purposes?
    Asked by: Anonymous
    Yes You Can. I use it for Google Hangouts, Skype, Youtube Live. Once you have the software installed and the device working most programs that allow webcam functions will recognize The Intensity Extreme as another camera option.
    Answered by: HOWARD J.
    Date published: 2018-08-28


    I'm searching for a capture device that connects between the source video and a projector/TV. I do construction videography and need to move quickly and usually can't install software on the speaker's system. I'm more than willing to bring a laptop and a drive into the mix but wonder is a better way. Does anyone have suggestions on workflow with regard to this device or others?
    Asked by: Adan P.
    Have you considered the Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle 2 SSD Video Recorder B&H # BLHDSH2? Ha s a HDMI input with a HDMI loop out. Runs from battery or power. Records directly to a SSD. Very portable and easy to use.
    Answered by: Clint H.
    Date published: 2018-08-28


    If i have six wireless mics can i use this or do i need to use another Mixer?
    Asked by: Alex L.
    You must have an audio mixer. This only have line input to be feeded by a mixer or a line level equipment
    Answered by: Adriano T.
    Date published: 2018-08-28


    Does the device work with the GoPro 4. What is the latency ?
    Asked by: Anonymous
    cant speak for this unit but i do use HDMI out of the gopro in live video I-MAG. Gopro's do have latency right out of hdmi. i have tried various set-ups and still have noticeable latency. most noticeable if someone is talking/singing. its not so bad if video is of instruments or drums.
    Answered by: james p.
    Date published: 2018-08-28


    The breakout cable that appears to be included does not show S-Video input, is that correct? (I have a project needing best quality from VHS cassettes and I understand S-Video is a notch better than composite.)
    Asked by: William B.
    Thank you everybody for your info! I noticed afterward that there is actually a BM Thunderbolt model that includes S-video, the Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle with Thunderbolt. But there are too many worrisome negative reviews, including some for exactly how I would be using it. So I will investigate other devices.
    Answered by: William B.
    Date published: 2018-08-28


    Hi, I just purchased this device and noticed it has a whirring sounds when it's being used. There's also a metallic smell that comes out of the device after it's being used. Does this smell go away after the first few uses, or does the smell persist?
    Asked by: Rob R.
    I have used one for over a Year and no sound or smell from mine
    Answered by: Ray D.
    Date published: 2018-08-28
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