iDC Photo Video SYSTEM ZERO Follow-Focus Standard Combo for Nikon D7000

iDC Photo Video SYSTEM ZERO Follow-Focus Standard Combo for Nikon D7000

iDC Photo Video SYSTEM ZERO Follow-Focus Standard Combo for Nikon D7000

No Longer Available

Product Highlights

  • Standard 4-Slot Focusing Plate
  • D7000-Specific Camera Plate
  • Gearless Follow-Focus Wheel Assembly
  • Accessory Mounting Bracket
  • Quick-Release Clamp
  • Grip Handle with Tall Cold Shoe
  • Cold Shoe
  • Follow-Focus Spacer
  • Easy Lens Swap/Broad Lens Compatibility
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  • 1Description

The SYSTEM ZERO Follow-Focus Standard Combo for Nikon D7000 from iDC Photo Video is a kit whose parts come together and attach to the D7000 as one unit and that along with the D7000 can mount a tripod as one unit.

The kit is for the D7000 because the camera plate of the kit is D7000-specific. And the kit's being "standard" means that its focusing plate is the standard version with four dovetail slots, as opposed to the longer XL version with seven slots. The main difference between the two types is that the longer one, jointly with a follow-focus wheel assembly, can support longer lens constructions. The focusing plate is also what the main parts of the kit connect to.

One main part is the focus wheel assembly, which slides into one of the four slots of the focusing plate, and which tightens into place by way of a thumbscrew underneath the plate. The focus wheel itself is equipped with a soft, replaceable but tough O-Ring that presses against a lens and adjusts focus when the wheel is turned. The assembly has no gearbox and no ring gears and so provides convenience in swapping lenses. Just like the assembly is tightened into place on the focusing plate, it can be loosened to allow a lens swap. And the kit is compatible with many lenses (see specs) because the focus-wheel assembly can adjust along the focusing plate slots to most any lens. And for lenses that fall in-between the slots, the focusing plate slides for quick micro-adjustments.

Another main part of the kit is the accessory mounting bracket, which also slides into the focusing plate and which also tightens by thumbscrew, and to which attach some of the other parts of the kit. A grip handle made of industrial plastic and fastened to a billet-aluminum tall cold shoe is attached with the shoe as one to the top of the accessory bracket and together they provide a handle and a mount for a shotgun mic or for a fill light or for other accessories. The shoe also features a pin registration hole for Speedlites with locking pins. A few inches away from the handle is attached another cold shoe. And on the side of the bracket is attached a quick-release clamp that at the push of a knob accepts or releases any dovetailed adapter plate that conforms to Arca-Swiss dimensions. And additionally, the accessory bracket itself has many mounting holes along it for the accessory mounts to be repositioned throughout and for additional ones, such as iDC's mini-tilter, to be attached.

With the accessory bracket and the wheel assembly joined to the focusing plate, onto the top of the plate also fastens a D7000-specific camera plate; and the camera plate is what attaches to the D7000, thus attaching our whole kit with it to the camera. And to the bottom of the focusing plate fastens a spacer, via which our kit can be mounted onto a tripod or monopod quick-release plate, and which provides one inch of space between the focusing and quick-release plates thus affording easy access to the red thumbscrews underneath the focusing plate. The spacer also allows the kit to fluidly be moved along a quick-release plate to be positioned in a way that best distributes the weight of both the kit and of an accompanying lens.

And lastly, the D7000-specific camera plate can also serve useful in adding viewfinders to the D7000. The plate holds in place via two quick-release thumbscrews compatible SYSTEM ZERO viewfinders, such as the iDC-modified Hoodman HoodLoupe.


Eight components attach to a D7000 as one unit.
A D7000 camera plate makes this kit D7000-compatible.
The follow-focus assembly has no gearbox and no ring gears.
A four dovetail-slot focusing plate serves as a quick-release base.
A spacer mounts the whole kit to an optional tripod quick-release plate.
The accessory bracket takes on shotgun mics, lights and other accessories.
An iDC-modified quick-release viewfinder can be attached on via thumbscrews.

Follow-Focus Assembly

Slides and attaches into any of the four focusing plate slots.
The focus wheel is equipped with an O-Ring for adjusting focus.
A gearless design lets lenses conveniently and quickly be swapped.
The four-slot focusing plate affords broad lens compatibility (see specs).

Accessory Mounting Bracket

Features a grip handle, two shoes, and a quick-release clamp attached.
The shoes each have one pin registration hole for Speedlites with locking pins.
The clamp accepts dovetailed adapter plates that conform to Arca-Swiss dimensions.
The bracket itself has many holes for shifting around and adding more accessory mounts.
Table of Contents
  • 1Description
Camera Compatibility Nikon D7000
Lens Compatibility Near Distance (closest distance from the lens mount to the focus ring):
.625" (1.58 cm)

Far Distance (farthest distance from the lens mount to the focus ring):
3.5" (8.9 cm)
Weight 28.4 oz (.8 kg)
Packaging Infoxxruerxsxrxcwfdcvfffacbvxbbu
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.7 x 6.7 x 4.3"
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