Auto FX Software Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 Platinum Edition f/ Mac

Auto FX Software Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 Platinum Edition f/ Mac

Auto FX Software Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 Platinum Edition f/ Mac

Auto FX Software Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 Platinum Edition f/ Mac

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Product Highlights

  • Suite of Professional Software
  • Add Edges / Frames & Borders to Photos
  • Improved Interface
  • Revamped Storyboards and Photo Layouts
  • 200 Premade Photo Layouts
  • Combine Effects Using Effect Layers
  • Give Shape and Dimensions To Images
  • Brush on Effects
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Auto FX Software Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 overview

  • 1Description

The Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 Platinum Edition f/ Mac from Auto FX Software is a professional software suite that allows you to add edges, frames, and borders to enhance your photography. The Platinum Edition now includes an amazing collection of film frames, darkroom effects, grunge edges, natural media borders, and dozens of other new styles with over a thousand pieces of new creative content.

This version of the application includes an improved preview and rendering system, as well as an updated interface intended to simplify its use. Other new features also include storyboards and photo layouts, preset effects, effect layers, and brush-on effects. The effects are divided into four categories; edges, effects, frames, and adornments. Edges are used to create unique patterns with alpha transparency blends around the edges of photos. Effects are variations on edges, with paintbrush-styled tools for fine-tuning, such as adding and removing transparency. Frames range in a variety from abstract to realistic. Adornments are used to add various preset items to photos, such as a flower in the corner of an image.

Photo/Graphic Edges is a fun and easy way to make your images distinctive in a few simple steps, and include over a thousand other styles to meet your creative needs.

Suite of Professional Software
Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 is a suite of professional software for adding edges, frames and borders to enhance your photos. The Platinum Edition now includes an amazing collection of film frames, darkroom effects, grunge edges, natural media borders, and dozens of other new styles with over a thousand pieces of new creative content. An improved preview and rendering system along with an updated interface make the Platinum Edition software a breeze to use
Improved Interface
The revamped interface design includes a streamlined workflow with larger content previews, reorganized content collections, and a new favorites feature
Combine Effects Using Effect Layers
Stack different effect layers together to make new looks - change the blending opacity and stacking order and dynamically change any setting you like
Improved Content Collections
The Platinum Edition release represents the best collection of frames, edges and borders in the world. Hundreds upon hundreds of new creative frames, edges and borders have been added to the collections included with this amazing new release
All New Preset Effects
Nearly 200 new premade photo layouts and instant effect presets are included with the Platinum Edition. You can also design your own presets and save them so you can apply them to other photos later
Improved Storyboards and Photo Layouts
Quickly frame and edge photos using accents, grunge overlays, blends, textures and mood lighting to create a perfect layout setting
Brush on Effects
Get exactly the look you're after with powerful brush on effects
Huge Selection of Creative Content
Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 Platinum Edition gives you a huge selection of creative content and is a great value for enhancing your photos. With thousands of edges, frames, borders and the powerful new effects in this professional suite, you'll find great value in owning this software


Darkroom Edges
Darkroom Edges is one of the best effects in this suite. There are hundreds upon hundreds of great looking professionally created darkroom edges in this collection including film brackets, etched glass negatives, sloppy borders, chemical transfers and much, much more
Grunge Edges
Grunge Edges gives you some wonderful shapes and artistic grunge looks to work with. The styles vary from simple to extravagant
Painted Edges
Painted Edges is an extensive collection of hand painted edge effects that add a distinct brush stroked look to your photos. Different artistic techniques were used to make the hundreds of pieces of content found in this collection
Montage Edges
Montage Edges allows you to combine different edges and images together in a single composition to create layouts and photo compositions. Each edge contains a photo and can be customized, transformed, angled, shadowed, layered and integrated into the composition to make a work of art. You can use Montage to design layouts for photo books and other production oriented jobs
Geometric Edges
Geometric Edges provides you a wealthy assortment of shapes and designs for your photos. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from. Each shape can be combined with other shapes so that you have an infinite number of possibilities. The looks you can create with this effect are really nice, especially when you combine the results with the extensive textures, adornments, overlays and mood settings available in the software
Digital Edges
Digital Edges is a nice effect that has a unique set of digitally generated or remastered / altered edge effects. You can combine different shapes together, apply background textures, mood lighting and other effects to get the right setting to fit your composition
Abstract Edges
Abstract Edges gives you a large assortment of abstract shapes and edges that can be used to form unique artwork designs that mask your photo. Create angles, combine different edges together to make unique shapes, blend edges off the sides of the photo and much, much more
Vignette Edges
Vignette Edges lets you apply fading vignettes, shapes and edges to your photo composition. Feather and blend your photo in unique ways using Vignette Edges. Use the Blend Tool to draw onscreen where the blends are to fade across. Smoothly blend photos into backgrounds and control where the blends occur and how much is faded out
Transfer is a spectacular effect that simulates tissue paper transfer techniques where a photo is developed on a thin sheet of paper and then placed over another surface. Transfer lets you brush on wrinkles, shape the tissue and the photo, as well as control the way the transfer and photo blend together with the scene
Edge Brush
Edge Brush lets you interactively brush on the edge. With over 230 different edge brushes to choose from you can get just the look you're after with this powerful effect. Each brush stroke can have unique content associated with it and can have individual stroke settings such as opacity, size and feather. You can combine different media together in a single effect to have charcoal, watercolor, pencil, splats, smudges and other brush looks as they are all applied to the same image
Burned Edges
Burned Edges simulates the look you would get if you burned the edges of a photo. This is a very easy to use effect that you can apply automatically by loading different edges. You can also customize the edge by brushing on the burn to shape the photo and remove areas as you brush. You can even burn holes into the photo wherever you want
Photo Border
Photo Border lets you create custom borders around your photo that contain beveled edges with reflections, shading and depth. You can create colorful, glassy borders or you can go the other direction and create textured, mottled borders with shading and atmosphere. The rendering engine, texture mapping, lighting and shading on this border effect is superb
Photo Tabs
Photo Tabs renders photo-realistic tabs on each corner of your photo. You can add textures, colors and surface maps as well as control the shading and lighting of the tabs. Different shapes and corners are available so you can customize the effect like you want. Apply a bevel style to the tab for even more options
Acid Etching
Acid Etching lets you brush on an etched edge to give your image a darkroom etched glass negative appearance. Traditionally when a negative is sandwiched between two pieces of glass and is then projected onto photographic paper to be developed, the edges of the glass develop as etched areas along the sides of the developed photo. Use it to reproduce this classic look
Ambient Brush
Ambient Brush is a neat effect you may find useful from time-to-time. It allows you to brush on a patterned texture to accent the borders of your photo or to frame the subject
Distort Edges
Distort Edges allows you to change the edge style on any effect by customizing it to fit your needs. Brush over parts of the edge and it will distort the edge look you have used. This gives you ultimate control over the shape of the effect by roughening, displacing and distorting the edges wherever you brush
Putty Edges
Putty Edges is a unique effect that lets you push, twist, scale and reshape the edges around your photo. You can brush the shape of the edge to fit your photo composition for a highly-customized look
Smudged Edges
Smudged Edges lets you brush along the sides of an edge effect and blend the photo and the edge together into the background for a seamless blend. With precise brush controls such as size, feather and opacity and hundreds of creative brush shapes and styles the artistic possibilities are infinite
Film Frames
Film Frames is a gorgeous effect that expertly masks your photos inside professional film frames. Film Frames include a wide assortment of creative content to choose from. Artistic layout designs with two and more frames are included. Taped borders, textured backgrounds and other artistic treatments have been expertly crafted to give you fantastic results
Grunge Frames
Grunge Frames is a delight to use as it gives your photos a distinctive look that is very trendy and popular. This collection includes splats, wisps, tendrils, etched and sketched edges and a number of custom treatments and techniques
Natural Media
Natural Media offers you an extensive selection of hand crafted frames that were painted using just about every known medium and technique. There are watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, colored pencil, crayon, ink and solvent mixtures and lots of unique looks that will give your photos a great look
Storyboards are photo layouts that are designed for photo books and albums. Most have built-in shading, grunge, accents and other components that help build on the design theme of the storyboard
Thin Borders
Thin Borders is a collection of very thin, elegant hand crafted borders. These borders are great for accenting photos without distracting from the picture itself. Single and double borders plus different shapes and styles are included in this collection
Artistic Frames
Artistic Frames offers you a variety of different brush strokes and patterns that make up simple borders. These frames are ideal for adding color and an element of fun to your composition
Classic Frames
There are dozens of styles to choose from. Each frame includes a complete setting so that you can add your photo with a single click
Dual Frames
Dual Frames are layouts that use two frames together with your photos to make unique compositions. Load different photos, then scale and crop the view area inside the frame as desired. There are a wide assortment of frame types and styles to choose from. This effect is useful when you want to show multiple photos together
Quad Frames
Quad Frames is a nice collection of frames with room for four photos to be placed in the layout. Frames are either similar in style on each layout or are joined together with a common border. You can put a different photo in each place holder or use the same photo and transform it so the crop is different presenting a unique composition in the frame
Scrapbook Fun
Scrapbook Fun is a great collection of frames suitable for a wide variety of shots. Each frame has its own unique theme. You can also add adornments and overlays to further enhance each frame to fit a particular need
Traditional Frames
Traditional Frames are frames you would normally find in a gallery or home hanging on the wall or sitting on a desk. These frames look great when you're trying to create a conservative composition. Frame types include different types of metal and wood constructs
Watercolor Frames
Watercolor Frames is a beautiful collection of watercolor brush strokes and blending colors. The frame shapes vary from rectangular to circular and the brush styles and colors also vary to give you a nice selection to choose from.
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Auto FX Software Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 Platinum Edition f/ Mac
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    Auto FX Software Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 specs

    System Requirements Macintosh
    OS: OS 10.4-10.6.9 / PPC or Intel
    OS: Currently does not support Mac Lion 10.7
    Memory: 2GB
    Disk Space: 4GB
    Photoshop support: CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 5.0 x 4.8 x 1.0"

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