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Telestream Enterprise Solution for Cerify Software (10 Server Units)

Telestream Enterprise Solution for Cerify Software (10 Server Units)
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Telestream CYSW ENT-10 Overview

The Tektronix ENT-10 Enterprise Solution provides access to the Cerify automatic quality control software for file-based video. It supports up to 10 server units.

Quality control of file-based video that may be ingested from different sources and encoded at different bit rates, formats, and compression standards for SD/HD, VOD, and IPTV delivery presents considerable operational challenges.

Manual inspection can playout, watch, and listen, but is subjective and cannot look inside the encoding to check that the correct syntax and parameters have been used.

It can be easily integrated with automation and asset management systems using the CeriTalk API. The XML-based test templates can be exchanged between Cerify systems, and applied as the definition of the required test standards between the suppliers and broadcasters to establish Service-level Agreements and reduce costly churn (rework of content).

  • Provides exception-based technical compliance to enable the QC teams to focus only on the problem content and the subjective requirements
  • Performs consistent and thorough checks of incoming video files against user-defined templates
  • Ensure quality of all audio tracks contained in the file simultaneously with 1 pass
  • Integrates with Video Servers
  • Logs errors, informs automation systems, plus programmable actions such as email user alert, quarantine, and move files
  • XML-based templates to reduce ingest rejection due to non-compliance
  • Web-based, multi-user interface
  • Flexible windows software-only solution
  • All the test features of the Cerify 200 Auto-QC
  • CeriTalk API for integration with automation and asset management systems
  • Available in 2 Configurations: Stand-alone or Enterprise (clustered for high parallel processing requirements)
  • Automatic objective testing
  • Improve consistency of results, levels of quality, and find errors that many visual inspections can miss
  • Processes up to 8 files simultaneously on a standard PC and server platforms
  • Cost-effective, software-only solution that runs on PC hardware
  • User-definable test templates
  • Enable conformance agreements for content exchange between content suppliers and broadcasters
  • Logs all testing and results
  • Detailed reports provide an audit trail of testing
  • Multi-user intuitive browser interface
  • Web-based user control for local and remote sites
  • Integrates with video servers and automation
  • Streamlined automated workflow
  • User definable quality levels
  • Allows QC managers to define required quality levels for different content types, uses, and delivery channels
  • Configurable by the number of channels required
  • Lowest entry price for Auto-QC, and enables expansion from a single channel as throughput increases
  • Straightforward, email-friendly template sharing across all installed Cerify solutions
  • Work to the same standards as the content distribution ingest or push standards back to content creation
  • Enables Automation and Asset Management systems to control testing and receive results
  • Post Production: Checks that the files conform with the agreed encoding and quality standards before sending to the broadcaster
  • Ingest: Checks that the received files conform with the encoding and quality standards agreed with the supplier
  • Transcode / Re-purposing: Check that the integrity and quality of the files before and after transcode and re-formatting / re-purposing
  • Before Playout: Check that the files on the playout server or VoD library are correct and ready to go
  • Archiving: Check files are good masters before and after archiving


  • All frame sizes, bit rates, and resolutions for SD/HD and mixed workflows
  • MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263 (Baseline), H.264/AVC, VC-1, and DV options


  • Broadcasters – for checking audio and video after encoding, at ingest, after editing, after transcoding, and before playout for terrestrial, satellite, cable, internet, and video-on-demand content
  • Archiving – For checking integrity before and after archiving
  • Content Providers – For checking post production and aggregated content has been correctly encoded and conforms to the required quality and format


Quality Check
  • Correct Encoding Syntax: At the digital level the audio and video must be correctly encoded without errors in accordance with the compression standard, so that it plays out correctly at the customer’s STB/playout device
  • Correct Encoding Parameters: The audio and video bit rates, GOP structure, video color-space, color depth, frame size, frame rate, aspect ratio, and quantization levels must be correct
  • Correct Baseband and Quality Levels: The analog parameters of signal levels, luma, chroma, gamut, quality levels of black frames, video quality (blockiness), loss of audio, audio clipping, and video and audio playtime, and verification of audio loudness and peak level
  • Correct Ancillary Data: Closed Captions, Teletext, DVB Subtitles, and Timecode


User Interface
  • Easy-to-use Web browser interface shows job status results at top level as red light / green light


User-Controlled Test Templates & Levels
Container-Level Transport System Tests
  • Correct standard and integrity
  • File size, bit rate, playtime, number of video, and audio streams in transport container
  • Packet size, cablelabs VOD compliance
  • Signalling and integrity of close captions, teletext, DVB subtitles
  • Timecode continuity, integrity, and synchronization


Video Tests
  • Correct encoding standard, profile, and syntax checks for encoding errors
  • GOP structure, quantization, frame rate, bit rate, frame size, interlaced/progressive, aspect ratio
  • Baseband tests including gamut levels, luma, chroma, signal levels, letterbox/pillarbox, playtime
  • Color depth, color format (4:2:0, 4:2:2), copyright
  • Black frames (lead in, lead out, and during the video), video quality (blockiness), frozen frames, field order


Audio Tests (Simultaneously on All Audio Tracks)
  • Correct encoding standard, profile, syntax checks for encoding errors
  • Sample rate, bit rate, playtime
  • Number of channels, peak and minimum signal levels on each channel
  • Audio silence (Lead in, lead out, and during the video), clipping, mute, test tones
  • Audio loudness (Per ITU 1770-2, EBU R128)
  • PPM audio ballistics
  • Long and short audio loudness tests for all supported audio codecs except Dolby E Codec per ITU-R BS.1770 standard (Including different audio loudness tests on different channels)
  • True peak-level tests for all supported audio codecs except Dolby E Codec
  • Audio loudness tests across multiple tracks (Situations where grouped channels are spread across tracks)


Action Templates & Reporting
  • Copy or move file on success or error
  • Email alerts with test reports
  • Web-based, on-screen job reports and detailed drill-down to error details
  • Text/HTML query reports of all files in the database with full file
  • Details and error reports


Additional Features
  • CeriTalk automation API
  • Multiple user templates and profiles can be set up for different content types and sources
  • XML-based templates can be imported and exported
  • Automatic reprocessing of a file, if there is a change in the last modified time or the size of the file


Telestream CYSW ENT-10 Specs

System Requirements
Windows XP, Server 2003, or Server 2008
Processor Speed: 3 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Ports: USB and Ethernet
Hard Drive: 20 GB available

Telestream CYSW ENT-10 Reviews

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