Pianoteq Chromatic Percussion Collection

Pianoteq Chromatic Percussion Collection

Pianoteq Chromatic Percussion Collection

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Modartt's Chromatic Percussion Collection consists of the Vibes, Celeste, and Xylo add-ons.

Vibes consists of two virtual vibraphones, V-M and V-B. They reproduce faithfully the characteristic sound of two well-known vibraphone brands. The V-M is a virtual copy of a Musser vibraphone (USA) that belongs to the famous French vibraphonist Dany Doriz. The V-B is a virtual copy of a Bergerault vibraphone (France).

The vibraphone is based on metallic bars, thin-walled tube resonators and damper pads, bringing the specific tonal characteristics. Thanks to the physical model, the range of the vibraphones is extended from 3 to 5 octaves. Each instrument comes in several variants. By using interface features such as mallet hardness and tremolo, you can customize them to your own taste.

Celeste contains two instruments: the celesta and the glockenspiel. The celesta has an appearance of an acoustic upright piano. It consists of metal plates stroke by felt hammers resembling piano hammers and there is also a sustain pedal. The timbre is very soft and subtle. The Pianoteq virtual copy is modeled after a modern five-octave German brand.

The glockenspiel is also made of metal plates but is stroke by hard metal mallets held by the musician, and is smaller and higher in pitch. The timbre is much more brilliant than the celesta. The Pianoteq virtual copy, modeled after a modern French brand, has been slightly extended to cover four octaves.

Xylo has two instruments including the xylophone and the bass marimba. Xylophone and bass marimba are similar to the vibraphone, but use wooden bars instead of aluminum. Each bar, that vibrates when hit with mallets, is paired with a metallic resonator which is tuned to amplify the sound.

The origin of the xylophone dates back several thousand years in Africa and South East Asia. The marimba appeared at the same time and is today the symbol of Guatemalan music. Due to its huge size, the bass marimba sounds more than two octaves below the xylophone. Both very popular, they are used in various musical styles from classical to Latin and rock.

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