XLN Audio Session Percussion ADpak - Expansion Pack for Addictive Drums

XLN Audio Session Percussion ADpak - Expansion Pack for Addictive Drums

XLN Audio Session Percussion ADpak - Expansion Pack for Addictive Drums

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Product Highlights

  • Exotic but Usable Percussion Sounds
  • 40 Presets in Various Styles
  • 70 Beats in Different Musical Genres
  • Recorded with Vintage Mics and Neve 8048
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The Session Percussion ADpak from XLN Audio is an expansion pack for owners of Addictive Drums. It features a set of percussion samples that are designed to be exotic, yet highly usable and to maintain the playability of a standard drum kit.

The samples for Session Percussion were recorded at Svenska Grammofon Studion, which means "The Swedish Gramophone Studio" in English. The studio, which is known for its selection of vintage microphones and large size, is built around the classic Neve 8048 console, which all of the recordings for Session Percussion passed through at the tracking stage. The result lends to a warm yet punchy sound that still has a rich, roomy quality with a short decay.

The main Session Percussion setup contains a conga and a timbale for toms, an orchestral bass drum for the kick, Brazilian caixa as a snare and blocks, cymbals, hi-hat, plus tambourine or Brazilian pandeiro for the "xtra" slot. When the Brazilian pandeiro is used in the xtra slot the sound can be layered with kick, snare and hi hats sounds and can be triggered in a round robin fashion. This opens up possibilities for syncopation and rhythm layering.


40 presets and 70 beats in various styles such as Hip Hop, RnB, Latin Pop, Rock and Dancehall


Kick: Kollberg Percussion Concert 32 x 20"
Snare: Brazilian Caixa 12 x 6"
Conga 1: Skin on Skin 11"
Conga 2: Skin on Skin 13"
Timbale: LP Tito Puente 14"
Timbale 2: LP Tito Puente 15"
Crash: Zildjan K Custom Hybrid 18"
Stack: Masterwork Custom 16" + Zildjian A New Beat HiHat 14"
Splash: Meinl Byzance 8"
Ride: Zildjian K Vintage 22"
Extra 1: LP Wood Block, LP Plastic Block
Extra 2: LP Tambourine (left-right-hit)
Extra 3: Brazilian Pandeiro & Kick-Snare-Hi-Hat (Brazilian Pandeiro also loadable in Kick Snare & HiHat slots)
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System Requirement Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32 and 64 bit)
OS X 10.5 / 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8 (32 and 64 bit)
Requires Addictive Drums version 1.5.6 (RTAS 1.5.2c) or later
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