Panasonic 50" PB1 Interactive Plasma Display

Panasonic 50" PB1 Interactive Plasma Display

Panasonic 50" PB1 Interactive Plasma Display

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Product Highlights

  • Instant Use
  • Smooth, Natural Writing
  • A Wide Viewing Angle & Accurate Colors
  • Wireless Presentations

Panasonic TH-50PB1U overview

  • 1Description

The 50” PB1 Interactive Plasma Display from Panasonic delivers an efficient style of meeting, providing a robust and articulate solution for writing, drawing, and connecting people. This display helps conduct active discussions, collaborations, and meetings.

Based on single-pixel detection, this display requires no calibration and the drawing position remains accurate. Also, there is no need to install a driver, so it is ready for immediate use.

The Plasma Light Detection System detects the drawing position quickly and correctly. Writing and drawing are easy and natural. Also, the Panasonic system lets up to 4 people to write or draw simultaneously.

Natural color reproduction makes the PB1 suitable for product design and graphics. This display’s wide viewing angle provides precise colors when viewed from anywhere in the room, especially when viewing intricate figures or imagery.

Content from a computer or a tablet screen can be displayed wirelessly. Participants with a PC can easily display data on the large screen, via the ET-WM200U wireless module (sold separately), from wherever they are seated.

Note: No driver installation required when using one Electronic Pen as a mouse.

Drawing Performance
Natural, smooth drawing. Excellent drawing performance makes meetings engaging and efficient.
  • Quick & Smooth Drawing

The Electronic Pen system developed using the Plasma Light Detection System eliminates the need for a touch overlay calibration and installation. The light that is emitted from each pixel with Full-HD resolution is detected directly by the pen to allow quick, smooth drawing and writing of diverse information.

  • Precise Drawing Position Detection

The display's plasma light emission is detected in single-pixel units, so the drawing position of the pen is detected accurately. Writing small letters and click operations on the PC desktop are smooth and easy.

  • Fast Response

The Electronic Pen position is detected at a fast 60 times per second. This ensures enhanced tracking and stress-free writing and drawing.

  • Accurate and Fast Writing and Drawing

Small or complex letters can be written onto illustrations, such as high-resolution CAD drawings, accurately and finely in the exact location that is intended.

  • Electronic Pen-Only Detection Prevents Operating Errors

Because the plasma light emission is detected only by the Electronic Pen, there is no accidental writing or operating errors when your hand, a sleeve, or other object touches the screen.

No Driver Needed - Ready for Instant Use
There is no need to install a special driver. You can simply register the Electronic Pen and an Electronic Pen Adapter to use the Electronic Pen as a mouse. Even when the presenters' PCs change, the Electronic Pen can be passed around for continuous use.
The included versatile software enhances the Electronic Pen functions and supports effective presentations.
  • Write & Erase with Ease

The Electronic Pen has a function button that lets you easily select one of four colors or the Eraser. When combined with Panasonic drawing software, there are a host of other operations available as well. 

  • One-Touch Drawing Tools

When using the Pen mode, the Drawing Menu for making straight lines or drawings can be displayed on the screen with a single touch, wherever the Electronic Pen touches.

  • Simultaneous Writing by Up to 4 People

Electronic Pens for up to four people are individually recognized, so a group of people can write at the same time. Also, in the Pen mode, each user can freely set the pen color and style, so individual ideas can be clearly expressed while mind mapping or brainstorming. 1

High Picture Quality
Accurate color reproduction and enhanced visibility make it possible to share information with a large group of people from all angles.
  • Wide Viewing Angle for Superb Visibility

The display's wide viewing angle enables superb visibility, allowing all participants to share a high-quality image from any angle.

  • Plasma Picture Quality Reproduces Natural Colors

The faithful color reproduction of the self-illuminating plasma panel provides accurate colors and textures of designs and prototype products.

  • Durable, Easy-to-Clean Front Glass

The durable front glass is designed to hold up to impact and resist scratches during writing. When the glass becomes dirty, it can be easily cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth.

  • Plasma Panel Lifetime of About 100,000 Hours

The lifetime of the plasma panel is approximately 100,000 hours. As a display used for daily presentation, it offers sharp, beautiful images for an extremely long period of time. 

  • FULL HD 3D ready
Allows to display PC or tablet content wirelessly, eliminating the need for cables.
  • Easy Wireless Display of PC Data

By using the ET-WM200U Wireless Module (sold separately) and Wireless Manager ME5.5 software (sold separately), the screen of your PC can be easily displayed by wireless transmission. There is no need to connect the PC by cable, so set-up is quick and easy. The presenter can be located virtually anywhere, allowing greater freedom for an effective presentation. Data from multiple PCs can also be shown together on a single display, and data from one PC can be transmitted to up to 8 displays.

Note: The Wireless Manager ME5.5 software is compatible with Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 and Macintosh (Mac OS X v10.4/v10.5/v10.6). However, the software does not support wireless transmission of DVD-Video, Blu-ray Video, and DRM (Digital Rights Management)-certified content.

  • Multi-Live Mode


Up to 16 PC screens can be displayed simultaneously, so users can easily give presentations one after the other in a meeting.

  • Multiple Transmission Mode

When presenting in a conference hall or a seminar room, the data can be shared with a large number of participants in real-time. The wireless presentation feature eliminates the need to switch cables, or seating positions, when presenters change. Information can be shown simultaneously onto multiple displays in large seminar rooms to enhance visibility.

  • Wireless Transmission from an iPad or an iPhone

This feature is supported by applications for sending PowerPoint files, PDF files, images, etc., saved onto an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod touch to a Panasonic display via wireless LAN (Wi-Fi). PDF files that have been sent to an application via iTunes with a computer, and images saved onto an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod touch, as well as web pages and images recorded with a built-in camera, can be sent. Pages can be rotated, the screen can be enlarged or reduced by pinching, and pages can be turned by flicking.

The use of the Marker function of the app makes it possible to draw, by freehand, onto JPEG and PDF files, and web pages that have been uploaded to a tablet.

Files saved in other than “Documents” or “Photos” cannot be displayed. Please note that animation, links, motion images, embedded audio, slide functions, word art, comment display, files with open passwords, PDF files scanned at high resolution, etc., may not be correctly displayed. 3

Other Functions
  • Screen Saver (Anti Image-Retention)

A variety of screen savers and settings are included to reduce the image retention that can occur when the same still image is displayed on the screen for a long period of time. A timer function can be used to set the operating times accordingly.

The NANODRIFT SAVER offers image retention reducing effect. The image moves smoothly and finely to suppress image retention in order to prevent any discomfort while viewing.

Versatile Video Input Terminals
The terminals on the main unit accommodate analog (component video, video, and PC) and digital (DVI-D and HDMI) video signals. This covers almost all commonly used video signals.
  • A Function Slot to Expand Display Applications

The SLOT2.0 function slot lets you add the functions you need to match your application. An optional function board can be mounted to add a TV tuner function and support a content distribution system.

  • Function Buttons

Menu items and input switches can be allocated to remote control buttons

  • Automatic Picture Positioning

Simply pressing the AUTO SETUP button on the remote controller when an RGB signal is input automatically corrects the horizontal/vertical position, horizontal/vertical size, dot clock, and clock phase. Setting the unit to Auto mode operates this function automatically each time the input signal changes. 4

Energy-Saving Functions
Various functions are provided to save energy. This is especially beneficial when the unit spends a long period of time in standby condition. 
  • PC/DVI-D Power Management

The sync signal for equipment connected to the DVI-D or a PC input terminal is detected, and the power is automatically turned on or off. 

  • No Signal Power Off

When a device is connected to the function slot and there is no sync signal for approximately 10 minutes, the power is automatically turned off. 

  • Power Save Mode

This lowers the light-emitting level for the display panel.

  • Stand-By Power Save

This lowers the light-emitting power during standby. 5

ECO Mode - Combining Energy-Saving Settings
Customize your energy-saving settings or use the recommended levels provided. Simply press the ECO button to switch between "On" (recommended settings) and "Custom."
Supports greater work efficiency in a variety of situations.
  • Increase Meeting Efficiency

Allows you to streamline your meetings, from preparation to presentation and post-meeting information sharing 

  • Reduce Meeting Preparation Time

By simply plugging the Electronic Pen Adapter into a PC, the Electronic Pen can be used immediately as a mouse, without any need to calibrate the drawing position. 

  • Streamline Discussions with Direct Annotation

The presenter can make annotations easily using applications with drawing tools, such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

  • Low Costs with Paperless Operation

Written data is stored in PC memory for efficient information sharing, so the time and cost of printing are minimized.

Improve Presentation Impact
Using multiple units in large halls or conference rooms makes it easy to share information with a large number of people.
  • Distribute Content onto Multiple Displays to Help Viewers Concentrate

Distribute the presenter's data onto multiple displays to share uniformly with a large number of participants, utilizing the display's wide viewing angle. 

  • Link Handwritten Information to Multiple Displays

Information that is written onto one display can be reflected in real-time onto the other, distributed displays, enhancing visibility, and understanding for all participants. 

  • Suitable for Panel Discussions

Discussions can be conducted with participants writing comments onto any of the multiple, distributed displays.

Make Remote Meetings More Efficient
Increase collaboration and meeting productivity and reduce travel expenses by linking the display with a remote conferencing system. 
  • Meeting with Interactive Writing

By using a web conference application on the display, participants can write onto remotely shared whiteboards and displayed data. This allows information to be shared in real-time.

  • Participation Is Easy for Distant Members & Travel Expenses Are Minimized

With the ability to easily share, notate, and record meeting content, remote meetings run as smoothly and efficiently as if everyone were in the same room.

  • Designed for In-House Seminars and Training Meetings

Low-cost interactive seminars can be conducted, with no need for everyone to be at the same location. Exchange ideas and hold question-and-answer sessions remotely.

Vertical Installation Capability
In the vertical position, content can be shown on the top while using the bottom can be used as a whiteboard.    

Video images can also be displayed at the top of the display while using the space below for presentation and collaboration, and at the same time share the bottom part for data and whiteboard use.


Table of Contents
  • 1Description

Panasonic TH-50PB1U specs

Screen Size (Diagonal) 49.9" (1,268 mm)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Effective Display Area W x H
43.5 x 24.5” (1,105 x 622 mm)
Number of Pixels H x V
1920 x 1080 pixels
Pixel Pitch (HxV) 0.576 x 0.576 mm
Contrast Ratio 5,000,000:1

The dark-room contrast ratio of the panel unit that can be displayed simultaneously on the same screen. Measured in "Dynamic" picture mode using a white signal in a 4% window.

Gradation 6,144 Equivalent steps
Panel Life Approximately 100,000 hours

Guideline operating hours before the panel brightness is reduced to half when the panel displays motion pictures in the Standard mode. Afterimages and malfunctions are not taken into consideration.

Technology Plasma Light Detection System
Video In BNC
Audio In (L/R): RCA x 1 set (shared with component/RGB In)



Component RGB In: BNC x 3
Audio In (L/R): RCA x 1 set (shared with video In)
HDMI In HDMI Type A connector
DVI-D Input DVI-D 24-pin
Audio In (L/R): M3 jack x 1 (shared with PC In)
PC Mini D-Sub 15-pin x 1 (female), plug & play (VESA DDC 2B)
Audio In (L/R): M3 jack x 1 (shared with DVI-D In)
Wireless I/F: Wireless module (ET-WM200U) terminal
Function SLOT2.0: 1 (Vacant)
External Speaker Jack 6Ω, 16 W (8 + 8 W) (10% THD)
Terminal LAN: RJ45 10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX, compatible with PJLink

Serial: D-Sub 9-pin x 1 (External Control Terminal), RS-232C compatible

3D Shutter Out: M3 jack (for 3D IR transmitter)

8 VDC Out for 3D IR Transmitter: Center Plus for EIAJ 4 mm plug


Power Requirements 110 to 127 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 480 W
Power Consumption Average Power Consumption (On Mode): Approximately 151 W

Based on IEC 62087 Ed. 2 measurement method.

Power Off 0.2 W
Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°F)
Humidity 20 to 80% (Non condensation)
Altitude 0 to 9,100' (0 to 2,800 m)
Safety Regulations UL60065 and CAN/CSA-22.2 No 60065:03
Radiation Regulations FCC Part 15 Class-B and ICES-003
Dimensions (W x H x D) 47.7 x 28.5 x 3.5" (1,210.0 x 724.0 x 89.0 mm)
Weight Approximately 72.8 lb (33.0 kg)
Packaging Info
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 54.5 x 11.5 x 32.5"

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