MOBOTIX MX-T24M-SK-3-PW T24 Camera Module Kit (White)

MOBOTIX MX-T24M-SK-3-PW T24 Camera Module Kit (White)

MOBOTIX MX-T24M-SK-3-PW T24 Camera Module Kit (White)

MOBOTIX MX-T24M-SK-3-PW T24 Camera Module Kit (White)

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The white MX-T24M-SK-1-PW T24 Camera Module Kit from MOBOTIX is a Hemispheric IP Video Door Station kit with a tamper-proof electrical door opening that is designed for use over a single Ethernet connection. With 2-way video monitoring and recording, this kit delivers an all round view of the area eliminating blind spots and notifying the home owner about any person who came to the door.

This kit includes a T24-CamCore Camera Module (MX-T24M-Sec-D11-PW), an Info Module (MX-Info1-EXT-PW), a Keypad with Contactless RFID Technology (MX-Keypad1-EXT-PW), IO Module Ethernet Connection (MX-OPT-IO2), a T24-DoorMaster (MX-Door1-INT-PW), a Triple frame (MX-OPT-Frame-3-EXT-PW), a Triple on-wall housing (MX-OPT-Box-3-EXT-ON-PW), a Triple in-wall mounted housing (MX-OPT-Box-3-EXT-IN), Admin RFID access card (MX-AdminCard1), 6 User RFID access cards (MX-UserCard1) and a USB stick.

The MX-T24M-Sec-D11-PW T24-CamCore Hemispheric Door Camera Module in the kit provides an all round view with no blind spots. With a 3.1 Mp camera and an internal memory, this hemispheric door camera records the entire entrance area from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling, eliminating blind spots. The camera can record events automatically. For example, when someone rings the doorbell or if something moves in front of the door. The camera module with a remote station can be used as a compact basic video door station, thanks to the integrated doorbell and light buttons. The camera saves high-resolution videos with lip-synchronous sound directly on to the integrated MicroSD flash card (up to 64GB) without requiring an external storage device or computer and with no additional network load. The storage space can be used to save up to 800,000 panorama images or sixty-six hours of video recordings.

The standard MX-Info1-EXT-PW Info Module T24-Info provides the option to attach the house or building number and/or name to the door station. The module is equipped with backlighting, using LED technology.

The MX-Keypad1-EXT-PW Keypad with contactless RFID Technology (T24-KeypadRFID), is a MOBOTIX-developed module that can be used for several functions. Outdoors, it functions as the access control interface, either by entering a code on the keypad or by means of keyless access using a transponder (as a check card). The module can also be used by visitors and residents to record and play back messages.

The MX-OPT-IO2 Ethernet terminal board (IO Module Ethernet Connection) is used to connect the door station for the T24 versions without Mx2wire+ technology. It securely connects the camera module with the 8 connected wires of the network patch cable via the RJ45 connector.

The door station may be coupled with a MX-Door1-INT-PW T24-DoorMaster (part of the kit) with access code memory, making it impossible to open the door by forcibly removing the system and bypassing the connecting cable. A built-in rechargeable battery powers both the electrical door opener and the keypad in the outdoor station and ensures that the door can be accessed by only using a transponder or PIN even in the case of power failure. For indoor installations, the T24-DoorMaster also functions as a doorbell. This device features 2 status LED lights and 2 function buttons (a doorbell and a door opener).

The IP Video Door Station can be installed in both on-wall and in-wall systems, is weatherproof (IP 65), and theft-resistant. The system consists of an MX-OPT-Box-3-EXT-ON-PW on-wall Triple Housing, a blue MX-OPT-Box-3-EXT-IN in-wall and cavity Triple Housing, and a MX-OPT-Frame-3-EXT-PW Module Triple Frame. The frame for mounting the modules is simply screwed on to the housing used.

The blue in-wall and cavity triple housing is firmly connected to the subsurface or brick work. It can also be used to ensure easy installation in cavities. The retaining wings, which automatically swing out, secure the housing, while the plastic bars at the edge of the housing prevent it from sliding into the cavity.

Two-Way Video around the World
The T24 is based on the international video telephony standard VoIP/SIP. When the doorbell rings, a connection is established with an IP video phone or a standard computer via the network. This means that from anywhere in the world, you can conduct video conversations with visitors at your door or open the door remotely.
All-Round View with No Blind Spots
The high-resolution (3.1 Mp) hemispheric door camera can capture the entire entrance area with no blind spots, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. The door camera system also has internal memory.
Recording with Sound
The T24 will also inform the homeowner about who came to the door while they were away. This is possible because the camera also records automatically-continuously or event-controlled, when for example, someone rings the doorbell or the camera detects movement.
Keyless Access
You can decide who is authorized to enter the building and when. The door opener can be controlled, simply and securely, using the T24-KeypadRFID with a PIN code or an RFID transponder using the individually configurable access module.
Integrated Message Function
Digital voice messages can be left directly at the door station and played back automatically. This means that a courier or mail carrier can leave a message to the customer about where the delivery was brought to in their absence.
Simple Installation
The station can be connected and supplied with power via an Ethernet cable or, thanks to Mx2wire technology, simply via a bell wire. The T24 can therefore be easily upgraded cost-effectively.
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