MOBOTIX MX-T24M-Sec-D11-BL Hemispheric IP Video Door Station

MOBOTIX MX-T24M-Sec-D11-BL Hemispheric IP Video Door Station

MOBOTIX MX-T24M-Sec-D11-BL Hemispheric IP Video Door Station

MOBOTIX MX-T24M-Sec-D11-BL Hemispheric IP Video Door Station

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The MX-T24M-Sec-D11-BL Hemispheric IP Video Door Station from MOBOTIX features the IP telephony standard that enables the user to establish a direct connection from the Door Station to any VoIP phone, computer, or smartphone running the VoIP software or the MOBOTIX App. By setting up the appropriate network infrastructure, the user can establish video connections, remotely open doors or view video messages and review recordings from anywhere around the world.

Two-Way Video around the World
The T24 IP Video Door Station is based on the international video telephony standard VoIP/SIP. When the doorbell rings, a connection is established with an IP video phone or a standard computer via the network. This means that you can conduct video conversations with visitors across the globe or open the door remotely. Connection to the T24 is established using a normal computer network and not using a video cable. This enables you to access the cameras from anywhere in the world via fiber, copper, or wireless connection using affordable standard IT components.
Multi-Purpose Videophone (Video: H.264, Audio: G.711)
The T24 IP Video Door Station can be connected, for example, to any suitable videophone in the world. In addition to supporting the intercom feature with video and sound, this device supports additional features such as door/light control, image search, quick recording, and PTZ functions.
All-round View with No Blind Spots
With 3.1 Mp and internal memory, the Hemispheric Door Station records the entire entrance area. No blind spots from wall-to-wall and from floor to ceiling. The image is panned and zoomed electronically without any mechanical movement, thus there is no wear and tear to the camera and no maintenance necessary.
Recording with Sound
The T24 IP Video Door Station incorporates the automatic recording feature that also informs the homeowner about who came to the door while they were away. Continuous or event-controlled automatic recording, for instance, when someone rings the doorbell or the camera detects some movement.
Keyless Access
The door opener can be controlled, simply and securely, via a PIN code or an RFID transponder using the individually configurable access module.
Contactless RFID Technology with Transponder
RFID facilitates the automatic identification of visitors and makes it easier to record and save data. An RFID system consists of a transponder (for example, card or key tag) as well as a device for reading the transponder ID (T24 Keypad).
All T24 IP Video Door Station users can download the MOBOTIX App to their iPhone or iPad from the Apple App store. A connection between these devices and the device can be established over the IP network from anywhere around the world via WLAN (WiFi) or UMTS. MOBOTIX will offer its App for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and the operating elements and resolution are automatically adapted to suit the specific end device.
Integrated Message Function
This feature comes with each Door Station as standard. The speaker, microphone, camera, and memory of the door camera are cleverly used as part of this system. Digital voice messages can be left directly at the door station and played back automatically. This means that a courier or mail carrier can leave a message to the customer about where the delivery was brought to in their absence.
Simple Installation
The station can be connected and supplied with power via an Ethernet cable or, thanks to Mx2wire technology, simply via a bell wire. Thus, it can be easily upgraded. The weatherproof outdoor station (IP65) is available in different attractive colors. In addition, MOBOTIX is offering an upgrade version for the Vario system from Siedle.
Ideal for Renovating/Old Buildings: MOBOTIX Two-Wire Technology
The 2-wire network module available in the modular T24 system (T24-Info2wire+) can replace the simple info module of the Door Station in the form of an illuminated door sign, supplies power to the IP Video Door Station and establishes the network connection via two standard bell wires.
Embedded Mailbox
Audiovisual messages left by visitors at the door can be checked immediately from home or remotely.
Onboard Long-Term Storage
The Door Station records events automatically when someone rings the doorbell or something moves in front of the door.
Intelligent and Decentralized Storage Technology
It saves high-resolution video clips with lip-synchronous sound directly to the standard 4GB microSD flash card, without requiring an external storage device or PC and with no additional network load. MOBOTIX's flash file system (MxFFS) prevents unauthorized persons from reading the internally stored data, even if the card is stolen.
Secure System Design
All visible and concealed system components are protected against theft, manipulation, data access, and unauthorized use.
A Module System Made in Germany
The camera module can be used as a compact basic Video Door Station, thanks to the integrated doorbell and light buttons. Modules can be combined in different ways upon request. MOBOTIX offers frames for in-wall or on-wall models from one to four modules.
Zoom In Also On Detail
The hemispheric Door Station can even record the area on the floor, which is the often overlooked area directly underneath the Door Station. The T24 does all of this using only its software without any mechanical moving parts or motors, silently, discreetly, and without making the visitor feel "observed from bottom to top." The high camera resolution of 3.1 Mp also means that enlarging details is no problem. On an identification card that is held in front of the Door Station, every single letter is legible.
Faster Information All-round
The T24 IP Video Door Station status display is located at the top right. The icons indicate, for example, whether an alarm was set off, the front door is locked, or new video messages were recorded.
Low Cost, Low Energy Requirements
The automatic installation enables the user to set up the system quickly and easily without the need for extensive network knowledge. The Door Station consumes little power (around 5 W-hours), which is provided directly via the Ethernet cable.
In the Box
MOBOTIX MX-T24M-Sec-D11-BL Hemispheric IP Video Door Station
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
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    • 1Description
    Lenses Equivalent to 35 mm: Hemispheric (11 mm, 360°, F2.0) super wide angle
    Resolution 3 MEGA (2048 x 1536 pixels), color
    Pan & Tilt Continuous, up to 8x zoom & pan/tilt (digital)
    Frame Rate Mono: 20 fps 3 MEGA, 30 fps MEGA, 30 fps VGA
    Sensitivity 1 lux (t=1/60 s), 0.05 lux (t=1/1 s)
    Interfaces Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s, USB, MxBus
    Internal DVR Up to 32 GB with microSD card
    Audio/Telephony Bidirectional, IP telephony (VoIP)
    Power Supply PoE via ExtIO
    Software Features FTP, E-Mail, video alarm management, VideoMotion, multi view, event search
    Arming 365-day schedule, multiple events
    External Storage Up to 1 TB on PC/server/NAS
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