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Pianoteq 4 Modeled Virtual Piano Instrument Software (Pro Version)

Pianoteq 4 Modeled Virtual Piano Instrument Software (Pro Version)

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The Pianoteq 4 Modeled Virtual Piano Instrument Software (Pro Version) reproduces sound through a physical model that simulates properties and behaviors of real acoustic pianos. This results in a remarkably playable, vivid, and adaptable virtual instrument. The easy to install Pianoteq occupies just 20MB of disk space. You can use Pianoteq on any modern laptop and connect it to your MIDI compatible piano keyboard.

The Pro version is adapted for creative composers and demanding studio engineers. In addition to the standard version features, it gives you all the tools needed to work in a truly professional environment, letting you adjust 26 parameters for each note on the keyboard and work with up to 192 kHz audio.

Pianoteq 4 reproduces sound from the grand piano D4 on refining the physical model that describes the hammers, the strings, the soundboard and their interaction. A Steinway D from Hamburg serves as a reference and its main characteristics have been used for feeding the physical model. Each note has been carefully adjusted in its finest detail, just like in a real factory. The result is a stunningly vivid instrument created with the demanding musician in mind. The software incorporates new effects that benefit all instruments, especially the electric pianos, including delay, chorus, flanger, amplifier, and compressor. The included mallet bounce effect is specially adapted for the chromatic percussion add-on instruments.

The exciting convolution reverb unit simulates real acoustic surroundings, from small studios to giant cathedrals. You can even load your own reverb impulses. Thanks to the improved reverberation, you will experience a sound quality that is comparable to real recordings with the high-quality audio equipment. In order to maximize dynamics and performance, a new calibration wizard assists you in trying to set the optimal response to your keyboard and sustain pedal.

The resizable Pianoteq 4 interface makes it comfortable to work on everything from 9" netbooks to 30" cinema displays.

Physically modeled virtual instrument that includes the sound of grand pianos D4 and K1
Lets you adjust 26 parameters for each note on the keyboard and work with up to 192 kHz audio
Adjustable physical parameters such as unison, hammer hardness, soundboard, and more
Progressive variation of the timbre (uses all the 127 MIDI velocities)
Control of the dynamics in timbre and volume
Realistic sympathetic resonances, including duplex scale
Micro-tuning, supports Scala format
Adjustable mechanical noises (sampled or modeled)
Built-in graphic equalizer
Built-in graphic curve for key velocity, note-off and pedal
Keyboard calibration assistant
Four pedals include sustain, sostenuto, harmonic, una corda
Progressive sustain pedal, allowing partial-pedal effects
Convolution reverberations
Effects including tremolo, wah-wah, compressor, delay, flanger, chorus, compressor, amp, mallet bounce (note repetition)
Instrument condition (mint to worn)
Variable lid position
Five adjustable microphones 1
Multi channel - up to 5 channels
No quantization noise (32-bit internal computation)
Installs and loads in seconds
Installation takes only 20 MB of disk space
Excellent for use on modern laptops
Extended key range (105 keys = 8+2/3 octaves) for the grand pianos D4 and K1 PC, Linux, and Mac compatible
Audio Units / VST / RTAS compatible
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Disk Space 20 MB
Operating System Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux x86
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