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Sony DoStudio 3D Complete

Sony DoStudio 3D Complete

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Sony DoStudio 3D Complete

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Sony DST3DA1099 overview

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Sony's DoStudio 3D Complete provides you with an end-to-end Blu-ray Disc 3D encoding and authoring solution. It includes DoStudio Indie and EX, DoStudio 3D Authoring Module, DoStudio MVC Encoder, and Z Depth, a 3D subtitling tool. Whether you need to create replication-ready 3D discs or you're looking for an efficient way to deliver high-quality review copies of your 3D content, DoStudio 3D Complete gives you all of the tools you need to produce BD3D discs with the speed and efficiency DoStudio is known for.

Designed for the ultimate Blu-ray Disc professional, DoStudio EX empowers you to create interactive pop-up menus, build and edit playlists, and control every action in your 3D Blu-ray Disc project. Using the HDMV authoring style and the included IG Editor application, you'll be empowered to author using the full power of Blu-ray Disc specification scripting. From menu layout to replication ready cutting master files, DoStudio EX provides a high-level authoring environment perfectly suited to the advanced operator looking for complete control.

Add depth to your authoring with the included DoStudio 3D Authoring Module. With this module you'll be able to create full menu structures, add multiple audio and subtitle streams, and assign depth to pop-up menus and subtitles. The DoStudio 3D Authoring Module unlocks your ability to create discs that are fully compatible with all Blu-ray Disc 3D players including the PS3, and are even backwards compatible with 2D players.

Designed specifically to deliver the Multi View Coding (MVC) format for Blu-ray Disc 3D applications, the DoStudio MVC Encoder delivers high quality full 1080p streams to each eye with the same ease-of-use and practical approach you've come to expect from the DoStudio product line. Guaranteed to create Blu-ray Disc™ specification compliant streams, this multi-threaded, 2-pass encoder supports both Variable and Constant bitrate formats.

Z Depth gives you the power to edit and record the offset data needed for accurate placement of subtitles and graphics in your Blu-ray Disc 3D movie. While previewing your video file on a 3D monitor you can easily place and position subtitle or menu graphics in the 3D space using a trackbar fader, control surface fader, keyboard, mouse, or direct envelope manipulation. Z Depth records the offset disparity data for use in DoStudio EX.

All of the Features of DoStudio Indie and more
DoStudio EX gives you all of the point-and-click ease of DoStudio Indie, plus full spec-level access to HDMV navigation commands, and support for every video and audio codec allowed in the Blu-ray Disc specification.
Maximize Compatibility with PureHD Multiplexing
DoStudio includes Corel PureHD Multiplexing, the technology behind many of Hollywood's top Blu-ray Disc releases, providing a complete, end-to-end, high definition solution for optimum quality, maximum playback performance, and compatibility across players.
Add Picture-in-Picture Effects
DoStudio supports in-mux secondary audio and video streams which can be used to create Picture-in-Picture effects that lay over the primary video stream.
Create Replication-ready Blu-ray Disc Masters
DoStudio EX includes everything you need to create replication-ready, AACS protected, BDCMF formatted discs with Managed Copy. With full support for both BD-25 (single-layer) and BD-50 (dual-layer) formatting, DoStudio BDCMF masters have been replicated at every major Blu-ray Disc™ replication facility in the world.
HDMV Authoring
In addition to the point-and-click authoring ease of DoStudio Indie, DoStudio EX gives you spec-level control over Navigation Commands, Movie Objects and IG streams. With DoStudio EX, you can author a disc entirely in HDMV mode (no BD-J).Advantages of authoring in HDMV mode include:
Add the maximum number of titles available in the specification
Direct, non-abstracted, control over title behavior
Cell-level access to the Blu-ray Disc command set
Unlimited number of pop-up menu pages
IG Editor from DVD Logic
With your purchase of DoStudio EX, you also receive the IGEditor from DVDLogic. The IGEditor is a stand-alone application designed to create menu graphics for DoStudio EX when authoring HDMV-only titles.

The IG editor allows you to easily add HDMV menu graphics to your titles with spec-level access to IG parameters and navigation commands. With IG Editor, you can:
Add HDMV menus over 2D and 3D video
Utilize the PSD naming convention
Output a PES stream to use in your DoStudio EX Project
Full-featured BD3D Authoring
The 3D Authoring module allows you to create Hollywood-style Blu-ray Disc 3D products. You'll be able to create full menu structures, multiple audio and subtitle streams, and assign depth to pop-up menus and subtitles.
Proven Technology
The DoStudio 3D Authoring Module has been used to create Blu-ray Disc 3D titles all over the world. With the DoStudio 3D Authoring Module, you'll create discs that are compatible with all Blu-ray Disc 3D players including the PS3, and are backwards compatible with 2D players.
Add-on or Bundle
The 3D Authoring module is available as an add-on module to DoStudio EX, or can be purchased as part of our DoStudio 3D Complete software bundle.
High Quality. High Efficiency.
Blu-ray Disc products are only as good as the high-definition images they display. With Blu-ray Disc 3D, pristine image quality and proper encoding of the stereoscopic views could literally make the difference between an enjoyable 3D experience and headaches. The DoStudio MVC Encoder delivers outstanding image quality and guaranteed Blu-ray Disc compliant 3D streams.
Affordable 3D
Blu-ray Disc 3D isn't just for Hollywood. Independent production facilities have produced niche 3D content for years and Blu-ray Disc 3D is a great new mass-market distribution opportunity. DoStudio MVC Encoder has been used for everything from feature length films and 3D dailies to 3D kiosks and museum installations. No matter what your need, the DoStudio MVC encoder delivers 3D at an affordable price.

The DoStudio MVC 3D Encoder is available for purchase as a standalone product. It's also included with several of our software bundles including DoStudio 3D Complete and DoStudio 3D Dailies.
2-pass MVC Encoding for Blu-ray Disc 3D, Mobile 3D and more
The DoStudio encoder creates Blu-ray Disc spec compliant MVC files for BD3D applications.
MVC high profile
VBR/CBR support
2-pass encoding
AVC headers for decoding of base view with standard AVC decoder/player
QuickTime, AVI and YUV Input
Designed to work with your existing Blu-ray Disc workflow, the DoStudio MVC Encoder accepts Quicktime files in a variety of codecs, as well as uncompressed AVI and YUV file input. Apply an encoding template with drag-and-drop to efficiently setup your 3D encoding project.
Batch Processing and Automated Workflows
Add the DoStudio Encoder to your facility's workflow and efficiently integrate automated encoding processes via a scriptable command line interface.

Setup multiple encoding projects and batch process them during off-hours. Used in conjunction with the ScreamerNet automation suite, The DoStudio Encoder will mux and burn your 3D video to Blu-ray Disc as soon as the encoding process is complete. Contact Sony Creative Software Professional Services to learn more.
Import Stereoscopic Media
To get started, import your stereoscopic media assets to the Vegas Pro timeline. Vegas Pro enables you to work with the original stereo source material or encode and work with 3D proxy files. If you have separate files for left and right, Z Depth will automatically combine the left and right streams. Vegas Pro enables you to import video in just about any format. Embedded audio is also imported to the timeline, and additional audio tracks can be added. For a complete list of supported formats see the Vegas Pro Product page.
Import Subtitles
A single click opens the Z Depth dialog window allowing you to select your BDN Blu-ray subtitle file, an XML document that references specific subtitle graphics and their start and end positions in time. Once your BDN file is imported, Z Depth creates one subtitle track or two in case of overlapping subtitle events. Your subtitle events are automatically imported, scaled, and offset using Vegas Pro 11's ability to display the content in 3D .3D viewing options include anaglyphic, side by side, line alternate, etc.
Adjust Subtitle Depth
Z Depth gives you a variety of ways to take total control over your subtitle and interactive graphic menu offsets. Use the included PreSonus FaderPort to control depth through tactile response, use the Z Depth Trackbar for quick presets and fader like controls. You can even use your mouse wheel to set depth. Fine tuning can be performed through direct envelope manipulation. Learn more about adjusting subtitle depth.
Automated Depth Analysis of Stereoscopic Video
Automatically determines the most effective depth value used to assign Z Axis placement for the subtitle or menu graphic event. Depth value analysis can be automated based on time code entries, length of video, or number of graphic events.
3D Digital Cinema Text/Font XML Support
Allows import of the Digital Cinema XML format that contains text or font subtitle information. Z Depth automatically produces accurate subtitle event image files from the DC XML for full use by all Z Depth features. After recording of the offset disparity data, a fully compatible DC XML file is exported for use by the DC projection systems.
Preview Subtitle Depth
Using the various stereoscopic output modes of Vegas Pro 11 you can view your subtitle offset work in 3D.The Vegas Pro timeline output is delivered via HDMI or DVI to your 3D TV, line alternate compatible 3D display or standard LCD.
XY Positioning of Subtitles
In addition to depth, the Z Depth tool gives you full control over the X and Y coordinates of your subtitles. XY positioning puts you in control of where the subtitles appear, allowing you to place a subtitle over any part of the video you choose. Once you're done making your edits, Z Depth enables you to write an updated BDN Blu-ray subtitle file with the new positions.
PreSonus FaderPort (included with Z Depth)
No need to click, type, or draw offsets with a mouse. The easy-to-use FaderPort delivers complete transport control for fast and efficient offset recording with an ultra high quality, touch sensitive motorized fader for controlling depth levels on your subtitle tracks.

The touch-sensitive, long throw motorized fader on the FaderPort has the feel needed for recording perfect offset values in real-time. The fader in the FaderPort utilizes a dual servo motorized drive belt system for fast-acting, accurate, and smooth operation. The FaderPort's 100mm long throw fader delivers 1024-step resolution for writing ultra-fine and accurate fades and adjustments.
Write and Clone
Once you're satisfied with your subtitle depths, press a button in the Z Depth window to export the offsets stream to a standard Offset Sequence Metadata file. You can even create a clone of your offset data to use in another project - a great way to get started on subtitles in a different language.
Playback Options
Playback and preview your media easily using keyboard commands or GUI controls. To select your location simply click or drag to the cursor on the timeline window, or type in absolute or relative timecode values. You can also use buttons in the Z Depth window to jump to the next or previous subtitle event. Step forward or backward frame by frame with the cursor keys, or start Playback by pressing the space bar. Stop playback and return the cursor to your start position by pressing the spacebar again, or pause at the current location by pressing the enter key.

You can even control playback speed using the JKL keys on the keyboard, GUI controls, or jog/shuttle devices - play at less than full speed (e.g., 0.25x, 0.5x) or greater than full speed (e.g., 2x, 4x) both in forward and reverse.
Import Offset Metadata
Z Depth allows you to import offset metadata from standard OFS files and XML or CSV files containing digital cinema offset data. The imported data is used to populate your Vegas timeline with depth information. This functionality can be used to import subtitle offset metadata from digital cinema masters or to import data from another 3D Blu-ray project.
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Sony DST3DA1099 specs

Minimum System Requirements Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit SP2, or Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit (Windows Vista or Windows 7 64-bit recommended). Currently DoStudio is certified for US English versions only.
Intel Core i7 4- or 8-core processor, 2.5GHz (or above)
.NET Framework Version 3.5
4GB of RAM (8GB preferred)
1920x1200 or 1920x1080 LCD monitor
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 (or above) or ATI Radeon HD 2400 (or above) with HDMI or DVI output

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