Boris FX Continuum 11 Stylize Unit (Download)

Boris FX Continuum 11 Stylize Unit (Download)

Boris FX Continuum 11 Stylize Unit (Download)


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Product Highlights

  • Highly-Stylized Visual Effects Filters
  • Multi-Host Plug-In
  • For Adobe, Avid, Resolve, Vegas, Nuke
  • Grungy Textures, Damaged TV Looks
  • Scanlines, Misalignment
  • Surreal Effects for Quirky Looks
  • PixelChooser Matte and Masking System
  • Integrated Mocha Planar Tracking
  • Support for After Effects Mask Shapes
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Boris FX BCSTYLIZE Overview

  • 1Description

The Boris FX Continuum 11 Stylize Unit is a collection of highly stylized visual effects filters, such as grungy textures, damaged TV looks, scanlines, misalignment, and surreal effects like Colorize Glow and Emboss to give your video a quirky look. Some of the filters also feature a built-in PixelChooser with integrated Mocha planar tracking that allows for greater control over which areas of the image the filter should affect.

The Stylize Unit is a multi-host plug-in compatible with Adobe, Avid, Resolve, Vegas Pro, and Nuke. It can be used in all host applications at the same time as long as they are on the same computer.

Key Features
  • Built-in presets
  • On-screen control widgets
  • FX browser (not supported in Apple hosts)
  • PixelChooser matte and masking system with integrated Mocha planar tracking for select filters
  • Hardware acceleration (OpenGL/OpenCL) for select filters
  • Multi-processor (SMP) and multi-core (CMP) support
  • Beat Reactor for audio-generated VFX
  • Support for Adobe host native mask shapes


The LED filter lets you make an image, clip, or text element with alpha appear as though it was constructed out of an array of blinking or solid LED lights similar to the display boards that we see in sports stadiums. By default, the lights take their color from the clip to which it was applied and can be set to either square or round diodes or "bulbs". Alternately, the filter can apply a tint of color over the media element to which it was applied.
Mosaic allows you to pixelate images to achieve a range of mosaic effects using a few simple parameters and a PixelChooser.
Color Choker
Color Choker posterizes and blurs colors in an image clip for creative and artistic results. The media clip colors that the filter is applied to can be attenuated or remapped individually through the many filter parameters or together as an RGB group. Included in the filter is a checkbox control to convert images to monochrome before applying the built-in color blur or choke.
Colorize Glow
Colorize Glow generates the glow from a single channel and then applies a gradient to the glow. It can be composited with the original image or viewed by itself.
Damaged TV
Damaged TV is designed to emulate the appearance of a CRT-style television set that is receiving a bad antenna signal or is in need of repair. The filter allows users to fine-tune a number of effects such as Gun Offset, Distorted Edges, Image Roll, Noise, Scan Lines, and Interference Lines. This filter features both fully-automatic and manual modes of operation. When using the filter in automatic mode, the filter will automatically animate image roll, scan lines, noise or any other visible parameter, and even though the filter is being used in automatic mode, you retain full control over every parameter.
Drop Shadow
Drop Shadow allows you to apply an animatable drop shadow to titles or clips in the timeline.
Edge Grunge
Edge Grunge can be used to create stylized titles that glow, burn, and disappear over time. At default settings, it is designed to be applied to titles or other moderately-sized alpha objects. When applied to large alpha objects or non-alpha video it can produce overly blown-out levels by default. This can be moderated by disabling the glow group to permit adding erosion to just the edges of these larger objects. The primary use of this filter is with text and other alpha objects.
Grunge combines procedural algorithmic methods with real photographic image textures that can be used on titles to create unique grungy, degraded, torn-up, or melting looks. These same effects can be applied to background plates.
Glow Alpha Edges
Glow Alpha Edges applies a glow that adheres closely to the contours of the image clip's alpha channel or mask. This filter is designed for use with masks or images that have an alpha channel.
Emboss simulates the appearance of an embossed or raised image by converting the source to a solid color and lighting the edges in the source's luma channel.
Misalignment simulates the effect of misaligned RGB color channels by separating the RGB channels. In addition, the integrated Beat Reactor control suite allows the user to drive the effect properties based on the contents of an audio track.
Multi Shadow
Multi Shadow allows you to composite three or more independent drop shadows over a source image.
Prism can be used to simulate the photographic effect of chromatic aberration, where a bad lens can create prismatic color fringing along edges of contrast within the image. The filter can also be used to create wipe or blur effects and includes controls for image rotation along two points of one axis within the image, which with some settings lead to a pleasant twisting blurred effect.
RGB Edges
RGB Edges finds edges in each RGB channel independently, creates a new RGB image from these edges, and applies the new image to the source using the chosen Apply Mode and Apply Mix. The results obtained vary depending on the media and the exact settings used. Because the filter creates edge effects by emphasizing differences between adjacent pixels, edge filters are very sensitive to parameter adjustments. Often a small change in a parameter setting can dramatically affect the result.
RGB Pixel Noise
RGB Pixel Noise applies noise to each of the RGB color channels independently. Alternately, you can use this filter to apply noise to the source image's luminance channel without changing the pixels' colors.
Scanline generates rolling RGB scanlines over the source image clip, emulating the effect of a computer monitor that was shot on video tape or film. The RGB bars' rolling scan lines that the filter generates can be offset from each other in yx space and time to generate photorealistic effects. The filter also includes a user-controlled noise generator function for added realism.
Scatterize shuffles the pixels in the source image, creating a scattered effect.
Video Glitch
Video Glitch is an auto-animating filter effect for simulating some of the kinds of errors and artifacts that can be apparent during digital video playback. It's useful as a style element on video or titles to create a sense of energy and movement. It makes use of auto-animation so it requires little or no keyframing, and it also includes an integrated Beat Reactor for allowing its animation to be directly driven by audio. Video Glitch allows a single glitch to last for more than one frame with control over how that glitch grows and fades over its lifetime, thus allowing more dynamic and realistic glitch behavior that can be achieved with glitches that last only a single frame. A special Curves preview mode allows visualizing the relative locations of the glitches over time.
Table of Contents
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Delivery Method Download
Version Standard
Number of Users Supported 1
System Requirements
VRAM Requirement 1 GB (Minimum)
2 GB (Recommended)

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