Power Production StoryBoard Artist (Academic Pricing, 100+ Licenses)

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Power Production StoryBoard Artist (Academic Pricing, 100+ Licenses)
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Power Production Artist Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Integrate Various Media (Including 3D)
  • 3Everything is an Asset with Masking Tool
  • 4Enhanced Shot Control
  • 5It's Easy to be Artsy
  • 6Moving StoryBoards
  • 7Ample Exports
  • 8Go Mobile and Connect
  • 9Easy-to-navigate Storyboard Interface
  • 10Expanded Timeline Features for Creating Motion Storyboards
  • 11Pan and Zoom
  • 12Powerful Import and Export - Connectivity for Mobile Devices
  • 13Import your screenplay script text and start storyboarding
  • 14Thousands of Images
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Power Production's StoryBoard Artist (Academic Pricing, 100+ Licenses) is ultimate productivity merged with amazing creativity and movement. Storyboard software puts your ideas into motion as you create your storyboards for print. This software speeds up preproduction, pre visualization, revisions, and presentation - all within one application.

StoryBoard Artist boasts high output with a low learning curve. This software has professional and powerful storyboarding features to initiate a digital workflow for efficient visualization and revisions for television, film, and video pre production.

Storyboard Artist storyboarding software is designed for media-savvy creatives: Filmmakers, Directors, Producers, Advertising Creatives, Game Designers, Communication Specialists.

StoryBoard Artist 5.1 connects with the new mobile app StoryBoard Quick Direct for Location Storyboarding and uploading to desktop. Also a companion app (for iPhones) StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant.

Note: This version of StoryBoard Artist is offered at an academic discount if purchasing 100+ licenses. Only eligible students and teachers are allowed to purchase this product for academic purposes.

Integrate Various Media (Including 3D)
Powerful new features allow you to create every kind of storyboard with a workflow that allows you to incorporate media from every dimention. Import 3D (.skp) files from a warehouse of free 3d graphics. Import your script from a wide variety of screenwriting apps including Final Draft. Import Video allows you to scrub a movie file, apply transformations to a frame, and drop it in your boards. Export your finished project as QuickTime, Flash Movie, and/or print it in customizable or preset layouts.
Everything is an Asset with Masking Tool
Now it's even easier to use digital photos in your storyboards. With the new, easy-to-use, Masking Tool you can isolate and extract any portion of a still photo keeping what you want and discarding the rest. Masking allows you to isolate any portion of an image for seamless integration/layering with the rest of your storyboards.
Enhanced Shot Control
Cinematic animatics (moving storyboards) have never been easier to create. Animatic presentations with StoryBoard Artist v5.1 are made while you design each frame, making an end product you can show using motion and sound. With the ability to transform any object, you can quickly create stunning camera effects such as rack focus, apply perspective, control opacity, brightness/contrast, color, and intensity.
It's Easy to be Artsy
Simulate depth of field using StoryBoard Artist's Blur Filter. StoryBoard Artist's Sketch Modes gives presentations a wide variety of artistic looks for either printing or playback as an animatic.
Moving StoryBoards
This storyboarding software allows for total timeline control including audio/sound fx import and editing, adding transitions and setting frame durations on storyboard sequences, syncing your dialog and even exporting to both Quicktime and Flash. StoryBoard Artist creates powerful animatics (moving storyboard) so you can test your sequence/shot timing and make powerful presentations.
Ample Exports
It's up to you how to present your project - export to QuickTime, to Flash or to HTML. Create a PDF of your file and email it to your clients. Even publish your storyboards to Apple's popular iBooks format. So whether your crew is sitting at the desk next to you, or they are half a world away, StoryBoard Artist gives you the tools you need to create, control and share your cinematic vision.
Go Mobile and Connect
View and mark your shots on the set with iPhone/iPad App integration PowerProduction Software's StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant, available in the Apple App Store. Create storyboards on location with StoryBoard Quick Direct for iOS and Android. Save and upload boards and continue working in destop StoryBoard Artist 5.1.
Easy-to-navigate Storyboard Interface
Fluid storyboarding workspace. Jump from Page Layout to Timeline to Overview and back in our intuitive, multi-window interface.
Expanded Timeline Features for Creating Motion Storyboards
StoryBoard Artist lets you preview your storyboard projects in motion (moving storyboards i.e. animatics) well before going into production, giving you an edge with your vision, your sequence timing, and your budget.
Pan and Zoom
The powerful Pan and Zoom tool (i.e. Ken Burns Effect) makes motion graphics and animation in the storyboard frame a snap.
Powerful Import and Export - Connectivity for Mobile Devices
StoryBoard Artist's Importing and Exporting capabilities makes working with other programs easy. Now with 3D Sketch-up, Video and Image imports (including Photoshop with layers). Also exports to StoryBoard Artist shot Assitant App for iPhone, iPads. Imports storyboards from StoryBoard Quick Direct app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
Import your screenplay script text and start storyboarding
Flexible imports allow you to import from all the major screenwriting and text apps including Final Draft, Screenwriter, and Microsoft Word.
Thousands of Images
New and even more storyboarding artwork included, complete with angles & new character expressions. New hi-res and colorizable characters allow you to achieve even more actor looks.
Advanced features allow for StoryBoard Artist storyboarding software to assist prototyping for any type of media development: film, video, broadcast television, and even DVD development.
Layers Palette allows you to easily select and move any object in the frame to any plane in your boards panels. Fast and easy frame arrangement.
Utilize object linking and non-linear storyboards for user-interactive DVD and game or mobile app prototyping.
Export sequences to integrate with Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Adobe Premiere, Avid Xpressor, Avid Media Composer, and more.
StoryBoard Artist's video tutorials assists you with tricks to help make your storyboards reflect your vision.

Power Production Artist Specs

Minimum System Requirements (Mac)
OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), OS X 10.7 (Lion), or OS X 10.6, 10.5
256 MB RAM
15 GB HD Space
24-bit Color Display
Minimum System Requirements (PC)
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP (32 and 64-bit compatible)
256 MB RAM
15 GB HD Space
24-bit Color Display

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