Class on Demand Video Download: Advanced Audio Techniques

Class on Demand Video Download: Advanced Audio Techniques

Class on Demand Video Download: Advanced Audio Techniques

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  • Instructor: Larry Jordan
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Advanced Audio Techniques from Class on Demand teaches you about advanced audio techniques. This video builds on earlier Improve Your Audio Using Soundtrack Pro which was an introduction to Soundtrack Pro. In this tutorial, you will look at file management, setting scratch disks, some lesser understood tabs, creating submixes, buses, sends, reverb, exporting -- and how to conform (reconcile) multiple versions of the same project sent from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro. It's all the stuff you need to know, after you get past figuring out the interface.

Course Outline:
Send files from Final Cut to Soundtrack Pro - and what doesn't get transferred
Where and how to set preferences, sample rates, and scratch disks
A closer look at critical tabs: Browser, Bin, and Favorites
Keyboard shortcuts
Explain the Lift/Stamp tool
Why and how to use Submixes, Sends, and Busses
Conform between STP projects
Export stems, submixes, and full mixes
Send a project from FCP to STP
Set STP preferences
Set STP scratch disks
Set STP sample rates
Use the Browser tab
Use the Bin tab
Use the Favorites tab
Move files between STP projects
Use the Lift/Stamp tool
Create a Submix
Reset the number of output channels
Create a Bus
Create a Send
Create a reverb bus
Conform (reconcile) between two different STP projects
Export stems and submixes
Export a full mix from STP and show how to import it into Final Cut Pro

Audience Level:
You should have a basic knowledge of how to use Soundtrack Pro (STP). If STP is new to you, please start with Improve Your Audio Using Soundtrack Pro instead.

About the Instructor:
Larry Jordan is the most highly sought after Apple-Certified Final Cut trainer in the world. With over 30 years experience as a television producer, director and editor with national broadcast and corporate credits, Jordan's informative and entertaining teaching style provides video editors around the world with unique techniques, methods and resources to increase productivity and enhance their skills. He's been there - he knows the pressure you are under.

Jordan reveals the hidden tips and tricks you never hear about, and may never find on your own. His presentation style is well organized, succinct and practical. Jordan's training can save you time, save you money, save your client, and save your sanity, during production and post-production.

Jordan, based in Los Angeles, writes and edits the monthly free Larry Jordan Final Cut Studio Newsletter, with essential information on Final Cut Studio. He is the author of hundreds of hours of online training and five books on Final Cut Studio. He also hosts the weekly interactive internet radio show and podcast.

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System Requirements Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista/7
1152 x 864 or higher display
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