Class on Demand Video Download: LightWave 3D v11 Courseware

Class on Demand Video Download: LightWave 3D v11 Courseware

Class on Demand Video Download: LightWave 3D v11 Courseware

Class on Demand Video Download: LightWave 3D v11 Courseware

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(Online streaming video - no physical DVD)

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  • Instructor: Dan Ablan
  • Lessons Only Stream Online
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LightWave 3D v11 Courseware from Class on Demand is unlike any other learning video out there. Rather than bore and confuse you with lengthy explanations of theories and practices, this training shows you how to use LightWave 11 - quickly and easily.

You'll understand how to navigate the interface, work with Modeler, and layout start to finish. You'll see how easy it is to setup 3D animated scenes while incorporating new features such as Bullet Dynamics, Instancing, Flocking, Fracture, and more.

New and Intermediate users of LightWave 3D will benefit from this course. There will be a section for those brand new to 3D and LW and another section for those looking to learn just the new features. Each feature set will be presented with a project that you will do. There's no better way to learn software.

Course Overview:
0: Preferences

1.1: Intro to LightWave | Introduction
1.2: Intro to LightWave | Modeler Overview
1.3: Intro to LightWave | Layout Overview
1.4: Intro to LightWave | Selection Pivots
1.5: Intro to LightWave | Layers
1.6: Intro to LightWave | Select Primitives
1.7: Intro to LightWave | Layout Primer

2.1: Building 3D Models | Sub Division Primer
2.2: Building 3D Models | Modeling Tools 1
2.3: Building 3D Models | Modeling Tools 2
2.4: Building 3D Models | Modeling Tools 3
2.5: Building 3D Models | Modeling Tools 4

3: Intro to Lighting in 3D

4.1: Creating Surfaces | Surfaces 1
4.2: Creating Surfaces | Surfaces 2
4.3: Creating Surfaces | Surfaces 3

5.1: Animation Basics | Animation Basics 1
5.2: Animation Basics | Animation Basics 2

6.1: Creature Creation | Bat 1
6.2: Creature Creation | Bat 2
6.3: Creature Creation | Bat 3
6.4: Creature Creation | Bat 4
6.5: Creature Creation | Bat 5
6.6: Creature Creation | Bat 6

7.1: Creature Animation | Bone Basics
7.2: Creature Animation | Bat Motion
7.3: Creature Animation | Bat Motion Tweaks
7.4: Creature Animation | Bat Fur

8.1: Instancing & Flocking | Instance Primer
8.2: Instancing & Flocking | Instancing Bats
8.3: Instancing & Flocking | Instance Offset
8.4: Instancing & Flocking | Three Instances
8.5: Instancing & Flocking | Flocking Primer
8.6: Instancing & Flocking | Flocking Paths
8.7: Instancing & Flocking | Combining
8.8: Instancing & Flocking | Flocking Bats

9.1: Scene Creations | Hypervoxels Primer
9.2: Scene Creations | Building Skies
9.3: Scene Creations | Bats In The Sky

10.1: Bullet Dynamics | Dynamics Basics
10.2: Bullet Dynamics | Dominos
10.3: Bullet Dynamics | Building Collapse

11.1: Motion Graphics | Text in 3D
11.2: Motion Graphics | Particle Motion Background
11.3: Motion Graphics | Text Surfaces
11.4: Motion Graphics | Lighting ForMotion

12.1: Rendering | The Render
12.2: Rendering | Conclusion

About the Instructor:
Dan Ablan is the founder and president of AGA Digital Studios in Chicago. He has been using LightWave for over a decade and has been authorized as a LightWave trainer. Dan's clients include Coca-Cola, Kenny Rogers, Motorola, Xerox, NBC, Fox Television, Disney, and many more. He is an accomplished writer with articles published in Video Toaster User Magazine, LightWave Pro, NewTek Pro, and 3D Magazine. In addition, to his magazine publishing Dan Ablan has published five books with New Riders Publishing covering Lightwave. He's currently working on his 6th book, Digital Cinematography & Directing.

Table of Contents
  • 1Description
Run Time Approximately 10 Hours
System Requirements Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista/7
1152 x 864 or higher display
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