IRCAM TOOLS TRAX Voice/Sonic Processor (Electronic Download)

IRCAM TOOLS TRAX Voice/Sonic Processor (Electronic Download)

IRCAM TOOLS TRAX Voice/Sonic Processor (Electronic Download)

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Product Highlights

  • Transform the Sound of the Human Voice
  • Real-Time Sonic Modeling Processor
  • Adjust Pitch, Timbre, Duration
  • Transform Age, Gender, Formant
  • Augmented Phase Vocoder
  • Time-Envelope
  • Spectral Envelope
  • Morphing Slider
  • Remap Energy Contour Curve
  • Save A, B, and Global Preset
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The IRCAM TRAX Voice/Sonic Processor (Electronic Download) is a software plug-in designed to transform the sound of the human voice. It utilizes proprietary algorithms to change characteristics such as pitch, duration, and timbre for a variety of post-production and special effect applications. For example, you can change an actor's voice to make him or her sound younger or older for flashbacks and scenes that occur in different time periods in the character's life. The plug-in consists of three voice modulation processors.

The first processor "Transformer" utilizes an augmented phase vocoder to modulate the age, gender, breath, expression, formant, and pitch of the sound. The second processor, "Cross Synthesis," utilizes a phase vocoder to continuously and nonlinearly morph the amplitude and frequency/phase spectra of two sounds. The third processor, "Source Filter," decomposes the signal into a time envelope describing the energy/loudness of the sound and a spectral envelope describing the spectral color of the sound timbre. The energy and spectral contours of the source sound can be continuously blended with the energy and spectral contours of a filtrating sound.

The software has input and output gain controls for adjusting levels before and after the signal processing and VU meters for monitoring. You can use the dry mix control to blend the original signal with the processed signal. To improve workflow, the plug-in features two preset slots, A and B, that can be loaded simultaneously with a set of parameters and morphed between using a slider. The slider can be set to follow automation curves in the host application. A global preset of both slots and the position of the morphing slider can also be saved.

Source (Transformer)
Automatically sets frequency, vocal type/range, tune, and the fundamental minimum, mean, and maximum frequencies
Target (Transformer)
Provides controls for changing voice mode, range, vocal types, gender, age, breath, pitch, expression, and formant
Mixes the components of the processed audio before sending the signal to the output stage
Options (Transformer)
Controls parameters that affect the analysis-re-synthesis engine such as window size, overlap, oversampling, and mode
Modulations (Transformer)
Modulates pitch/transposition and formant
Spectral Envelope (Transformer)
Allows you to remap the spectrum envelope with a user defined curve
Filters (Transformer)
Provides two-band low/high pass filters over the incoming or outgoing signal
Input/Output Section (Transformer)
Provides -60/+18 dB of input/output gain and -60/+18 dB VU meter. You can also bypass the incoming signal directly to the output and control the dry/wet mix balance of the processed and unprocessed signals
Amplitude (Cross Synthesis)
Controls how the output amplitude is influenced by the right and left channels
Frequency (Cross Synthesis)
Controls frequency content of the output relative to the inputs
Options (Cross Synthesis and Source Filter)
Adjusts the oversampling factor, controls the overlap of the analysis engine within a defined window, determines the window-size time-frame base for extracting time localized data, and toggles transient processing on and off
Temporal Envelope (Source Filter)
Controls the extent to which the dynamics of channel 2 versus channel 1 will influence the output signal
Spectral Envelope (Source Filter)
Extracts an excitation signal from the source track on channel 1 and the filter characteristics from the filter channel on channel 2
Preset/Parameter Slots (All)
Can load two parameter presets A and B from two different presets, and save a global preset of both A and B as well as the position of the "Morphing Slider"
Parameter Morphing Slider with Automation (All)
Provides morphing between parameter settings in slot A and slot B for real-time tweaking. You can also connect the "Morphing Slider" to the host's automation data
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Specifications Up to 8 channels input/output
64-bits internal floating point processing
Sampling rate up to 384 kHz DXD (Pyramix DSP based)
Sampling rate up to 384 kHz for Native (AU/RTAS/VST)
Due to the nature of TRAX Cross Synthesis and Source Filter, there are only 2 channels of input and output
Compatibility Windows
XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 in both 32 and 64 bits (utilizing bridge software)
VST (2.4)

Mac OS X (Intel) 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 in 32 bits
VST (2.4)
The RTAS version requires ProTools 8 or later

High-speed Internet access for electronic download


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