Sony Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite 2 (Academic, Install Media)

Sony Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite 2 (Academic, Install Media)

Sony Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite 2 (Academic, Install Media)

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Product Highlights

  • Video Editing for Windows
  • Movie Studio / DVD Architect Studio
  • Supports Multiple File Types on Timeline
  • Supports up to 20 Video & Audio Tracks
  • 2D & Stereoscopic Edit System
  • Advanced Audio Tools
  • Seamlessly Publishes to the Internet
  • Advanced 2D & 3D Effects Support
  • Green Screen Compositing Tools
  • Motion Tracking, Particle Effects
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  • 1Description

The Sony Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite 2 is a Windows based video editing and DVD-authoring package with a effects compositing package. This version is available only to academic institutions, its faculty, and students. You receive an installation DVD and serial number.

The software includes Movie Studio Platinum 12, HitFilm Express 2, and DVD Architect Studio 5. Movie Studio Platinum allows you to edit multiple file types on the same timeline, greatly speeding up your editing. It supports up to 20 video and 20 audio tracks, allowing you to create complex edits, without having to render out segments when adding multiple titles or audio effects. Stereoscopic editing support means that you can edit your 3D stereoscopic projects using the same familiar environment and tools that you use to edit 2D.

The included audio tools include audio waveform drawing, 16-bit, 44 KHz quality, volume & pan envelopes, and event normalization. The export and file sharing tools allow you to share your videos to Pixelcast and YouTube, export for mobile devices, burn your video to a DVD/BD from the timeline, or burn a complete authored DVD.

The HitFilm Express 2 software features its own NLE edit system, with color correction tools. It also features support for advanced compositing 2D and 3D compositing capabilities including, green screen tools, motion tracking, and particle effects.

Academic Version
This is the full version of the software, with the same features and functionality as the non-academic version. It is available only for academic institutions, faculty, and students.

Movie Studio Platinum 12

What's New?
  • 20 Sony Sound Series production music files
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit support
  • Simplified event edge trimming
  • 3D Blu-ray Disc and Internet
  • Publish movies to Pixelcast
  • Support for GPU-accelerated AVC rendering using the Sony AVC and MainConcept AVC plug-ins
  • Up to 20 video tracks
  • Up to 20 audio tracks
  • Split and Trim toolbar buttons
  • 3D Floating Windows controls
  • Color-coded visual event indicator has been added to timeline


Timeline Supports Multiple File Formats
Movie Studio Platinum supports multiple file types, and you can edit them on the same timeline.
Easy Project Creation
The project dialog windows guide you through the set up options, select the option that best matches your video (AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc, stereoscopic 3D, and more) and Movie Studio sets your Project Properties for you.
Sounds and Titles
Import your own music from CD or MP3, record instruments directly into the program, or select from the 20 included Sony Sound Series: Production Music audio files to create the perfect music bed. The choice is yours! Animate text in your movies with the Titles & Text tool.
Transitions and Dissolves
From standard dissolves to sensational 3D, add artistic style between scenes with video transitions. Change the duration of each transition with a simple drag of the video or audio event.


Simple Editing Tools
Use new tools like the Split and Trim buttons in the toolbar for speedy and precise editing. Use the Split button to break an event into sections. The new Trim button helps to quickly remove excess footage from the beginning or end of your project.
Transport Controls
The Trimmer and Video Preview windows transport controls provide intuitive and immediate command over editing, as well as improve the overall workflow and experience.
Stereoscopic 3D
Movie Studio Platinum supports stereoscopic 3D projects, just as well as it does 2D projects without any additional plug-ins or tools required. You can preview and deliver projects in side by side, line alternate, and anaglyphic modes. If you are working with a simple monitor that doesn't support side-by-side or line alternate stereoscopic video, you can preview your product in anaglyphic 3D to check the 3D effect (Anaglyph glasses not included), and still deliver in other stereoscopic formats.
Secondary Color Corrector
Adjust color differences in videos shot with multiple camera setups or lighting situations from within Movie Studio Platinum. This allows you to Enhance dull, washed-out footage, make specific color ranges stand out, all without using additional software or plug-ins.
Image Stabilization
Built-in Image Stabilization presets allow you to reduce jitter and shaky video footage without requiring additional plug-ins.
Video Plug-In Architecture
Supporting the Open Effects Association platform allows you to easily expand Movie Studio Platinum with industry standard plug-ins.
Easy Slideshow Creation
Quickly create dynamic slideshows from a set of images with a few simple clicks. Create pan/zoom effects and transitions across a collection of still images.


You can also import your own music directly from CD or MP3 files. Access up to 20 royalty-free Sony Sound Series: Production Music soundtracks. Each Production Music soundtrack comes in four different lengths.
Live Recording
Record your own voiceover and music into Movie Studio Platinum. Work with up to 20 tracks, all of which can be used to record audio.
Restore Audio
The Audio Restoration plug-in lets you remove clicks, pops, and other unwanted noise from your music and audio files.
Audio Event FX
Audio Event effects provide more precise control over the placement of audio effects as you can apply unique effects directly to events.
Zplane Elastique Timestretching
Perform dramatic time stretches and pitch-shifts of audio tracks while retaining maximum sound quality.
Surround Sound Mixing and Encoding
Import multichannel (5.1) source files from your camcorder. Use the surround sound mixing and panning tools to create surround sound DVD soundtracks. Encode AC-3 stereo or 5.1 mixes with the included Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding software.

Sharing and Exporting

File Sharing
Movie Studio Platinum features advanced file sharing capabilities that allows you to share your projects over the web. You can publish movies to Pixelcast from within the application. It also features built-in YouTube upload support. Built-in support for iPod, and Play Station Portable device file formats makes it simple to create versions of your projects for those devices.
Easy DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Creation
Movie Studio Platinum comes with DVD Architect Studio software that provides you the tools to easily create and burn professional-looking DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.
DVD Preview
The Preview window allows you to watch your project on a simulated television monitor with a virtual remote control.
Extensive Video and Audio Support
DVD Architect Studio software supports many popular video and audio formats so you can make DVD and Blu-ray Disc projects that will play on almost any DVD/BD player or DVD/BD-capable computer.
Burn Directly from the Timeline
Burn a DVD or Blu-ray Disc directly from the timeline. This method is fast and works well when you need to deliver a single project on a DVD/BD disc.

HitFilm 2 Express

A built-in NLE that supports 2D and 3D compositing, and includes over 100 effects such as simulated lighting and electricity, gunfire, 3D text, and lens flares.
Green screen compositing tools such as spill removal and light wrap, add realism to your composite, helping blend your foreground with your background.
Motion Tracking
Optical flow techniques allow you to track the motion of objects in your shot, allowing your effects to follow the the object.
Particle Effects
3D smoke, lightning, muzzle flashes, fire, explosions and shockwaves are realistically rendered, adding big budget effects, without the costs and dangers of using actual pyrotechnics.
In the Box
Sony Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite 2 (Academic, Install Media)
  • Installation DVD
  • Table of Contents
    • 1Description
    System Requirements Movie Studio Platinum
    Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit SP2, Windows 7 64-bit, and Windows 8/8.1 64-bit
    2 GHz processor (multi-core or multi-processor CPU recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D)
    500 MB hard-disk space for program installation
    2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
    IEEE-1394DV card (for DV capture and print-to-tape)
    USB 2.0 connection (for importing from AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM, or DVD camcorders)
    512 MB GPU memory

    Supported NVIDIA or AMD GPU:

    Requires a CUDA-enabled GPU and driver 270.xx or later.

    - GeForce GPUs: GeForce GTX 4xx Series or higher (or GeForce GT 2xx Series or higher with driver 285.62 or later).
    - Quadro GPUs: Quadro 600 or higher (or Quadro FX 1700 or higher with driver 285.62 or later).
    Note: NVIDIA recommends NVIDIA Quadro for professional applications and recommends use of the latest boards based on the Fermi architecture.

    Requires an OpenCL-enabled GPU and Catalyst driver 11.7 or later with a Radeon HD 57xx or higher GPU. If using a FirePro GPU, FirePro unified driver 8.85 or later is required.

    Requires an OpenCL-enabled GPU such as HD Graphics 4000

    Windows-compatible sound card
    DVD-ROM drive (for installation from a DVD only)
    Supported CD-recordable drive (for CD burning only)
    Supported DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW (for DVD burning only)
    Supported BD-R/-RE drive (for Blu-ray Disc burning only)
    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (included on application disc)
    Apple QuickTime 7.1.6 or later for reading and writing QuickTime files
    Internet Connection (for Gracenote MusicID Service)

    HitFilm 2
    Minimum graphics card requirements: Intel HD 3000, NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT or AMD/ATI Radeon HD 2900 GT with at least 512 MB video memory and support for OpenGL 2.0. For a complete listing of supported cards, visit the HitFilm website

    Note: You must provide your registration information to Sony Creative Software Inc. in order to activate the software. Product requires online registration.
    Supported File Formats Import
    AAC, AA3, AIFF, AVI, BMP, CDA, FLAC, GIF, JPEG, MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MVC, OGG, OMA, PCA, PNG, QuickTime®, RealMedia®, SND, SFA, W64, WAV, WDP, WMA, WMV

    AAC, AC3, AA3, AIFF, AVC, AVI, BMP, FLAC, JPEG, LPEC, MP3, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MVC, OGG, PCA, PNG, QuickTime, RealMedia®, TIFF, W64, WAV, WDP, WMA, WMV
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