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Telestream DATA Option for WFM5250 SDI/HDMI Multi-Format Compact Waveform Monitor

Telestream DATA Option for WFM5250 SDI/HDMI Multi-Format Compact Waveform Monitor
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Telestream WFM5250 DATA Overview

The Tektronix DATA Option is designed for the WFM5250 SDI/HDMI Multi-Format Compact Waveform Monitor. It adds ancillary data monitoring (including decoding of 708 and 608 Closed Captions, Teletext and OP47 Subtitles, AFD, and CGMS-A), ANC Data Inspector, and Advanced Data Analysis capabilities to this waveform monitor.

The ANC Data Inspector provides a solution to easily and accurately help broadcasters to ensure that all the required VANC data is present and correctly configured through an intuitive ANC data display. The ANC Data Inspector enables you to quickly and easily ensure that the VANC data is present and free of errors. When errors are detected, engineers are quickly guided to a more detailed view of the data packet content for further analysis.

Closed Caption (CEA708/608) and individual Teletext subtitles can be simultaneously decoded and displayed within the picture display. The Teletext subtitle pages can be decoded in either the WST or OP47 format.

The Auxiliary Data Status display provides summary information on AFD (Active Format Description) per SMPTE 2016, Video Index Aspect Ratio, WSS (Wide Screen Signaling), V-Chip, TSID, CGMS-A, Broadcast Flag, CEA708/608 Closed Caption, Teletext, and Time Code information.

A wide array of metadata provides information through the processing chain. Monitoring of this metadata is critical to ensure that the processing device correctly handles the signal. For instance, correct format of the AFD ensures that the aspect ratio on the display is correctly formatted and the automated AFD graticule is available for the picture display of the WFM5250 SDI/HDMI Multi-Format Compact Waveform Monitor along with the binary data and text description for easy monitoring.

The Datalist display provides detailed information on the actual data values in HD/SD-SDI and 3G-SDI (with Option 3G sold separately) input signals. You can easily use this display to locate protocol errors in the input signals.

The right side of the display shows the data values in hexadecimal, decimal, or binary format and uses the color coding for easy identification of data types and errors. The green color indicates active video data, blue indicates data in horizontal or vertical blanking intervals, white indicates EAV, SAV, and other reserved words, yellow indicates Data outside nominally allowed values, and red indicates data with illegal values.

The left side of the display shows un-interpolated digital values plotted against sample numbers as a digital waveform. You can configure this display in either Video or Data mode. In Video mode, the display shows the Y, Cb, Cr values aligned temporally, but offset vertically. Like the waveform display, you can configure the display to show 1, 2, or all 3 components.

Datalist and ANC Data Inspector are not available for HDMI inputs.
Comprehensive Data Monitoring helps to quickly resolve difficult content quality and reliability issues
Simultaneous CEA708/608 closed caption monitoring; Teletext and OP47 subtitle monitoring
ANC Data Inspector and SDI Data Analysis display helps troubleshoot ANC data and SDI data problems

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